Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why I Love American Horror Story

"How can you watch that?!"

I hear this over and over from friends and family who just can't wrap their heads around the fact that I am an American Horror Story fanatic.

And, believe me, no one's more surprised than me.

I have a history of not liking horror movies to the point that if Ken wants to watch one, he waits until I'm not around because I don't want to see or hear it.

But I've noticed a change over the last 12 years.

First, it was Ken getting me into Zombies and Zombie lore, which led to me absolutely going bonkers over The Walking Dead.

Once I became comfortable with the Zombies, I found myself becoming more tolerant of story appropriate violence in any movie, not just horror.

BUT! - the story has to be well written, well acted and produced.

No violence and gore, just to have violence and gore.


Before we had a Neflix account, Ken and I checked out DVDs from our local public library.

We did this for many years, then, in the summer of 2013, Ken came home from the library with a DVD titled American Horror Story.



I mean, look at it!  Wouldn't you be a little pissed?  Haha! ;-)
Me:  "I can't believe you brought home a horror movie!"

Ken: "It's a TV show."

Me: "A whole TV series that's horror! That's even worse!"  (I really think I was looking forward to some serious, mindless, chick flickery ;-)

Ken: "Look, I've heard good things.  Give it 10 minutes, and if you don't like it, you never have to see it again."

Well, needless to say, it all went in a direction NO ONE expected.

We put ourselves on the waiting list for Asylum, with the full understanding that I would only be able to handle one episode at a time.

Yeah, that lasted for about the first four episodes, after that I couldn't stop watching.

SO, WHY?(spoiler ahead ;-)

If you know me, at all, the basics of incredible writing, acting, cinematography, direction, makeup and costumes are covered in the production of this show. Just that alone is enough to satisfy my Inner Art Student - ha!

Also, that first season took place in an old Victorian house.

I used to rent a room in an old, run down, Victorian house.

It's where I met Ken.

I'm glad I don't live there anymore, but I learned to run around that place in the dark, even the basement, without fear.

So, the premise that these people move into an old Victorian house, filled with a bunch of ghosts who died there, where they will also meet their demise as well, was very appealing.

As far as the other seasons go, I binge watch on Netflix, and I selectively take in spoilers throughout the year to prepare me for the craziest things that are in store for me when I finally get there.

But there's so much more that keeps my brain buzzing, like:
  • Freaks and weirdos are key players in each story
  • Difference, no matter what it is, is celebrated or represented.
  • Each season has a lot of the same actors, but they don't play the same characters.
  • Each season is a story, all on its own
  • Just in the last couple of years we have found out that all the stories are connected, and it's unfolding in very unique ways.
  • The keyword American, means that a lot of the subject matter in each season is based on real people, and real horrific things that have happened in American history.
  • The theme of each season is some aspect of human nature that has a history of leading to horrific outcomes in the lives of those involved and those around them.

My favorite ;-)
  • Unlike traditional horror movies where women are objectified, thanks to creator Ryan Murphy being out and proud,the ultimate, genius twist to this series, is that the men are objectified.

Ah! Brilliant! ;-)


There is a bigger reason why my psyche almost craves this show.

So weird for someone who is all about "living from your peace-filled center", right?

Well, I have recently been able to look at these past 12 years in another light.

I have spent the better part of this time, working with at-risk youth.

The kids in the school I worked at were all mostly in foster care and group homes.

Most of them, guilty of doing terrible things.

Most of them doing these terrible things because, the same or worse was happening to them.

You have to process it, put it in perspective and move on because, "We are here, now.  You are safe.  You are getting help.  Time to move forward."

Then I move on, and land in a program that is meant to be a reprieve for the kids.

Yup.  I was working with kids who weren't safe.

They would leave me and go home to horrendous lives.

Sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, hunger, neglect.

It was my bosses job to keep Protective Services notified of red flags.

My job to keep an eye out for them.


So, yes, this is why I find a strange comfort in watching this show.

Not only is Ryan Murphy, the show's creator, a contemporary and kindred spirit, he has this unique ability, while in that world, to make sense of that which is horrific.

The world is a beautiful place.

There are amazing, incredible things that humans are capable of.

And, there is the dark side.

