Sunday, May 1, 2011

Transition: Learn To Navigate The Void

Accept Change And Take Control...

"Be like the bird who flies in the higher jet stream.  Find your own way while observing the storm clouds below."
~ my recollection of Native American proverb

Transition And The Spiritual Path

I received a message from an online friend a few months ago. He had been experiencing some monumental life changes: the death of a loved one and the end of a romantic relationship he thought was going to last forever.
Totally blindsided by both experiences, the wind completely knocked out of him, he was still able to see this as part of the spiritual path. Knowing this, he was able to feel a level of peace, in the midst of his emotional turmoil.  Even though it felt like his world was caving in around him, he knew this moment in time would pass as The Universe was clearing his life for something more wonderful than even he could think of.

When we strive towards our highest and greatest good we can sometimes encounter painful experiences because the Universe sees a greater picture. Something better or more uplifting may be out there. Perhaps we have evolved as far as we can with a person, or a cycle is coming to an end. There is something more in store, far greater than we could ever imagine and to arrive at this place, we must first strengthen our spiritual muscles and weather our emotional storm by learning to let go and trust that there is a larger plan in motion which will facilitate our spiritual growth in ways we can't even fathom.  We are being asked to engage in the creative momentum these uneasy moments facilitate.

Transition And Daily Life

Let's face it.  The only constant in life is change.  Nothing ever stays the same and the sooner we understand this reality of life, the sooner we can learn how to better use these moments to catapult us into something grand and magnificent.

The most difficult aspect of dealing with transition is continuing on with our daily lives while trying to navigate the chaos of change. I know from experience that you can feel like you're losing your mind and that it can feel like your life is falling apart. Yet, we are still expected to show up. The demands of work and family do not subside or step aside so that we can find our footing on new ground as the old passes away.  

Years ago, while reading the book Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, by Sanaya Roman, I found an explanation of transition which brought clarity and focus to the turmoil I was experiencing. It was explained that being in transition is like being in a void because the past and future are existing side by side. This is the time to visualize what you desire as anything is possible when things are not set in stone. Be kind to yourself and use this time to make your situation better by raising your vibration and allowing it to take you to next level.  Because nothing is solidified, anything is possible as you are not bogged down and can fly to the next level and next adventure in your life.  The void can be very uncomfortable though, as we prefer to know what is coming next.  We like routine and predictability.  It is easier to live this way, so try to avoid the temptation of settling.  If you grab on to the first opportunity just to have the comfort of routine in your life, you could be missing out on a greater possibility.

My Tip Via: A Course In Miracles

As A Course In Miracles conveys, all things are part of the Universe.  God has put everything on the Earth and we have to be willing to allow the miracles into our lives.  That being said, if you are coping with a lot of grief, or have several types of transition to deal with at once, there is no shame in seeking out medical attention. Things may happen for our spiritual betterment, but that doesn't mean that, when overwhelmed, our bodies won't sometimes physiologically react.  For instance, balancing the chemistry of the brain with an antidepressant will make it easier to find spiritual, physical and emotional balance.  Medication for the right reason at the right time is a miracle no one should keep from their life. 

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