Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sacred Space

A Place To Connect With The Universe...

My Sacred Space where I write during good weather. 
My very own outdoor room in the inner city :)

What is Sacred Space?

My first encounter with the concept of sacred space was when I first began learning about Native American spiritual beliefs in my early twenties.   I spent the night at a friend's house and in the morning, I happened to be awake for her morning ritual of centering herself in her sacred space.

The view from my sacred writing space, some of my stones & crystals and my cat enjoying the space too.
I had been socializing all night and hadn't realized that what appeared to be a table by the front window with some knick knacks on it, was actually something different.  My friend started each morning, meditating and cleansing the space around her, within a sacred space she had prepared all for herself.

She began by burning a smudge stick made of sage, then quickly and gently waved the burning sage all over her body and the space around her (I vividly remember her even waving the stick under her feet). She was studying Native American healing and did something with a shark's tooth slicing through energy.  Then she began chanting and meditating. 

I meditated with her and when we were finished (about twenty minutes later) she told me that she did that every morning and that we were sitting in her sacred space.

Your sacred space is a place for you to go, where you feel safe and comfortable.  When creating this environment you are also creating a good foundation for meditation and healing.  Dedicating time daily to spend even a few moments in your sacred space will enrich your life in ways you can not imagine.  After time you learn to center yourself, even if you only have five minutes, because you have trained yourself to be centered in this space.

I followed my friend's lead and made my own altar.  I had a small table with plants, stones, candles, smudge, and incense.  I included all of the elements of nature and even a little bowl of salt water sitting on the altar.  I was ill and severely imbalanced at this point in my life.  I knew connecting to the Earth was important, so I created a bit of nature where I could begin my day.  When I realized how powerful that little spot was, I started making little sacred spaces all over my apartment, until one day it dawned on my that I had made my apartment a sacred space.  Ever since then, I have always tried to have some sort of spot like this in my home.

The Home As Sacred Space

I love interior designer, Nate Berkus.  His philosophy is that your home should "greet you and lift you up".  That it should feel like a refuge from the world around you.  He really is on to something, and, spiritually, I like taking it one step further.

Once the concept of creating a larger, sacred space came into my consciousness, I was drawn towards ideas like Feng Shui and Vaastu which take this very idea of the home as sacred space one step further by  channeling the energies of the home through placement of objects in strategic spots throughout. Each room in the home has its own energy and purpose.  So, if you don't have enough of a certain something in your life, look at how your living space is set up.  You could be blocking the natural universal flow.

I still find it fascinating when an element of nature is placed in a specific spot in my home, the whole landscape of my life can change.  Also equally as fascinating is the relief of stress, which comes with eliminating something from the home because it was blocking energy.

These days,  I try to intuitively determine what needs to come and go in my home to keep it a sacred, energizing and supportive environment.  Conversly though, I do not shy away from seeking guidance from these philosophies when my personal energy, and thus, life, need a boost.

Create Your Own Sacred Space

Creating sacred space within your home is both cathartic and healing.  Each space is as individual as the person making it for we all have different world views and life histories.  It is important to include things in your sacred space that mean something to you.  Items which help you connect with the divine that lies within each of us, including you. 

Depending upon which philosophies and religions one follows, common items include:

  • photos
  • momentos
  • plants
  • incense, oils, smudge ~ something to purify the energy surrounding and the space
  • art
  • rocks, crystals
  • candles
  • and so on...
I hope you choose to experience the personal empowerment, which comes from creating ritual and sacredness within your home. 


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