Friday, March 4, 2011

Connecting With Your Higher Self

There Is A Still Small Voice...

Within us all is a link to the guidance and insight we need to navigate our lives.
What Is The Higher Self?

There are as many definitions for what many call the "Higher Self" as there are people who have contemplated the concept. Experiencing your Higher Self is the same as tapping into your intuition and each person has their own unique way of doing this. It's a personal experience.
The Higher Self is the link between the physical and spiritual realm. Almost like a translator for the Universe. God's interpreter. Any time you feel compelled to do something, or have handled a difficult situation and had no idea how you could have done something like that. Sometimes we say, "I don't know where the words came from..." or "I had no idea what I was saying but..." These are times when we are connected to our Higher Self. The divine guidance or intuition that shows us the way, whispers in our ear, when we need it most.

My Experience

When I began to study metaphysics, I had to relate everything to Christianity in some way in order to wrap my head around some of the ideas. I always likened the Higher Self to the "word of God". Whenever the Bible speaks of someone "hearing God", they were listening to their Higher Self. God, or the Universe, or Spirit (I could go on and on) has a plan. In order to fill you in on what your role is, guidance is given. Many times, when we can not "see the forest for the trees", simply taking the time to stop and listen to our Higher Self, the still small voice within that has an answer, is all we need to do to gain clarity.

I hear my Higher Self's guidance when I center myself to do a Tarot Reading. I used to do a reading for myself daily, just so I could touch base with my Higher Self. Their are meditations and techniques which can be explored by others who have mastered a relationship with their Higher Self. I have included many online resources in this hub. Simply trust your intuition and find a method that workds best for you.

Being Your Higher Self

Seems like a silly concept, almost sounds drug related, but the reality is that once you learn to access your Higher Self, you can keep that connection all day, every day. I try to do this when I can. I am not a total master at it. Mainly, I keep myself open to the whispers of the Universe as much as I possibly can. It can help us with our day to day lives as well as the big life questions that seem to have us stumped.

Though it is nice to be able to center yourself and find clarity as to say, which university you want to attend, it is also nice to have "a leg up" on life, which can make things run so much smoother. Being connected to your Higher Self can assist you with finding a parking spot, locating a lost earring, taking a quicker route, the possibilities are endless. And when this connection is always on, you always seem to know the right thing to say, and always seem to be in the right place at the right time.

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