Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Allow your Greatest Good!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning 9-1-1

Wow!  What a winter that was!.

I was surprisingly productive during the deep freeze, but only if it involved being able to stay snuggled under blankets.

So ~ Yup! You guessed it.  My home got messy.

I know.  I know exactly what can happen when you make room for what you need.

I know that the more you give away, the richer you are.

I just get overwhelmed and forget how easy it is to tend to the basics, especially if it means getting out from under a pile of warm blankets ;~D

The little daily things that I resist, which, ironically are the least stressful way to consciously keep my home in a state of creation.


I was in desperate need of an outlook change.

One day, on a whim, I checked out some of the blogs suggested for me, by Bloglovin'.

I added a few to my feed and soon found these blogs helping me to regain my focus. - Has done wonders for my perspective.  All sorts of wonderful ideas - doesn't matter where you live.  Government subsidized, borderline slumlord (like me, Ken and the kitties), cookie cutter apartment communities or super-amazing, pricey condos and lofts.  Each space equally as inspiring as the next.  Redos, DIYs, home tours.  It never stops. - This is the blog that has lifted me the most.  An inspiring blog run by two sisters.  They just recently bought their own house/studio where they can blog all of their DIY projects, home redo ideas and recipes, as well as working on their books, classes and photo shoots.  So much about this blog has rekindled my spirit.  My biz spirit.  My home spirit.  My creative spirit.  Pushed me to get to know my new camera and start taking pictures again. (You'll see posts from this blog on from time to time.) - Oh how my perspective changed when I started reading this blog.  Not so much about my clutter, but about the projects I have in mind to spruce up our space.  To refurbish our furniture.  To spruce up our walls (thanks to all of these blogs, I'm remembering the uplifting lightness of simple, clean, white walls - totally frugal as well). The projects I have in mind for our furniture and space seem much more doable, because the posts on this blog really let you know what you're getting yourself into, before you dive into a project.

Of course, being able to open the porch door and let in some fresh air and sunlight has helped too.

OK, then.  If you're digging yourself out from the icy haze, check out these great blogs and clear your vision.

And - Here's to shaking off that crazy winter and preparing the "soil" of our homes so we can start planting and creating those dreams.

Love and hugs,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's Be Honest...

An inspirational, let's-get-real quote.

From my heart and mind to your heart and mind.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014


I can not stop listening to this album.  

The best $8 I've spent in a long time.  

Stunning, beautiful, haunting, healing.

This is one of my favorite tracks.

Earbuds are a must if you want to take in all the production details.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's OK To Be Taken Care Of

Sounds kind of weird coming from a women's empowerment coach.  I know, but please hear me out...

I've spent a lot of time changing my thinking and choices regarding my relationship.

I am very happy with my partner and he is very happy with me.  We enjoy each other's company.  There is a great deal of mutual admiration and respect.  But, due to a lot of family programming, we have both lived lives with very little money.

Our prosperity consciousness is quite open.  We never want for anything.  We always have everything we need, and more. I'm constantly giving things away that I don't need. But, when it comes to saving, debt, all that stuff, we have always seemed to struggle.

I've meditated on this for years.  Over time we've learned to manage what we have more wisely, but increasing what we have is our current challenge.

Not too long ago, as I was falling asleep, I heard this phrase pop into my head:

"It's OK to be taken care of."

Suddenly, my role in changing things became very clear.

I had to move on from this "me against the world/ it's all me" mentality.

I had to accept Ken's need to care for me.

Please don't confuse this with someone taking care of you without providing for yourself.

I'm saying that, men and women are innately different in so many ways, other than the obvious.

It wasn't until I truly honored Ken's innate need to care for me that our financial prosperity started to shift.

I had to surrender my perceptions of what it meant to be a responsible, empowered woman, because in my quest to achieve this ideal I was negating his role in our life together.

Unintentionally negating my partner's innate need to provide, blocked his potential from manifesting in our union.

I'm not saying that it's raining money now.

I'm saying that the foundation is getting stronger because we are both more fulfilled, in general, and our businesses are beginning to reflect this.

We feel more in control of our finances, and have more confidence in our ability to create money on our own.

I just had to share this because I know I'm not the only woman who has been/is doing this.

It seems only natural to me that this can happen, especially in our quests not to be reliant on our partners.

Smart women know they need to take care of themselves, first.

Check and be sure you haven't overlooked your partner's role, as well.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Acknowledge The Positive

I got together with a girlfriend I hadn't seen in over 15 years a while back.

We sat in a coffee house, down the street from my apartment and shared the life highlights since the last time we had a chance to really talk.

It was surreal and fun.

I wasn't nervous, I was more concerned, wondering if she would recognize me.  I've put on a good amount of weight since we had last seen each other.

We laughed because we really haven't changed much at all, our hair's greyer, I'm rounder and she's waaaaaaay happier than I've ever seen her (the result of a much needed divorce ;~D ).

I commented that I've come to realize that I'm not going to be able to really shake this weight until I leave my day job.

It is extremely stressful.  So stressful that it was causing me to have panic attacks at one point in time.

As a result I've made peace with the fact that stress hormones are playing a huge role in my challenges.

She's a nurse and immediately said, "Gotta manage that stress."

At the same time, she said,"I should talk!" and I said "I at least do yoga and meditate."

Then, at the same time, we both said, "Makes you wonder how bad we'd be if we didn't do what we do?!"

