Friday, April 1, 2011

Music For The Spirit

Connect With Your Spirit...

Listen to uplifting music to raise your vibration and connect with Spirit.
Connecting With Spirit

In our daily lives we journey through days that see us meeting one responsibility after another. We go to work, care for our loved ones, pay bills; the responsibilities can seem endless. Modern science has been able
to prove that these daily stressors take a toll on our mental and physical health. It is important to take a few minutes everyday to relax or even meditate, but I like to take this idea one step further.

We exist on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Taking time to relax is great for dealing with the adverse affects of stress on the mental and physical levels. Just as important, connecting with the spiritual part of ourselves, or Spirit, needs to be a daily priority as well.

Meditation can help to connect with Spirit. But if you are a novice to meditation, or just aren't in the mood, listening to uplifing music as you rest, or even do your daily tasks can keep you connected with Spirit.

I have had times in my life when I have had to face the challenge of daily anxiety. Listening to relaxing, uplifting music as I got ready and traveled to work has lifted me out of the anxious energy that can debilitate some. Even listening to uplifting music on my lunch break in my car can change the course of an especially stressful day because I've taken the time to connect with the eternal part of myself.

Connect With The Great Spirit

I find listening to Native American inspired music the easiest way to connect with my spiritual self. The raw, bare tones of the drums, echoing the heartbeat of Mother Earth, combined with the flutes and nature sounds take me to a place that not even the most transcendent of New Age music can even touch. Playing this music while doing any sort of work takes the task to a whole new level.

Taking the time to feel connected to all life on Earth raises your personal vibration. This music has the ability to help you connect with the eternal, universal part of yourself. The timeless, ancient place that lies within us all.

The Goddess 

For those who follow Wiccan traditions and find comfort with the Goddess, the songs of nature and the feminine voice might be more of a match to the song of your spirit.  The eternal feminine energy is close to spirit as it channels life into this world.  Connecting with this aspect of the divine can be quite comforting and energizing.


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