I'm very realistic.  I've never been one to put on rose colored glasses, so this has helped me do the work I've done the last 12 years.

But, dealing with this side of life takes its toll.

I do get good reports from my former students, but the majority of the news I get involves death, addiction, abuse, neglect and, yes, even suicide.

The kids I worked with at my last job?

I heard about their horror stories every day.

They are living them, even as I write this.


This is why. 

Sometimes, I just need to immerse myself in a world where all of this darkness and despair makes sense and has a purpose.

A world where darkness and despair, are transformed into something better than could possibly be imagined: Art!

Art, so pure that even a still from the moving picture is a piece of art all on its own.

Now, this is a promotional photo, but, come on!

Isn't this beautiful?

And it "says" so much.

See, there goes my Inner Art Student, again. ;-)


This photo is in honor of Tyler, a former student of mine who I believe would have grown to look just like Liz, had he not committed suicide in 2012.  

So, maybe this is all a little too morbid.

Maybe it's all a little too real.

All I know is, up to now, I've learned that humans are also capable of horrible things and that death is inevitable.

It doesn't mean I am desensitized and don't grieve.

Of course I am horrified and mourn.

I've just come to accept that humans are flawed and that the process of death is an integral and necessary part of life.

Following the Native American philosophies that speak to me, have helped me put it all in perspective, so I am able to leave my house.

American Horror Story helps me process it all and celebrate the beauty that can evolve from even the most horrific of circumstances.

Because, true to the American need for justice and a happy ending, when each season ends, those who were the most wicked, are served a heaping pile of red, hot Karma.

And the ones who have earned it, some in the bizarrest of ways, "live happily ever after", even if they are dead.



Monday, July 18, 2016

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me :: Part II

Back in my pen name days, I decided to share a bit more about myself via a blog post that all bloggers recommend every blogger write:  Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me.

The "Five Things..." post is a great way to break down the walls and let you see a bit more into my day-to-day world.  I find it really fun to do because I get wrapped up in my mission here at the blog and don't really socialize the way I should ;-)

It's been three years, so I thought it would be fun to do another one, now that I've stepped out from behind my pen name.



Yup.  After years of being told that my massages (family and friends), products, sometimes just my presence, have/has a calming and healing affect on others, I decided to take this intuitive knowing and learn a little more.

Reiki is a healing art, developed in Japan, and I am gobbling up all the information in the class I am taking.  It just makes sense.

At this point, I'm not interested in any sort of hands-on healing.  I am only interested in learning how to heal the world around me through distance healing while coaching my clients and infusing my products with the same healing properties.

Stay tuned!


Tyler Perry is a contemporary.  We are the same age and have walked similar paths.  I love his world view, the life lessons and the tough love he shares via Madea, a character that he also portrays in his plays and his movies.

He is a creative powerhouse.  He writes, scores, directs and performs in his plays and movies, whether Madea is involved or not.  And, a nod to his pure creative nature, he never shies away from the ugliness of life.  It's there in all of his works.  Bad things happening to good people is expected in a Tyler Perry Production.

He is a devout Christian, I do not identify, as such, but we both found direction in our lives via a spiritual path.   I don't fear or scoff religion, so I really do appreciate his message, without getting caught up in the verbiage.  It all comes from Source, no matter how you choose to comprehend it. His expression of Divine Guidance is always heartwarming and entertaining. I always hear something I needed to hear.

We both love and have been guided through rough times via the Oprah Winfrey Show (notice I acknowledge the platform - I'm not an Oprah worshiper but she is most certainly a mentor ;-) Tyler Perry, on the other hand is now good friends with Oprah and works with her regularly.

 Yes.  That's him under all that.  They obviously used some T.V. magic to pull this off ;-)

He makes really good movies that take place outside of the world of Madea.  He also acts in other people's movies, as well.  He was in the first Star Trek reboot movie. A childhood dream come true.  I'm a Trekkie, too, so I can totally relate.

He also makes T.V shows.  I'm not a huge fan of these, but I am a fan of many of the actors on them as they have been in his plays and movies.


I know.  Crazy.  Right?

But, yeah, you will find that the uber-creative really love this show due to the levels of excellence all across the board.  The acting, writing, photography, costumes, sets, directing, production - all of it at a level never seen on T.V. before.