I had commented to her earlier that there was "a lot of muscle under there, so I'm not dealing with any knee issues from carrying my carriage."

And I recalled having the same revelation with another friend, earlier in the week, when we were discussing how we do actually eat well the majority of the time.

This got me to thinking about how, as women, we can be so critical of our Selves; forgetting all of the good things we do for our Selves and our families.

Which brings me to my request:

Take some time this week to think about the positive things you are doing for your Self.

Write them down, pat your Self on the back and say "Thank you".

Love and hugs,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Resistance And Revelations

You know, I've come to realize that one of the reasons why I'm so comfortable taking my life in the direction I'm going is because I really am an expert in what I'm teaching.

I'm an expert because I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be.

And it is my human imperfections that lead to periods of not practicing what I preach, for whatever reasons.

For instance, I received a beautiful blessing last year.

A gift.  A brand new digital camera. A Cannon Rebel.

I did not see this coming and was literally in shock over it for quite a while.

I've needed a good camera for a long time and I've known that it's time to go digital.

When this gift literally fell in my lap, I just didn't know what to do, mainly because I chose to let the photography go so I could focus on my new venture here on the web.

I tried to take photos with it, but was struggling to get comfortable with this new camera.  

I've been using it mainly for shooting videos and when I needed a photo for the blog, I'm ashamed to admit that I've been using my old method over taking advantage of my new camera.

Then I purchased some new video making software and found myself in the same boat.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook will remember this:

Yes.  I had both a great camera and great software that I was thrilled to have, yet completely resisting.

I could get into all the reasons why, but I'm not going to bore you with my own psychoanalyzing.

That's not what this is about.

The reality is, once I acknowledged and confronted my resistance everything started to come together.

One day, I started to seize a photo op the old way and forced myself to get the new camera out.

Everything went well and the camera started feeling like my old camera: an extension of my Self.

And Then The Silly Stuff Started...

Of course it did.  I can't have a revelation without getting all emotional.

I started crying, sat down with my camera, hugged it and apologized for not honoring it like I should have.

I believe I said, "I'm sure your kind are used to this sort of resistance," and then began laughing as I thought about my former boss who refused to learn Windows because it had taken him "too much damn time" to learn DOS.

All of the documents I typed in Microsoft Word I had to convert to DOS so he could edit and then I would convert it back to Word to finish things up.

This led to realizing a lot of this was due to me getting my "old fart" on, so I pushed myself to use the software and discovered the beyond user-friendly tutorial that came with it.

Oh!  The Timing!

Yes.  All this resisting and revealing couldn't have happened at the worst time.

It was affecting meeting the deadline I had set up for finishing my class.

I had already let Shannon know that I was struggling with the software and that my class would not be done in time.  Turned out she had family stuff going on and I saw that Kangaroo were in her neighborhood via a bunch of great photos she posted on Facebook.

Thanks to Shannon, for letting me post these. Isn't this amazing?
For our own very different reasons, there was something bigger than our classes that needed our attention.

We are both so focused on the timing of our workshop so we can show you how to get control of your life by getting control of the sustainability of your food.

And we really want this out in time for the Spring planting in the Northern Hemisphere (which has already started).

I have a friend who farms and she has assured me that mid April is still OK.

So, as a result, Shannon and I are OK and we are really eager to finish things up, so we can share all of this great, life-changing information with you.

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Conscious Creation...


This is SO SIMPLE I don't know why I've never just thrown it out there like this before.

I've been writing all these deep, introspective, highly informative articles to help you create the life of your dreams, for the last four years now.

They are the concepts and perspectives, which help keep the motivation going and the perspective light while you focus on creating your dreams.

Today I give to you my simple Two Step Plan to take your life from where you are to exactly where you want to be.


1.  Understand that you are where you are, right now, in this moment, because of all of the choices you've made up to now  (aside from those crazy curve balls the Universe likes to send us; to make us stronger and to help us grow).

Not too thrilled with what you see? Or just know it could be better?

2.  Create your new tomorrow with the  choices you make today.

Start with one choice, one thing you can do differently or better ~ TODAY!

Conscious creation.

Conscious change.

Take it from George.

Well, sort of.  ;~D


I have a problem.  

I know.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Written Up

Wow!  Talk about theme week.  I have two clients who made work decisions, which were best for them, knowing full well they could be "written up".

Oh how the gossip spread when my first client was brutally honest with a coworker in front of the boss.  It was pretty simple.  She had done everything she could to make the situation better, and in a private meeting she let her colleague know exactly what she thought of him and why.

"Hey, at least it was in front of the boss.  What's the worst that can happen?  I get written up and behave myself for the next 90 days."

I have another client who made the decision not to walk to work in the middle of a snow storm and sub zero temperatures. He made the decision knowing that it would not only lead to being a day short on his pay check, he also knew he could very well get written up for the choice.

It was tough, but he chose the write up and a days lost wages over an injury and months of lost wages, or worse.

He said the same thing.  "If I get written up, I just have to keep my nose clean for the next 90 days.  A worthwhile trade."

These two situations are great examples of the best choice for us not always being the "right" choice for everyone in the situation.

Learning to stand up for and value our Selves does not mean that life will be smooth sailing.  Doing what is best for our Selves will often lead to conflict.  Not going along with what is expected, whether it be a work or societal expectation, will ruffle the feathers of those who choose to play along.

Which is just fine.

And everything turned out OK.

No one was written up and the client who had to make the bad weather choice only has to deal with making up a deficit in his sick time.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.