Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life Empowerment Tips V


I have no excuses for slacking on my blog.  But I do have a reason:  I just wasn't "feeling it".

I was also very late with the monthly email.  So, all I can say is, "It's a brand new month, with all sorts of possibilities."

This month's Life Empowerment Tip came about, due to a physical issue that resurfaced during January.

I know I'm not the only one who deals with this, so I am sharing my little secret.

Of course, this was shared with email subscribers first.

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Computer Hands!

If you've been a follower since the Marla Turner, pen name days, you might remember this:

No, I wasn't giving my readers the "finger" (though I was playing around ;~D ). The middle knuckle on my left, middle finger kept getting stuck and it was very swollen. I knew it was because of all the time I spent typing on the computer. So, in my infinite wisdom, I did the most logical thing - I wrapped it with tape so I wouldn't bend it.

Fast forward two years - the knuckle is better than it was, AND NOW the same thing is happening to my right finger.

This time around, though, the Universe sent this gem my way: Happy Yoga: Yoga for Hands and Wrists.

I have to share this because it absolutely works!

If you are like me and already have stiff knuckles, you will notice how stiff your hands are, at first, but be patient. It doesn't take long to start feeling relief.

If you are lucky to not be suffering from this problem, but type a lot, I would definitely do this daily to keep your hands balanced, strong and healthy.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this little series works out for you!


Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Facebook Page


Aside from building my immune system back up this month, another round of grief came-a-knockin'.  Just enough to sidetrack me from the task at hand over here in my world.

I decided another sharing of my personal Facebook page would help tell the story.  Only this time, it's not full of funnies.

(Heads Up! - This is my personal Facebook account, so, you will see profanity.)


...with a text from my sister.  I was sitting in bed crying when Ken came in to give me news as well.

So, of course, my next stop was Facebook:

Changed my profile picture and was not at all surprised to see how nicely it all fit with the theme of my background photo:

Vented about some stuff that ticked me off over at the coaching page:

Had some friends help me put it all in perspective:

Was treated to how a whole other generation was processing their loss, thanks to my nieces and their friends:

Had a next door neighbor from childhood send me a giggle

And the beautiful tributes that started popping up.  So, lovely:


I loved Kevin Smith's tribute the best


As the week went on, I was relieved to see that I was not the only one taking his passing so hard.  

Even days after his initial passing, memes and posts kept popping up.

This is a great tribute from Conan O'brien.  It's so fun and uplifting, then, there's that split second at the end of the segment when you see Obrien's grief slip in.  

When you see something like that, you know you're not over reacting ;-)


And you know I took part in it: 

It's almost like a science fiction story.   "The artist that had such a profound affect on the humans of Earth that a constellation was created to remember him by."

A very fitting tribute.


Monday, January 18, 2016

David Bowie

I first became aware of David Bowie when I was 14 and the little town I grew up in FINALLY got MTV. Like so many women of my generation, it was "Let's Dance" that introduced me to this amazing artist. I loved the song and Bowie was cute.

BUT! What really got me hooked was when I discovered he had a Lead Hand Clapper in his band.

I immediately got the joke. And when he changed his persona for his next album, that was it. I knew Bowie was a kindred spirit and followed everything he did for the rest of his life.

I was also privileged to have been able to see him perform twice.


The first time I saw David Bowie in concert, I was 21 years old.  It was 1990, I was living in Ann Arbor and he was doing his Sound + Vision tour to promote his most recent greatest hits release.  This would be the last time he would be performing his greatest hits, live.

I went to the Palace of Auburn Hills with my friends.  I paid tribute to Bowie by paying a little bit of attention to the fashion statement I was making.  I went for comfortable, yet "wow that's kind of cool for some reason" and topped off my minimal makeup with false eyelashes.

The tickets came from the brother of one of my friends, who met us in the parking lot, with a sad face.  He was so upset. He got the tickets from a friend and the seats were horrible.

And he wasn't exaggerating.  Extreme upper bowl to the side of the stage.  We couldn't even see Bowie (he was smaller than a toy army soldier - ha!), let alone the video/art - "the theater" - The "vision" of the Sound + Vision tour. :(

But we could hear the music, and we all, very quickly, became OK with the situation, because it didn't matter.  We were in the same space as David Bowie.  We were listening to him play his hits, live, for the last time.  

For those two hours, we were the luckiest people alive ;-)


Fast forward five years to the Outside Tour, with Nine Inch Nails.

I was intrigued about this tour as soon as I caught wind of it.  Trent Reznor loved Bowie.  Bowie and Trent clicked due to their shared hatred of where they grew up and because they had a shared artistic vision.

I love Nine Inch Nails and grew up in the same conservative, neck of the woods as Reznor, who came to my hometown for his first year of college; the catalyst for Reznor finding the courage to step outside the box. (I say this with confidence because I grew up there. It's a great place to raise children, but it's so geographically and socially confining that, if you're ready for something bigger, you simply will not fit and your spirit will not allow you to stay ;-)

I was currently wrapped up in Bowie's new album/art piece.  I really wanted to see/hear this tour. It was very personal to me. I understood Reznor, and Bowie had always been, my Misfit Mentor.