In my circle of friends, it seems that those of us who have dabbled in theater or performing, at some point in our lives, love it the most.

I wait for it to come out on Netflix, this allows me to read spoilers and see visuals so I am not so freaked out when I finally watch the show.  Every season is a cathartic, roller coaster ride that refuels me creatively and helps me cope with complicated emotions that just naturally get crazier with age ;)

I've watched every season at least 3 times.

(I write my blog posts in advance.  This fact led to a whole post about why someone like me, who can not stand horror movies, would love this show so much.  Stay tuned!)



Even before the advent of the Internet, I could stay home for weeks, and never leave the house, if you'd let me.  I'm a creative person.  Get me busy on a project and I will lose all track of time.

Being around other people can be very draining for me, as well. I find if I protect myself before going out, I'm OK.  The older I get, the more resilient I am in this regard. But, when I work outside of the home, my days do include some serious, conscious, down time so I can refuel for the next day.


You know, if you are into all that higher-level, spiritual perspective stuff *wink-wink*, you will find that each generation has a purpose.  A bigger, more spiritually meaningful purpose than all of the obvious cultural changes that will naturally occur.

It has been noted, time and again, through our behavior and time of arrival, that Gen X are warriors.  We are warriors because we came here/were called here because of the Atom Bomb (along with others - there are three waves - but our task has been to pave the way - to make room for a better way).

Yeah - I got a crazy chill when I first learned that.  But, wasn't surprised at all because, in my heart, I've always known the Atom Bomb is what brought me here.


I'd love to hear something about you that I don't know!

Leave a comment below, or drop me a line.

I'd love to hear from you.

Until next time!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Running In Circles


A quick post this week as I am in the midst of helping my parents move, along with also allowing something into my life that I have been resisting for years.

This should explain it all ;-)

A great little reminder that "you cannot change what you refuse to confront".

A lovely little lesson, at my expense.  Haha! :D


Incidentally, if you are on Facebook, I'd love to connect with you.

My page is Here.

Click "Like" to follow :)

Until next time!

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How To Make Smokeless Smudge Spray

Well, in case you missed it, June was all about helping you discover the present moment.

I shared a quick breathing exercise I discovered, and shared another poster from the Mini Spiritual Retreat.

I showed you how to create time for all kinds of things, including discovering the present moment.

I reminded you about the Mini Retreat and gave you the rundown as to how the Guide will keep you on track.

And, finally, I showed you how to clear your space, which is a handy thing to know for any day of the week, not just Retreat Week.


I'm so excited to finally be able to dish with you about this next idea.

Ever heard of smokeless spray smudge?

It's exactly what it sounds like.

Powerful, essential oils, made into a spray, to use when you don't have time to smudge with a traditional smudge stick or incense.

My Inner Knowing has been guiding me towards making spray smudge - FOR YEARS!

Thanks to some other, soon-to-be-revealed-knowledge I am studying, I'm also being guided to create some really intense spray smudges to clear, transition and elevate your personal space, wherever you are.

I made a real simple, basic version and gave them as Christmas gifts, last year, and the response has already been overwhelmingly positive.


It's so easy.  

So sustainable.

So pure.

Make some of your own to add to your space clearing arsenal.

Leave a comment below, or drop me a line to let me know how your smokeless spray smudge works out for you.

Love and hugs,


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Five Ways To Clear Your Space

There are all sorts of articles and blog posts on the Internet with advice about how to clear your space.  It's really not as foreign a concept as it used to be.

This idea is an integral part of the Mini Spiritual Retreat I created for my inner-circle.  In fact, it's the first thing I have you do to declare your Retreat time.

And, even if you haven't discovered the life changing benefits of the Mini Spiritual Retreat, you can at least reap the rewards of learning how to clear any space you may be in, to make it your Sacred Space.


So, why would you want to clear your space if you aren't doing a retreat?

These came to mind as I chewed on that question:

1. After an argument or disagreement - to change course.
2. At the start of a new project - a clean slate.
3. If things "just haven't been right".
4. To create room - space for manifesting.

Basically, any time you need to shake things up, clear your space.


