Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hiatus For Bereavement

Due to the death of Ken's father, I will be absent from all of my online platforms for the next week or so.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Clear Out Your Email!

Here is one thing you can do right now, to change the course of your tomorrow in ways you can't even begin to imagine:  

Clear out your email!

It's amazing what is hiding in there.

It's all way too easy to hold onto because it is not taking up physical space.

We don't trip over old emails when we get out of bed.

We don't get sick of seeing them sitting on the kitchen counter.

Out of sight, out of mind.


It is an easy way to release the past.

A simple way to lift a huge weight.

I recently deleted hundreds of work emails from the last two years.

I had no idea they were there.

I had overlooked a folder from my agency rep and one from my classroom teacher.

I opened them up and what I found inside were hundreds of emails for a job I am no longer doing, referencing things that had long since fallen from importance.

I had been struggling to emotionally and spiritually release this job because it was "back to school" time, a schedule I've been following for the last ten years, which I no longer adhere to.

When I deleted those emails and folders it was like the missing piece.

I felt more centered and grounded.

My present moment suddenly became more lifted.


So, I am in the process of allowing a new means of income.

I can create all sorts of amazing things here, but if I don't have the money energy to promote it, then it's not going to generate any sort of income for me.

Clearing out those emails was necessary to create room for my new "job".

Same as allowing any sort of abundance, but instead of clearing out my closet, I cleared out the email I use for work.

An easy task that is making room for my next employment adventure.


It was such a good idea, I went into all of my email accounts.

Deleting emails from as far back as 2007.

All sorts of emails that I thought I would need for later and never looked at again.

Is this all making sense now?

And it only takes a few minutes.

Two or three minutes to change the trajectory of your life.


Of course you do.

You have thousands of minutes.

Make a powerful choice and spend a couple of them changing the trajectory of your life.

Love and hugs,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life Empowerment Tips I

Here's something new that I'm sharing with email subscribers first.

In fact, if you weren't aware, there are a lot of things I share with email subscribers first -

Beta testing for classes, inside look photos, special gifts, memes and I've recently included a new series that will go to email subscribers first, as well.

So, get on the list if you're interested in a closer look at what's shakin' in this Sacred Cyber Space ;-)

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I will be sharing a life empowerment tip from one of my favorite coaches, every month in a new series I am calling: Try This: Life Empowerment Tips.

I would love to hear how your experiences with these ideas unfold in your life.

Please share in the comments below.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the first installment of Try This...

Make A Date With Your Doubt

We've all been there.  When trying to implement something new into our lives, regardless of what it is, we will inevitably go through bouts of doubt when trying to bring our dreams into being.

So here's what one of my favorite coaches, Mary Morrissey, wants you to do.
Stay focused on your vision by setting aside a time every day for your doubt.

Instead of allowing doubt to cloud your perceptions, when those pesky thoughts pop up, simply tell them, "Thanks, but I have an appointment with you at 3 o'clock."

This way you won't miss out on any opportunities that might otherwise be clouded by the negative thought cycles of doubt. Then your doubts can be indulged during your appointed time.

Eventually, doubt will be become less of an influence in your thinking, because this technique allows you to learn how to take control of self-defeating thoughts.

I'd love to hear how this works out for you!

Good Luck,

Monday, September 14, 2015

I'm Back On Pinterest!

The astute among you may have noticed that I added a Pinterest widget to my sidebar back at the end of July.

For the longest time I felt like Pinterest was just one more thing that I did not have time for.

Well, hello change!


There are so many things that I am interested in, that I want to share with my readers, that sometimes just don't fit with what I'm doing here.

This is why I'm loving Pinterest now.

I can share all of the information that is important to me, that I don't have to go to great lengths to blog about.

You can just check out my Pinterest Boards.


So, head on over and set up an account, if you haven't already.

Then follow me for all sorts of great inspiration, advice and tips.

I'll see you in Pinterest land!

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Cats Are Figuring It Out


Here's a Kitty Update.

Just to fill you in on the all Kitty Haps over here in my world.