I couldn't have been more excited about the possibility of going to this show, mainly because it was different - no intermission between the two artists.  Bowie and Nine Inch Nails would perform together for a few songs and then it would unfold into Bowie's new piece.

My finances were a mess and a ticket was out of the question.  So, I let it go.  I had already seen both Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie.  It was OK.


The day of the show came.  And, to make a long story short, I was given a ticket to the show, at the very last minute.

But, when you live in Royal Oak, MI, you are about 20 minutes from Auburn Hills, and about 30 from the Palace.  Either way, it's not the end of the world. Hair, makeup and fashion were off the table. I went to the show looking like I had just rolled out of bed. I drove way too fast, knew some shortcuts and drove on faith, past "closed road" signs, to get to the show as fast as I could.  I am proud to say we got to the Palace in a little under 15 minutes that night.

Just a note - I knew people lived on the roads that were closed, even though you couldn't see the houses.  It was a nice neighborhood in Bloomfield Hills, where all the houses were off the street and surrounded by trees.  Needless to say, my boyfriend at the time was a hot mess because it was dark, there were no street lights, he had no idea where he was or why I was ignoring "closed road" signs.  Now, at this point in my life I am able to laugh and see how much he earned the experience ;-)

When we got there, Nine Inch Nails were already playing.  It sounded so beautiful, hearing it as we walked up and then experiencing how much louder it was at each entrance. We found our seats and were pleased to find ourselves, in the lower bowl, at the side of the stage.  We wouldn't be able to see Bowie's visual art real well, but the close proximity to the stage made up for it. Tonight Bowie would be the size of a Barbie Doll.


The defining moment of the evening, for me, was witnessing the true depth of Bowie's dedication to his art, as well as his fans.

Unfortunately, that night in 1995, only a handful of us were there to see Bowie's new piece.  He played three or four songs from the album.  We could sort of see the visual, art pieces and how they coincided with things, but the reality was, the stadium was packed and he was losing the majority of the crowd.

Bowie finished the song they were playing.  Sank his head, smirked, laughed and shook his head. Then he lifted his head, and with a big smile on his face said "All right.  Here.  You'll probably like this better." and without missing a beat, he and his band switched the concert to his greatest hits.

I wasn't surprised that the Motor City wasn't ready for his current work, but I was amazed at how he honored the "big picture" and took it with such a grain of salt. I also admired his willingness to make his audience happy.

Oh! There was one more moment from that evening, which changed the trajectory of my life:

Learning that Miracle Tickets can happen anywhere, not just at a Dead show ;-)

Monday, January 4, 2016


I was taking a look at my blog and had to ask myself a serious question: Why?

It's a question I have my Brilliant Blogging students ask themselves as they start creating their blog.

The reason why you do something is what will keep you focused and on track during those times when it seems everything is trying to get in your way.


I share a lot about my life here.

Too much, maybe? I don't know.

The whole point of my sharing is to show my readers that I walk my talk.

It's not always easy, but it's amazing to me how the Universe is always throwing out clues, wisdom and guidance; sending us where we are needed, or need to be, in order to grow.

I mean it when I say that there is no reason to live your life stressed to the hilt, doing for everyone but yourself, while your dreams and aspirations sit on a shelf.

It is heartbreaking to me when I see women not living in potential (men too). No, that's not a typo. Potential is a state of being, not some unattainable goal our elders held over our heads to motivate us off the couch.

If you choose to, it is possible to live in a space where you allow potential to unfold in your life, every day.

Even on the cloudiest of days, if you remember to take a moment to see the potential, this changes your perception just enough to start making lemonade out of those lemons.


So, yeah - that's my "Why".

Why I will continue to do this.

Why I will allow and share whatever it is the Universe guides me to create.

Why things in my corner of the web will always be growing and changing.

Why I will always reach out, regardless of whether anyone is there or not.

Much love,

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Not the Usual Wrap-Up

I usually do some sort of end of the year wrap-up.

This year I 'm just not feeling it.  If you're interested, just take a look at the archives and you will see what a challenging and transformative year I've had over here.  Which is probably why I'm not feeling the whole wrap-up.

For me, where I'm at right now. even going back and looking for the "Top 10 Posts of the Year", is just not resonating.

So much growth.

So much change.

It is what it is.

And it makes me feel heavy and tired, just thinking about it.


I'm just going to share what's going on in my life - Today, December 24, 2015.

Right now, I'm staring out the window, checking out my handy work from yesterday.

The porch is all clean and swept, and everything is put away for the winter.

Just waiting for the snow.

The staring's a bit difficult because I am healing a case of pink-eye.

Yup. Another perk of working with school aged kids. (Actually not a real bad case.)