This is what I do:

1.  Physically clear it.  Declutter, just one room.  Start with your retreat room, or maybe a room that will be the quickest to clean.  Regardless, seeing clean, organized space that was once cluttered, can really calm your mind and help you focus.  Even if you only have time to clear your email, you will notice a shift.

2.  Smudge or incense. Make sure you are clear of curtains, drapes and tapestries (or anything flammable - please use common sense and be safe).  Then light up a smudge stick and wave the smoke around your space.  Or simply light some incense.  Once the room has filled with smoke, snap it out the door or windows with a towel.

3. Bring in some nature.  A bouquet of flowers, some herbs from outside, houseplants, or maybe even some beautiful leaves during the Fall.  You will really see a notable difference in a room that is dominated by technology.  Once everything is shut down and natural elements are brought in, there is an instant shift in the environment.

4. Ring a bell.  Change your focus and vibration by ringing a bell.  Especially if you have access to a Tibetan singing bowl. They have a healing vibration that can change the course of any situation.

5. Light a candle - Something about the elemental aspect of fire. For me, it takes me to memories of camp fires, especially if a candle is lit on a warm summer day. They are also, very spiritual and have been used in rituals all through the ages.  Energy from a burning candle is one of my favorite ways to clear a space.


What do you do to clear your space?

Do you have daily rituals?

Or do you do it when it just feels like the right time?

I'd love to hear from you.

Leave a comment, below, or send me a private message.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Retreat Guide

The Mini Spiritual Retreat.

It just came to me one day.

Why not share with you how I center myself and "get away", when I have no choice but to stay home?

I know from experience, that you can achieve the foundational results you would get from a "getaway" retreat, right in your very own home.

By simply designating some time every day for a few days in a row, you can put on the breaks, reconnect with your spirit and change course.


The Retreat Guide I created for this package is designed so you don't have to do any thinking.

It  contains everything you need to not only show you how to create your own Retreat time, but it is also designed to keep you engaged and focused on your Retreat, as well.

No thinking required!

And here's a little secret: the layout of the Guide was created so that, just flipping through the pages and looking at the images will be a relaxing, centering experience for you ;-)


Summer's here.

This is the perfect time of year to find some time to detach and just chill.

I promise you, even if you can not get away this summer, you can still create some time every day to reconnect with your spirit.
And the beauty of this Retreat is, hopefully, after a week of consciously taking time just for you, you will find several things you can do, daily, to reconnect with your spirit, even when it's not a Retreat week.


Finally, if life gets nutzy and out of control ( "if"  haha!  Who are we kidding?  "when" is more like it ;-)...

If you find that you just couldn't keep daily Retreat time a priority...

It's OK.

The guide will always be available for you to "take in", so you can put on the breaks and change course, any time, not just during Retreat time.


Sign Up Here For Access To Your Retreat

* indicates required

** You will also receive my monthly newsletter. It includes, a personal note from me, access to my email series, Try This: Life Empowerment Tips from Latrelle, first invitations to help me beta test upcoming classes, as well as other goodies only email subscribers see first. (No worries, if you don't like it, you can unsubscribe and keep the Retreat.)


I can't wait to meet you :)


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Create Time for Whatever Your Heart Desires

Someone asked me the other day how I have the time to do things like create courses, run a Facebook Group, keep my blog going, network and market, while also working, looking after my parents and taking care of my home.

OK, I don't have children.  This is a biggie that I know will cause most of you to skip on to the next blog in your feed, but if you hear me out, you will hopefully be inspired to find ways to create more time in your day, based on how your life unfolds.

I sat down and looked at all of the things I do a bit differently than the people around me, and realized that I have managed to carve over 10 hours a week out of my schedule, just by thinking outside the box a bit.

Theses are the biggies, and boy, do they pack a wallop!