Pewter has taken on Buddy as a mentor and I am convinced that Buddy thinks we got him his very own kitten.  They both love to wrestle, as long as Buddy's in the mood ;-D


Zizzy, on the other hand, is not real keen on all the kitten playfulness, and has set very strict boundaries.  Those who know my cats have been surprised that she isn't more nurturing with Pewter.  Well, he's not her kitten and no one asked her if it was OK for him to join our crazy family. But she does allow him in her space from time to time. Ha! 


And, finally, just so there's no thinking that this has all gone off without a hitch, we have had a bout of fleas and worms.

I wasn't thinking, in fact, I was really stressed and in a lot of pain still, when Pewter came to live with us.

He wasn't scratching or behaving like he had fleas and I've never had a cat with worms, so it wasn't until he got sick one day that I saw them.

Plus, not having money for a proper vet appointment didn't help either.  (We raised money to take him to a spay and neuter clinic.  I didn't want to push it by asking for more.)

We started treating Pewter's worms and it wasn't until Buddy quit eating and started hobbling around that we realized what was going on.

I did my research and found out that the fleas and worms go hand in hand.

I ordered more medicine (Hooray for Only Natural Pet!) and we got on with the Cat Healing.

A good friend let me know that fleas have been really bad this year and that a friend of hers, with no pets, brought them in the house just from being outside.

So, according to her, I'm not allowed to kick myself because, it probably wasn't Pewter - Ken and I could have brought them in - on the cuff of our pants, in our laundry (we wash at a laundromat), veggies from the farmer's market...


Sorry, there are no pictures from the day that we had to give three cats a bath.

It was quite an adventure for everyone involved.

Once Buddy was all wet we were able to see how badly he was bit up.

Poor guy, his belly got it the worst.

But, the good news is everyone is now dry, settled and on the mend!

Until next time :)

Love and hugs,

P.S.  The 4 week version of the Brilliant Blogging has begun!  I am so excited and  I still have one spot left. Plus! - the introductory pricing is still available.  I'd love to have you join us. : )

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Click Here for the special pricing.

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Personal Note From Latrelle...

When it comes to this blog, I have begun to look at September as one of my favorite months.

I do my best to unplug from technology as much as possible during the Summer months.  This means I pre write and schedule three months worth of posts at the end of May/beginning of June.

Then I come back and see how much I've changed since I wrote those posts and get to chuckle (or not ;-) ) at what was going on in my life while you were reading them.

This Summer, while you were enjoying fun posts about the Dalai Lama, learning about yoga and aging, discovering how to create your own sacred space, contemplating how to move on from a friendship, re-evaluating your ideas about time management, creating abundance or taking in the enlightening experiences of my physical therapy I was engaged in quite a heavy journey of physical transformation and personal growth.

But we did have some sweet unexpected love come our way, as well. (Oh!  And I also made a little something for you to share.)


Physical therapy was moving along nicely, then towards the middle of  June, I started experiencing severe pain in the achilles tendon of my broken ankle - the one thing I had been able to count on NOT hurting since the very beginning.

At this point I was only going to PT twice a week, on the condition that I would be doing lots of exercising at home.  But, this is not what was happening, due to the pain.

When I first experienced the pain, we backed off on the amount of reps I was doing, for about a week.  I'm a sensitive person and I could tell my therapist was ready to get back to the therapy that had been laid out for me and even though the pain was still pretty intense, I moved forward.

I did this because this is what you do in PT.  You always hurt and you always, MUST*, move forward,  I thought I would get stronger and it would chill out - like all the other pains I'd been through.  

(*unless it's excruciating/stabbing pain, then you stop, no matter how much of a drill sergeant your therapist may be (I know they are out there, mine, HALLELUJAH! was not). 

Chronic pain really can cloud your judgment.

This choice led to me going to PT, then spending my time at home babying my achilles tendon and not exercising, so I could get ready for my next PT session.  This, of course, then led to a five pound weight gain.

Just as I would start to make progress on the tendon pain, I'd go back to PT and start all over again. And the extra five pounds just made PT even more painful and I was not interested in taking narcotics to get through the rest of my sessions.

This went on for three weeks.  Then I had a span of seven days where I did not go to PT.

This was just enough time for my achilles tendon to finally make some progress.

