Thursday, April 23, 2015

Navigating Change

I know you've been there.

So have I.

You might be there right now.

You know something is not right.

You know something needs to change.

I remember not too long ago...

I prayed for change without disruption or pain for those around me.

Change "without loss of love, life, limb or means."


Well folks, I guess I'll be the "bad guy" and feed you a nice spoonful of reality.

I tried.

I really did.

But that's not how change works.

It does create upheaval in your life.

Upheaval in your life and the lives of those around you.

It can be quite chaotic.



There is something good about this temporary chaos and disarray.

Benefit for everyone affected.

And it's all in how you navigate these fluctuating tides.


What was my part in orchestrating this change?

What was I holding on to?

Why did I need to change?

What am I supposed to learn?


If you know something has to change.

If you know things aren't quite right.

If you are afraid, or unsure...

The Universe will most certainly step in and shake things up for you.

So put on your life jacket, get out your compass and strap yourself in.

The waves will eventually settle, porting you at your next destination.

And if you tackle the tough questions, you will arrive sure footed, with purpose and direction.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Almost There...

So close!

I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday.

I was under the impression that I was going to be standing on both of my feet for the first time in four months, when I got there.


My first appointment with my physical therapist is Monday.

I am actually looking forward to it.

I know I am going to be fatigued again, like I was the first couple of months after my surgery.

I know I am going to be dealing with pain again, but not as bad as after my surgery.

And I welcome it.

It's times like this when the phrase, "No pain, no gain", becomes very clear and comes in quite handy.


This whole healing sabbatical from life...

This shaking up of my world...

This detour from the path I was walking...

It has been eye opening.

It has been challenging.

It has been a gift.


I will be allowed to return to work just as the school year ends.

I find this the most interesting piece of this new direction.

There is a part of me that can not believe that I am supposed to be this far from the norms of society.

Am I supposed to move forward and find a better day job?

Or am I supposed to stay the course and really try to make ALL THIS in my cyber world finally mean more than just my balance, hobby, escape?

Is it time to step up and really embrace this as a business?

Nothing else to do but surrender, be here, now, and allow the path to unfold.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

The New Facebook Page

There are so many changes involved with heading into the next phase of my blog and my biz.

One of which has been closing down the Facebook account under my pen name and starting a new page at my personal account.

Personally, I have been amazed at how smooth the transition has been, and as I mentioned last week, I am amazed at how supportive my friends and family have been.

Moving on has been exactly what I needed and it has been so easy to keep things going.

In fact, things are in a much better flow and my post reaches have been incredible (in comparison to my "likes"), and I haven't had to pay to boost any of my posts.


I only post once a day.

I scrolled through my Facebook posts and found an interesting theme had emerged over the week.

And all I was doing was posting what spoke to me.


I have been taking advantage of my down time and have been doing a lot of soul work.

Not surprisingly this popped up and spoke to me in a very profound way.

I have not been able to get outside and embrace Spring the way I normally do.

This led to a couple of tear-filled moments -- 

Which, for me, always leads to what the Universe wants me to do instead.

This time around, it was to take stock of where I am, who I am and what I need to do to keep this amazing journey going.


My own ideas came up in the form of other people's words.

These ideas were things I really want to share and these memes helped me reach a broader audience.

When I first started blogging I was obsessed with the idea of using the lessons from your past as a means to create a more solid foundation in your life in order to catapult you further than you could have gone otherwise.

Of course, this little gem reminded me of that and was very well received.

I love the idea of the "spring-board" as opposed to the "quicksand", two feelings we can all relate to.

Another idea I pondered, back in the day, came up too.

Sometimes life can really kick us in the ass.

These "failures" can be hard to take and can sometimes send us down the path of "just forget it!"

But you have to keep going because, guess what?

This is all part of the process.

You are not too old, too fat, too weak, too inexperienced, too (insert insecurity)...

You are just being shown another way.

So, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and set a new goal.

And, once you get there, don't get too comfortable.

If you made it to this destination, imagine what else you can do?


How many times have you heard this expression?

Don't burn your bridges.

I used to hear this a lot, especially when I started working.

