Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ways To Manifest Money

Never Ending Supply...

There is a never ending supply of money that is always available to those who allow its abundance to flow freely through their lives.

My Money Revelation

Emerging from a time in my life when I felt I had to keep my metaphysical beliefs under wraps, I found that what really suffered was my financial abundance. I had everything I needed. But I had no money. And without money it's hard to keep your vibration raised because you have to limit your desires.
I went for quite a while actually desiring to keep my income low so that I could have access to the money I needed to finish school. I still don't regret this decision, but as a result I created a pattern that was very difficult to break, especially because I wasn't able to immediately start making the extra money I thought I would after I graduated. I even left school completely for a while and learned to live very frugally. This was great for the environment and my fellow man, but by denying myself, I was denying the possibility. And we must never forget the possibility, the potential that life has to offer.

I had to go back to the basics. I knew that my vibration was the one thing I could control, even if I didn't have the physical means to acquire what I needed. So I started with a manifestation meditation where I concentrated on preparing a clean slate on a spiritual level and released old patterns from my being.

Not too long after beginning my practice of meditating and focusing on raising my money vibration, my live in boy friend sold a collection of toy cars, without using Ebay and without having to deal with shipping. Every dime he made, he kept because he didn't owe auction fees. The money couldn't have come at a better time. It was great to see manifestation in action; a great reminder that this energy is always surrounding us.

It doesn't happen over night, but with daily focus and dedication, you can harness your creative energy to manifest more money into your life. At first it will seem as if you are wasting your time. Following through with meditations and focusing on your feelings in regards to money can feel pointless, especially when it's not reflected in your finances right away. But remember that it takes time for things to manifest on this plane and your perseverance will pay off.

The Key: Remember to keep yourself open to the possibility. All the meditations and affirmations in the world will do you no good if you are not open to receive that which you are trying to create in your life.

Affirmations For Money

Some of these came my way via candles and other New Age tools, and some have come from my Higher Self exactly when I needed them.

  • I allow the power of money to flow freely through my life.
  • I attract money like a magnet.
  • Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.
  • I allow the blessing of money to manifest in my life.
  • I am open to the prosperous energy of the universe.
  • I allow the unlimited abundance of the Universe to bless my life in amazing and wonderful ways.

What I Have Learned About Money Energy

  • Respect yourself and your money will respect you.
  • When you have respect for money, it wants to be with you.
  • Identify your fears about money and you will unlock what blocks you from money.
  • Disorganization creates a lack of money.
  • Clean the clutter out of your house so what you want has a place to reside.
  • Regularly balance your checkbook.
  • You are more powerful than the things you own.
  • Touch money every day.
  • Save your change, only spend paper money.


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