Not much you can do when you know you've done everything you can to sanitize your room.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ken is currently cleaning the kitchen. 

 I'm a lucky gal.  He actually gets mad when he thinks I've had to clean the kitchen too much.

Oh the plans I have for this space.

This is actually a nice "before" picture. 

At the moment, the cats seem to have found an arrangement that makes everyone happy. 

Since I removed all of the furniture and futon pad, they have very little soft-space to snuggle up in.  

Yes, I got rid of two sitting chairs and my futon without having anything to replace it. 

That's how I roll.  

Make space first, then what is supposed to be there next, will have a place to land.

Now to enjoy one of my Xmas gifts.

I started my business plan for next year a couple of weeks ago.

I love Leonie Dawson's Biz Planners.  I always do a digital download and write everything up in a notebook.

This year, she created a real, live, non-digital diary to go with her planners, which are also available in hard copy as well.

See, I really do use this stuff.

And this diary is beautiful.

You have got to check it all out for yourself.  (As always, if you choose to purchase anything after clicking on this link, I will receive "Thank You" money for sending you her way.  If you aren't comfortable with this, feel free to enter through "another door" by looking the planners up in your favorite search engine.)


I have been more interested in staying in the flow and allowing what is next, which would explain the unusual year end wrap-up.

It's a residual affect from all of the healing I've been doing this year.

It's become my normal state of being.


Thanks to this year unfolding the way it did, as far as my business plan goes, it's been one, SUPER SIZED 2014.


So, that's why I've been so antsy about getting serious about 2016.

In spite of everything, I managed to get a lot of things accomplished this year.

And I am super-psyched to move on to the next phase of it all.


So, thank you for taking this ride with me.

This whole blog has been about finding my voice, finding my footing and figuring out how to best share my gifts with you.

That being said, I do have a little Holiday Gift to share.

I will be revealing my new Opt-In for email subscribers at the beginning of the year.

As a thank you, I am sharing the Centering Posters from my new Mini Spiritual Retreat.

Current email subscribers have already been given access to this transformative and life-changing retreat.

The rest of you will have access at the beginning of January.

CLICK HERE for immediate access to the Centering Posters.

My gift to you!

And here's to a prosperous New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life Empowerment Tips IV

Well, here's a surprise for ya'll.

This month's Life Empowerment Tip is from little ol' me.

A little something I've figured out on my own for dealing with resistance.

Shared with email subscribers first!

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This month's empowerment tip is from me: A method I've developed to tackle resistance.

It's not the smoothest, neatest, hippest Life Empowerment Tip, but it works, no doubt about it.


Oh the personal work I have done with this pesky, but necessary little noun.

We all have different world views and spiritual views. But within each of our views lies the idea of growth. And growth can not be achieved without resistance. Because we need resistance to get stronger. And we need to be in shape for what is next.


I know my gardeners and farmers hear me.

If you watch any sort of plant grow, resistance is needed to make it stronger, so it can bear its fruit.

Same with us.

In order to live a life that is fully realized, we too will have to grow into it.

So, what do I want you to try?

Two things:

One: Try building a relationship with resistance, because resistance is our biggest clue that we are about to grow into a greater realization of our potential.

So, say hello, engage it, acknowledge it, because, in reality, it is doing you a huge favor by showing you exactly what you need to do.

Two: Whatever you are resisting (unless it's for physical safety) is definitely something you need to do.

And, once you have engaged with resistance, you must take a physical action to move through it.

One step towards completing whatever it is you are resisting.

Even if you still feel the resistance, it's amazing how quickly things will change once you simply take a step.

I can't wait to hear how this works out for you.

Share your experiences in the comments below or send me a private message :)

Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For The Millennials...

I have discovered that the best way to stay connected with my nieces is to stay digital.

Texting and Facebook keep us connected when face to face time keeps getting rarer and rarer.

It's my 21 year old niece that I currently have a more digital relationship with.

She's a very busy lady and stays connected with her smartphone.

Whenever I see something that I think she would like, I send it her way.


So, here's a few things I've shared with my niece in the past month.

Great stuff for young women just stepping out into the "real world."

First: A great blog post from the COO of Leonie Dawson International.  It's meant to be business advice, but it is actually great life advice as well.

Second:  It's almost second nature for Millennials to be conscious about their carbon footprint.  And what better way to reduce and reuse than to regrow veggies right in your very own kitchen?!  Plus, what young person doesn't want more money in their wallet ;-)

Third: Going vegan goes hand in hand with reducing that carbon footprint and taking responsibility for your own health (another idea that is second nature for Millennials).  And when it comes to going vegan, Christina Pirello is the only guide you need

Fourth:  The Millennial ladies are not afraid to grow their hair.  When I stumbled upon this blog post at A Beautiful Mess, I immediately thought of my niece and her long locks.

That's it for now.

Hope you found these helpful, no matter what generation you find yourself in.

Love and hugs,

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