If I was in a job that I just could not stand, someone older and wiser would always advise me to be professional about leaving because, heaven forbid you burn a bridge you might need later.

Well, this is sage advise.

But let me give you some advice I learned on my own, later on, when I dared to start setting some cross-ways ablaze.


It's OK to burn a bridge, especially if it leads to someplace you should never have been, or never need to return to.

I remember leaving a job with a company I had left and returned to, even though I knew in my gut it was not the place for me.

I really needed the money and I knew they would hire me immediately.

It didn't take long for me to realize that this was no longer the place for me, money or no money.

And I quit in such a way that my manager would have to enter my exit in the "system" as a "no rehire", therefore making it impossible for me to ever be hired by this company again.

She even called me to let me know she would have to do this and did I want to work something out first.

I told her I knew this was the procedure she would have to follow, apologized for putting her in a tough spot and told her to "go ahead and do it."


In order to get to where you are going, use the lessons from your past to "spring-board" you on your way.

This will lead to new dreams and goals.

And it's OK to keep yourself focused by burning a few bridges along the way.


P.S.  If you haven't already, don't forget to head over to Facebook and "like" the new page :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Moving On...

I had to find the perfect Sunflower to celebrate this momentous occasion.

It has finally happened.

After chewing on this for over a year, deciding to go one way, then settling on another, then getting side tracked with some serious reflection and down time, it is finally time to grow and present all this as my true Self.

I am no longer using my pen name and it is liberating.

Ironically, for the first few years, the pen name is what liberated me.

Once I realized I was meant to do more than sit behind a computer and write, it became an obstacle.


Yes, from time to time I will get a reading from a professional Tarot reader.

Last year I received one as a gift and stepped into it from the space of wondering about my business.

I know I am supposed to be helping people in a bigger way.

I follow my intuition as best I can, but I knew I was stuck in a holding pattern and wasn't sure what was next.

The two biggest ideas to come from my reading were this:
  • Yes, you will have to spend money.
  • Just be your sweet, kind, authentic self.
Everything I got from the reading I already knew in my gut - Thank goodness, or else everything I am teaching would be for nothing - Haha! ;-)

But the message to be myself I took as, "stop trying to mold yourself into these business models you are being inundated with."

I went on my merry way with this in mind and continued on my path.

Then, as the year came to a close, I knew I was never going to move into the next phase unless I was using my own name.

The reading came back to me and I suddenly realized what that cryptic little piece of advice was guiding me to do.

Be my true Self.

Use my real name, Latrelle Ross.


So, things have been moving pretty quickly the last week.

I started the new Facebook page and was pleasantly surprised at how supportive my friends were to my "coming out".

I was also surprised at how receptive many of the Marla Turner fans were to switching gears.

I was always open about Marla being my pen name, but I also know not everyone gets the information you throw out there, either.

I even got a nice sign from the Universe that I'm on the right path...


As I shared in my last post, I am looking for a new group of test students for my new eCourse.

I am really excited about this class.

The first test group went really well.

These ladies helped me stay focused, as I was creating the course while they were taking it.

It is a go at your own pace course with a second tiered option to work with me directly via a closed Facebook group.

Anyone testing the course will automatically be included in the Facebook group where I will be providing a 4 week, guided session to get you up and running right away.

If you are interested, just click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up.


That's it for now.

Patience please as I switch everything over.

Next thing on my list is the banner.

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

Love and hugs,

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brilliant Blogging!


It is here!

It is finished!

I can hardly believe it!

Can you?


I have finished the first phase of my signature eCourse, Brilliant Blogging.

This course is a complete, guided journey to help anyone who is interested in sharing their gifts with the world, by using a blog as their main platform.

It is a series of eBooks, with 157 pages of detailed information to help you get online with a blog by spending $12 a year, or less.
It includes worksheets to help you navigate all of this great information and fine tune how to apply it to your message.

Don't know what your message is?

This course will help you figure that out.

Seriously, it couldn't be easier.

I have developed this so that you feel like I am holding your hand and showing you the way.