I was feeling better emotionally, because I wasn't dealing with so much pain, and my spirit would not let me go back.

I knew if I missed one more appointment, they would have to discharge me.  So I cancelled, had a good talk with my therapist (who felt awful - she thought it was just surgery pain), and officially left PT with three sessions left to go.


I had been going full throttle since January fifth.  I was practicing what I preached and doing everything the doctors were telling me to do and then some.  For seven months, I was laser focused on healing.

When I was finally let go from the medical system, I felt like my behind was flapping in the breeze.  I felt naked and raw.  But I was so happy to not have to walk into that hospital anymore.

Then, after having a couple of weeks without severe pain, my psyche finally had time to process all kinds of emotions I wasn't able to those past seven months.  All kinds of things were more important and, combined with all the pain medication (from the narcotics to Tylenol and Aleve), which block emotions, I was unaware of how much I still had to process.

Up to this point, I had not allowed myself to truly take in the trauma my body had been through.  And once I was ready - POW! It all started flowing.

I had post traumatic stress symptoms for about three weeks.  At first it made sense.  Something would trigger a memory of a moment and I would just start crying uncontrollably until it was fully processed.  I was OK with this.  I knew what was going on.

Then I went for a week where I would have this happen for no apparent reason.  My spirit knew I had the time and strength, so I just went with it.

I informed my family as to what was going on and promised to get professional help if it didn't run its course.  But, it did run its course and now, every once in a while, something will trigger and I'll shed a couple of tears.


Anyone who has been a regular follower of mine since my Marla days, knows that I spent the better part of three years trying to move on from my work in the public school system.  My body was telling me it was time to go and I just didn't know how to handle it because I didn't know how I was going to replace the income.

Then the Universe stepped in and I broke my ankle.

When it was time for school to start up again, I was very aware that my days of running after and restraining emotionally, out of control children, or physically transporting and maneuvering high schoolers with special needs - those days were over - at least for now.

For the first time in ten years, I did not spend August getting geared up to go back to work.  This was almost as emotionally devastating as the post traumatic stress. And when the first week of school rolled around I plummeted into a deep funk.

I was grieving and I knew this would run its course as well.

It did and now I am on to bigger and better things.


The last bit of adjustment has been dealing with my new body.

Because of where the hardware is in my ankle, everything is new and different now.

How I stand.  How I walk.  How I do yoga...

I especially notice it after my chiropractic adjustments.  My body wants to do things the old way, but that's just not an option anymore, so I have to be patient, focus on the new way and give myself time to allow the new movements to become my "new normal".


Well, I'm not wearing shades, but, yeah, things are definitely moving forward at a very steady pace.

I am very busy doing what needs to be done to allow a new income.

There is so much involved.

I promise to share as things unfold.

And I hope you enjoyed my version of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" ;-D

Love and hugs,

P.S.  I start teaching the 4 week version of the Brilliant Blogging program TOMORROW!  I am so excited and  I still have a couple of spots left. Plus! - the introductory pricing is still available.  I'd love to have you join us. : )

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Click Here for the special pricing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How To Create Abundance


It can seem illusive at times.

We get an idea in our head of what it means to be abundant and feel like we have failed completely if we do not meet this expectation.

The common definition of abundance is "to have plenty of" whatever it is we desire.

"That we have to work to acquire and hold onto whatever it is that we value."

"This holding on/back log of whatever it is we have acquired IS the abundance."

And this is why we get frustrated and confused, because this is not what abundance is.

Your abundance is more a verb than a noun.


Recently, one of my favorite coaches, Anastasia Netri, gave the best analogy I have ever heard for abundance.

She stated that abundance is like sitting on a raft in a river where the dam has just broken.

We can't control the raft, so we go with it, flowing down the river, moving slowly in some spots and then moving swiftly, with great speed, in others.

And in the process of allowing ourselves to be moved along, without resistance, we arrive in places we would never have thought of on our own.


And allowing can sometimes be a little more complicated than it sounds.

But, the idea is that you must create a state of allowing, as much as you can.

Sure, you should surrender and let go, but why not engage in surrender after some inspired action.

