Friday, May 13, 2011

My Life As Example

Real Life Application...

There is nothing wrong with sitting back and allowing life to unfold once you have done the work.  The Universe is a divine intelligence and your life is unfolding exactly as it should.

It was the strangest thing. The most amazing job opportunity had come my way a few weeks ago. I was perfect for it and I had someone on the inside to give me a reference.

I work in education without a contract, so holidays and summer breaks are my responsibility. I've been looking for a second job, that fits my schedule, for two years now. This job was the miracle I had been waiting for and for some reason, applying for it was turning into a chore that was not getting done.

I printed out the application, started filling it out, then lost it. After several busy days, I finally got around to printing another application. I filled out everything I could and set it aside in order to retrieve the information I needed to fill in the rest. This turned into deciding I needed to find my resume so I'd first, be sure to have my work history correct and second, be more professional by including it with the application. A day went by and I found the original application, but I still had no resume and was dragging my heels on at least simply filling out the application. I then decided to motivate myself by telling my "reference on the inside" a white lie to  so that I would have to finally follow through. I approached him and told him I had dropped the application at the main post office and that it would probably be there tomorrow.

"Oh! Don't bother!" he said, "They lost the account. They just told us last night. I won't have a job with them after this week."

I was a little shocked, but not really surprised as the events of the last two weeks played back in my head. If there is one life lesson that keeps repeating time and again for me, it's that life unfolds exactly as it should. I relaxed a bit and went on with my day. Even though the job had been perfect, I really wasn't that enthusiastic about it as it was a third shift position and I was concerned about the side affects of disrupted sleep.

(Another real life synchronistic moment:  I was researching videos to include with this post.  I wanted to find something about allowing life to unfold because, even though it's important to focus on your personal vibration and do the work, it's also important to let things go and have faith that your efforts will bring you to your next step.  Low and behold, the first video I found was from an old online friend who I had lost touch with.  She has continued on her spiritual path, she is blogging again and now has her own YouTube channel, which she coincidentally,  just started posting on today. 

In this video, she candidly reflects on her own personal experience with stepping back from a situation and trusting that the Universe's plan is unfolding.  The Universe still never ceases to amaze me and I am just thrilled to have found Kelly again.  Be sure to watch her other videos.)

As my day progressed, I started to feel the panic. That feeling you get when the rug's been ripped out from underneath you. The uncomfortable feeling of having nothing solid to stand on. I was going through exactly what I've been writing about the past couple of entries; I was in the void that accompanies transition. This time though, the urgency of an income to replace the one I'd be losing in two weeks overtook me. I let the situation go and as soon as I had free time, I found a computer and started looking at the local classifieds online. I did not allow the reality of the past two years (never finding anything that works with my schedule) to enter my mind as I sifted through the ads.  I emailed six possibilities to myself and went on with my day.

The next morning I opened my email and wrote down the three that made the most sense on a piece of paper. One of them, a telephone sales job, happened to be something I could easily continue doing once the next school year starts up. I called and scheduled an interview for the next day on my lunch break. As soon as I got off the phone, I knew this was it. This was my job. I've done this work in the past, and know how to get hired. The only problem with sales and me is if the company is unprofessional and unethical; I won't last very long. If this was a decent company, with a reputation for taking care of their customers, I would have no ethical issues trying to sell their service.

I went to the interview and got the job on the spot. It is a professional company that is providing me with training to sell their products and services properly. Now, it is all up to me. I like the fact that the office is located out of town and it's not a huge phone room with a high turnover. Currently, all signs point to this being the space the Universe wants me to be in.

I have been looking for a second job for so long. I consciously took moments out of my day to meditate and concentrate on feeling like I would when I acquired another income. The thing about this process is, even though you practice within these moments to raise your vibration in order to meet your highest good, life must still be lived. As a result, the majority of time is spent with the realities of financial struggle and the affect this has on your mind and body.

I was a little dismayed that I did not get excited about the job. I felt pleased that things had fallen into place, but it took about an hour before I could exhale and let the true, joyful reality set in.  My body and mind needed time to adjust to this new reality;  the reality where I surrendered, listened to my intuition, took action and allowed myself to be available for the second job that has been looking for me as well.


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