  • Batch it:  I am more productive when I batch my tasks, for example:
    • I compose all of my posts for the Brilliant Blogging, Facebook group posts on Sundays, in about 10 min, which frees up at least 45 minutes in my week because it takes me at least 15 minutes a day when I try to do them daily.
    • I will write several blog posts at a time, which saves me hours!  Allowing it all to flow in one day means I will have posts for a couple of months, instead of trying to force the posts weekly, which doubles the amount of time.
    • I schedule Tweets and Facebook posts in advance.  This saves me a good 20 minutes a day.
  • Windows 10:  I have discovered some perks in the new Windows 10 upgrade.  I have synced all my email and use the calendar.  I used to spend 25 minutes or more, a day, checking all my email accounts.  Now, all I have to do is point and click and I am finished in about five minutes!
  • Cooking in advance: A couple years ago I shared the sloppy copy of my cookbook, which I am currently turning into a class.  One of the main ideas I try to convey is that you have the time to create healthy, economical meals.  All it takes is a little multitasking.  While I am doing other things, I have chicken, beans and rice cooking.  I'll also make a soup or some chili and take a couple of minutes to prep veggies for the week.  This saves a couple of hours over the week.
  • Dishes:  In my house, we have only one dish, eating utensil and cup per person.  This saves at least 30 min over the course of a week when it comes to doing the dishes.
  • Laundry:   We stick with the same color scheme for all of our clothes, underwear and socks included.  As a result, I don't need to spend a lot of time sorting .  No one expects me to sort or fold the underwear and socks and put them away.  Same goes for the towels; they all stay in the laundry tubs. Our actual clothing is the only thing I fold and hang up. This saves me about 30 minutes a week.
  • Get your clothes ready the night before: This saves at least 10 minutes a day - 50 over the course of a week.
  • Load the coffee pot the night before: Because it always takes longer in the morning when you are half asleep.  This saves 5 min a day, 25 min a week!

When I am "Riding the Wild Donkey" (as Leonie Dawson likes to say), going to town on whatever project I may be inspired to create - yes, it can get a little, what I like to call "Frat Housey" over here.  The basics are tended to, but the place does get pretty cluttered.  

And, that is the one choice I can make that someone who's raising kids can not.  So the kitchen floor doesn't get mopped for a couple of weeks. When I am in the zone, the kitchen barely gets used anyway. Plus, I don't have any little ones crawling around.  I can make that choice.

Finally, I am never afraid to stop or adjust.

Recently, I created more time for my creative projects by letting everyone know that I would only be posting here at SacredCyberSpace.com, four times a month, until the end of the year.

What a weight that lifted!

And it created a flood of time that I did not have before.

So cool ;)


So, what are you going to do to create more time in your life?

Get out your favorite notebook and pen.

Find a quiet space and take a few minutes to step back and take a look at how you are spending your time.

Then see if you can't find at least an extra hour in your week.

I can't wait to hear how you will create more time for your dreams.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Inspiration From The Void

Way back when...

Back in the day, when I wrote under my pen name, I mused about the idea of "Transitioning the Void".

The idea that, sometimes when we move from one point to another, we have to spend some time in the Void.

The Void, meaning, existing in a place where things are not set in stone.

A time when our feet do not meet "solid ground" and we simply have to learn how to let go and allow life to unfold.

Usually happening, after life "rips the rug out" from underneath us, and nothing feels right because all of our old ways of being are no longer there

This is being in the Void.


I have to be honest.

When my agency thought that I could go back to my old school, a part of me felt stable and secure.

Knowing what I know about the Void, this alarmed me.

I knew I wasn't supposed to feel secure, just to feel secure.

It impedes progress.

And when it didn't work out, I was amazed at how relieved I was.

But, that day of "feeling secure" slowed things down.

I missed out on a day of allowing.

Of surrendering to the flow.




I'm not beating myself up about it.

In fact, it was supposed to happen.

If nothing else, to teach me even more about the Void.

Then in turn, to share it with you.


It gets used all the time, but the analogy of the level of energy it takes to hold on to the riverbank, compared to the energy it takes to just let go and let the water take you.

Just one day of "holding on", of  "feeling secure", was enough to exhaust me to the point that I can see why that advice is given time and again.





Here's a little exercise I do to bring myself back to the present moment.


Not that kind of exercise!  Haha :-)

A breathing exercise that will bring you back to relaxing into the flow of that river, so you can connect with your source power.

Close your eyes.

Inhale and exhale through your nose a few times, concentrating on that space where the breath hits the nostrils.

Do this for as long as you can.

When you open your eyes, you will feel much more centered and more engaged with the flow.


How do you center yourself during the day?

Do you have a little ritual you perform to connect with your source power?

If not, I'd love to hear how this little exercise works out for you.

Comment below or drop me a line.


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