I have taken all of my learning experiences and mistakes to develop a fool-proof blueprint to get you where I am, quicker and more easily than if you tried to do this all on your own.

All of the lessons I learned working with private clients have been transformed into a step by step process, that is easy to follow, making it simple to apply to your own ideas and dreams.


I have designed this course to work on two levels.

It can be a work at your own pace course, where you will use these eBooks as a resource as you move forward at a speed that works for you and your life.

I have also created a second level, which includes membership to a closed Facebook group.

Members of this group will have access to other students, their questions and access to other resources I have collected to enhance the process.

I will conduct weekly Q&A sessions within this group, as well as providing a more streamlined experience via weekly private Facebook messages to the group to keep you on task and focused.


I am currently in the process of moving on from using my pen name online.

So, as you may notice, the banner at the top of this blog still has my pen name, while everything else has been switched over to my actual name, Latrelle Ross.

I want to really do this course justice.

And I need your help.



This free trial will also include membership to the Facebook group.

In return, all I am asking for is a testimonial about the course, which I will use on the sales page.

With this testimonial, I will also include a link to your blog.

And if you are not ready to share your blog, not a problem.

We can wait until you are more comfortable sharing.


Signing up to test the course is going to be a little different than purchasing.

Sign up here and you will receive the Introduction to the course.


Thanks for your interest
I am sorry to report that 
the free trial is no longer available.
- Latrelle

Once I receive your information, I will email you a .ZIP file with the remainder of the course, along with instructions for being included in the Facebook group.

I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you with your own Brilliant Blogging journey.

Thanks a million!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hodge Podge



I can feel Spring on its way and wanted to share a few things.

First of all, Yay! - I'm at the point in my healing where I'm getting some of my creative energy back for - Gasp! - actually creating!


Yes, I am simply thrilled! :-)


I have finished my first eCourse.

I'm not to the point where I can actually conduct a class, so I'm going to start by offering it as a work-at-your-own-pace, workbook series.

I am also releasing this course under my own name, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the year, the days of doing this under my pen name are slowly coming to a close.

Here's the cover from the last module:


The first Sunday after my fall, I was feeling mighty low.

I had propped myself up in my dad's recliner and was watching Oprah's Master Class with my mother.

You all know that one of the interesting things about my perspective/world view is that I am always aware of the Universe's unfolding in my life.

This day was no different.

As I was sitting there, all weepy and in pain, I was lifted with a repeat of the episode in which Good Morning America host, Robin Roberts shared her experience fighting breast cancer and the complications from chemo therapy a year later.

In the midst of my pain-med blubbering, my head was turned to another perspective.

As always, I was humbled, and then inspired by her words:

"Make your mess your message."

Of course, this is what I do.

My messes and my mistakes are what inspire me to inspire others.

As I sat there, in the midst of my current "mess", I realized I was being forced to, if you'll forgive the pun, truly "walk my talk" ;-D

To put to work the words, ideas and strategies that I've been sharing with my readers for the last five years.

I like to think I do this anyway, but this whole experience has forced me to step up in a really big way to:


It's been pretty intense.


I found this great Tibetan singing bowl, chakra healing series on YouTube last summer and made a playlist.

Well, I stumbled upon this last week and it's even better.

A 70 minute, uninterrupted, chakra healing session, just in time for Spring.


Love and hugs,

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Putting my message into action has always been the way I walk.

I'm not going to sit here and regurgitate the ideas that have moved me without showing you that I actually follow through and apply them to my life.

For instance, more than once I have challenged you to move forward with your dreams, where you are, with what you have and to quit waiting for it all to be perfect before you start.

But, I also don't shy away from sharing the missteps that can happen along the way, as well.

Ideas may be all consuming, you get real excited and move forward.

Then something happens.

Things don't go as you'd planned.

Life gets in the way.

But that does not mean it's time to throw in the towel.

I mean, really.

These things happen to help us flex our "persistence" muscles.

They happen to show us a better way.

They happen to make us wiser.

They happen because the Universe has something even bigger in store than what we originally planned.

They happen to give us the experience we need to live the most amazing life we possibly can.