Here's what you need to do:
  • Keep your space clean.  This way you keep your outlook brighter and make room for what the Universe is sending your way.
  • Give away.  Similar idea, except that you are creating space for what you are allowing.  If something is headed your way, it needs a place to land and it's up to you to create it.
  • Use abundant words.  "I can't" and "I don't" create an outlook that means certain death to anything headed your way.  If you "don't" have the money, express it differently.  "I am momentarily shy on cash," creates a more abundant outlook.
  • Who are you hanging out with?  Be sure to spend time with people who have an abundant outlook.  This includes virtual people.  It's quite possible you are the only person you know who is living an abundant life.  Reaching out to others in a Facebook Group is perfectly fine and will help immensely.  
  • Be appreciative.  Be grateful for what you already have.  You want to get to the point where the first words you say every morning are "Thank you."
  • Remember, daily.  You have to remind yourself to do these things.  They are new. For me, the best way to get started was keeping a gratitude journal.  It made everything else fall into place.

Once you discover that abundance (and prosperity) are about more than acquiring and hoarding what you desire, you will suddenly realize you have more than you ever needed.

Abundance is a way of being.

A way of life.


P.S.  I will be teaching the first 4 week Brilliant Blogging class, beginning September 8th.  I still have a few spots left. And the introductory pricing is still available.  I'd love to have you join us. : )

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Click Here for the special pricing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Time Management Rehab

Today I want to share some incredible news with you.

It's over!

No more!

You no longer have to be a slave to some kind of "To-Do" system.

They don't work.

We all know it, yet we still get out our notepads and calendars, in an attempt to categorize everything that needs to be done, so we don't let anyone down.

We do this so we don't fail our families.

We do this so we don't mess up at work.

Yet, somehow, in the midst of all this, planning for personal goals and aspirations gets lost.

This is one of the many ways in which traditional time management fails.


I was sent to a time management training seminar by my employer.

They told me the great thing about this program was that it was designed so that I would never drop the ball at work and my personal life would not be ignored.

I was given a lovely leather bound planner and a catalog filled with special sheets and inserts for the planner, that I could order at the company's expense.

I was taught a no-fail system in which I prioritized my to-do list so nothing would ever be forgotten.

So I would be an optimized, fully functional, top-of-the-line employee.

Funny thing, though.

Anything I wanted to do, for me - you know, the esoteric, not fully here yet, ideas and deep inner knowing/purpose kind of stuff - was not included in this time management model.

There was no room for achieving dreams.

And even more interesting was the method they used to include my personal life.

Anything that was not work related was to be put at the bottom of the list so that "a work/life balance [would] be created when the two lists meet in the middle."


*scratching head*

TIME (forgive the pun) FOR A CHANGE!

I've done a lot of research since those confusing days, filled with lovely, expensive planners, with special sheets, custom designed to help me meet my obligations.

There are all sorts of time management philosophies out there.

I love Julie Morgenstern's "Time Map" philosophy. (Click HERE to read a post I wrote under my pen name, where I broke down this idea into easy to digest chunks.)

Leonie Dawson makes these awesome yearly planners, designed to help you bring your dreams into reality - personal and business.

You get new planners every year when you join her Shining Life Academy (Yes, I will get some "thank you money" for sending you her way if you choose to purchase anything via these links.)

There are all sorts of other ideas out there to help you overcome procrastination, become highly effective and get more done in a day.

Some of them may speak to you, some of it might just down right piss you off.

But what I've found is you have to do what feels right for you.

If it doesn't feel light, if it doesn't feel right, then I'd venture to say it's not a good fit for you.


Here's how I manage my time.


Not the answer you were expecting, I'm sure.

Yet somehow I seem to stay on track, do what I need to do and do what I love to do.

And I do it with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I use the tools at my disposal to create a big picture for what I want to accomplish for the year.  For me, that's the Dawson planners.

You have to have a big picture in mind, otherwise you are just spinning through your day with no direction, accomplishing a bunch of tasks that have no meaning.

Once I have the big picture laid out, then I apply what worked for me from Morgenstern's philosophy.

Sure, I created a Time Map when I first stumbled upon this great idea.  It was fun.  It helped me feel a bit of control over the direction of my life.

This was created three years ago - A lot of this has changed, but the basic values are still the same.