Now, flex those muscles, embrace those hurdles and get back to it!

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

It's been five years since I began writing under my pen name; four years since I started

Normally I do a recap of the past year to commemorate the anniversary of the day I started this blog.

This year will be different.

Mainly because this year is different.

I am healing a serious injury and, as a result, the changes and new directions I want to go in are on hold.

The projects I am working on, which I had targeted to complete by the end of 2014, are on hold.

It is frustrating, sometimes, but focusing on my rehabilitation makes it all fall into place.

In time I will move on to the bigger things

For now, I am supposed to focus on the foundation I'll need to make it all happen.

Until then, this post is a nice wrap up of the last year.

Thanks for hanging in there with me :-)


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lessons Part II


I had one hell of an ankle fracture.

It took me 8 days of bed rest, elevation and icing to get the swelling down enough for me to have the necessary surgery.

I followed my surgeon's directions to the letter, included my own healing techniques, while also visualizing the moment when I would look up at him from my hospital bed, and hear him say the words "Everything went very well. You're doing great. You can go home."

Once he got in there he found that I had a shattered fibula, fractured tibia and torn ligaments.

He replaced my bones and connected my ligaments with a plate, pin and six screws.

Twelve hours after my surgery I was awakened by my surgeon who told me exactly, word for word, what I had been visualizing.

And 10 hours later I was home.


The nurses who looked after me were amazing and divinely placed.

My first nurse was, Matt.

He was the nicest guy, kind, firm and caring.

One of my best friends is a nurse and I've heard some stories about how families can be.

He loved my crazy family, told them they were just fine and seemed relieved to have them there as a break from the difficult people he was having to deal with.

My night nurse was, Cindy.

The doctor gave my mom a heads up that I was going to be experiencing a lot of pain.

There was nothing that could be done to eliminate it.

All they could do was lessen it.

Then the Universe humbled me with the gift of Cindy.

During the most difficult and painful time after the surgery, I was cared for by a woman who had experienced the exact same fracture as me, as well as the same surgery.

I couldn't have been in more compassionate, understanding hands.

Plus, watching her run around like she had never been through what I was going through, gave me a positive future to focus on.

I was not pleased with my day nurse, Tammy.

She was unprofessional, abrupt and didn't have a nurturing bone in her body.

She told me that if I needed help to "scream, that's the quickest way to get us here."

She kept rambling on about how she had only slept one hour and it took her forever to get me my next round of pain meds.

I surrendered the situation, went to sleep and when I woke up Tammy was gone.

The Universe humbled me once again.

Terry replaced Tammy and everything was back in balance.


It was during the time I was getting ready for surgery that I started to see what was wrong; why my life seemed so "off".

I decided it would be best to stay with my parents so I could use their geriatric equipment and have a little more independence, not to mention not having so many stairs to conquer.

The distance gave me the perspective I needed.

Ten years of working in the mental health system gave me the insight I needed.

And a conversation filled with tough-love, from my sister, gave me the courage I needed.

My love was struggling with anxiety and depression and needed help.

I sent him a text message stating my concerns, as well as the solution of getting some help.

I am blessed to be with a man who is not afraid to change and grow.

I am also blessed to be with a man who does not fear the stigma of mental illness.

He knew he was "off" as he kept slipping into phases of fear and overwhelm.

He knew he was struggling and it was affecting his efforts to find work.

He immediately agreed and while I have been away from home healing, he has been at home healing.


Now it is all so clear.

Even though I knew in my heart I was going through this for a reason, it was most certainly not clear at the beginning.

Ken and I needed space.

It was the only way to see what was really going on and what needed to change.

I need to stop, sit, find my center and show the Universe that I do walk my talk.

I also need to heal years of pain and struggles that I had endured before Ken came into my life.

And, Ken needs to do the same.

If this had not happened, we would still be spinning our wheels.

I would be wondering what was wrong, because I still wouldn't be able to see the forest for the trees.

And Ken would still be struggling with his depression and anxiety without the help he truly needs.

I'm sure more lessons will present themselves as my healing progresses.

But this is the biggest blessing to come from all of this, so far.