But what it really did was:
  1. Help me to define what I value the most in life.
  2. Helped me to see how my days naturally unfold, so I know when the best time is for what I need to do.
  3. Allowed me to finally feel a sense of freedom because I was able to see how all of my obligations and responsibilities actually fit into bringing my dreams into reality.
  4. Helped me realize that going off course is part of it all. That's the one guarantee in life - UNPREDICTABILITY! - what matters is getting to what you can, when you can.
  5. Helped me recognize and put an end to "time wasters".

Figure out what you value.

Make a "To-Do" list of tasks that will lead you to your "big picture" dreams and goals.

Keep track of your responsibilities and obligations.

While you're doing what you have to do, see which value these tasks fall under so you don't feel resentful or depleted.  So that even cleaning your boss's coffee pot will have purpose.

(If I were to change anything from my original set of values, I would change Purpose to Biz, as I've come to realize we can live in purpose no matter what we are doing.)  

Do at least one task from your Big Picture To-Do List every day.

This will make it easier to navigate the unpredictability of life and make it easier to recognize your "time wasters".

If you're listening to your friend complain about her husband for the 10th time this week, that's time that could go to something you truly value.  

Even though some of your time is completely out of your control, there is a lot of you time that you can control.

Think about it.

You really do have the time you need to create the life you really want.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pain Management

I didn't follow my own rule.

I go out of my way to share the challenges in my life in the hopes that it will inspire others.

Making sure you don't feel so alone while learning your Earth School lessons.

I shared the wisdom I gained while healing my ankle.

Then, I turn around and ignore my Doctor.


But, you know what?

The Doctor knew best.

What a surprise ;-)

I had been on some kind of pain medication for almost six months.

From my "party like a rock star day" (aka: the day I broke my ankle) all the way to the end of May.

It started with morphine, ketamine, percocets and some kind of muscle relaxer.

Then there was the happy-la-la shot I got to knock me out for my surgery (along with an epidural).

After surgery I had the shakes, so I got shot up with something else.

Then, I took morphine 2 more times, so I could rest after the surgery.

After that it was 8 vicodin a day for a week and a half, then I weaned myself off.

This was followed by Tylenol, 4 times a day for almost 3 months.

And, from time to time, I would take Valerian root (a natural muscle relaxer), on especially bad days.

Then physical therapy started and I was instructed to switch back & forth between Tylenol and Aleve - once a day, every other day.

For a gal who favors the Natural Wellness route (yet has great respect for modern medicine as well - they were designed to work together), this all became just too much for me.


It's all hard on your liver, which is involved in so many body functions.

My body was experiencing some pretty crazy imbalances that I just couldn't take another cycle of.

I quit taking anything - AT ALL! - the last week in May.

I thought I was doing OK, coping with the low grade pain - then I had to go to my first P.T. appointment, without taking Tylenol first, and after not having any in my system for about 4 days.

Wow!  What a different session that was.

I told my therapist what I had done, and neither of us was surprised when I couldn't get my ankle to move right on a few of my exercises.

She was supportive of my decision, said she understood, but I knew she was wondering "what the Hell?!" I was thinking ;-)

I made it 2 weeks, and then the day came that inspired this post.


The pain was more overwhelming than I had been allowing myself to believe.

I was managing my pain with food, and put on a couple of pounds.

Then, life got to be too much.

I realized that it was too soon for me to quit managing my pain and started taking something after P.T.

When I told my therapist I was managing my pain again, apologizing if I set things back, she was insanely supportive, as always, totally honoring my process, pointing out that "it's not like you were taking narcotics."

Yeah, but I'm still going to have to deal with the imbalances.

Now that I'm better, I can focus better as well, and will be treating the liver imbalance with Dandelion and Milk Thistle as I continue to manage my pain.


So, yeah, maybe I shouldn't have stopped taking the pain meds.

But, it gave my body a rest, just long enough to remember something very important.

I can manage the imbalance the modern-medicine, pain management is creating in my system with a simple Natural Wellness solution.

At the end of the day, It's always a good idea to listen to your gut.

It can take you on some interesting journeys, but it will always lead to what's best for you.


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