Monday, May 9, 2011

Raising Your Energy

Raise Your Energy By Tuning Into What You Desire...

Take the time to consciously think, feel, taste and experience how your life will be when you reach your "tenth rung" desire.
Why Raise Your Energy?

After posting my last entry I was thrilled to see a reader ready for interaction. I also realized that the last post was more for the "seasoned seeker" and not so much for the "novice".  As a result, this latest entry is what poured out of me.

I mentioned that when we are in transition, it's like being in a void, the past and present exist at the same time. When our lives are like this, it is the best time to raise our energy, or vibration, so that the next phase of life can be even grander than you can imagine.  This is where the reader's question comes into play. Jenn wanted to know what I meant by "raising energy".

Raising your energy, or vibration, is just a fancy way of saying "when you consciously make the better choice, over time what you have to choose from will get better." Most recently this has been addressed in the book and movie, The Secret, which focuses on the Law of Attraction, the concept that "like attracts like"; what we put out into the Universe is what we get back.

When I refer to raising your vibration in a time of transition, I am stressing the fact that, during this time, not even the sky is the limit, because if you are existing in a state of flux, where nothing is set in stone, in theory you should be able to evolve on your spiritual path by leaps and bounds if you focus on your vibration.  The stronger it is, the more quickly you will connect with what you desire because all opportunities will be visible and better choices will be made.

I really like the way Abraham presents this idea. If you are listening to station 91.3 FM on your radio, which plays country and western, and what you want to hear is classical, which is on 100.3 FM, it will be impossible to hear what you want until you change the station. Or, as Wayne Dyer puts it while asking us to visualize a ladder, "it is impossible to achieve a tenth rung desire while sitting on the third."

I've always felt the real "Secret" is doing what needs to be done, to enable you to choose better within each moment of life. Sometimes it can seem like life is crumbling apart around you and you are falling with nothing to grab on to. This is when it can be most difficult to think clearly, but it is the choices made during these moments that move us along to the next part of our journey. The trick is to make sure the choices made during these "free falling" moments are for your highest and greatest good.  The way to do this is to consciously raise your spiritual vibration, in an effort to reach your best life so that the outcome on the physical level will be good choices within the moment.

How To Raise Your Vibration

Our physical life is a manifestation of our spiritual vibration.   Our spiritual vibration is realized through the choices we make in regards to who we spend time with, what we spend our time doing, what we eat, the thoughts we think, etc. This is what I love about the Universe: it is always changing, and, yes, even you have the power to change your life by simply making different choices.  Therefore, raising your energy, or vibration, is as simple as making better choices in regards to the way you spend your time and who you spend it with.

Do the following things every day and soon, you will be making better choices even in the most chaotic of life situations:
  •  Take conscious time each day to let go of the past. I like to take time every night to let go of my day.  Carrying around old angers, attitudes, guilt, etc., does nothing but bog you down emotionally.  The whole point is to "rise up" and it's impossible to do that if you are stuck in the past.
  • Meditate!  Meditation is key.  Take time to relax and center yourself every day.  Clear your mind of all thoughts.  Concentrate on your breath. (Check out my posts on manifesting and meditation: Meditations For Prosperity and Meditations For Money)  
  • Watch your thinking. You will be attracting what you think about much more quickly, so if you are focused on what you don't want  in your life anymore, the Universe doesn't know any different and always sends what you are thinking about. So, concentrate on what you do want. The new way you wish to be in the world.  
  •  Surround yourself with positive people; people who are where you want to be. Avoid individuals who love to say "ain't it awful" or "woe is me".  Seek out positive people who are solutions oriented.  People that refuse to settle and who seek find the best in themselves.  
  •  Use positive affirmations. Affirmations are most powerful when repeated several times throughout the day. I like to compare the process to putting a scratch on an LP record. The old thoughts which are ground into our thinking are like the grooves in a record.  They are made inaudible by the scratch, or "new groove" created by thinking new thoughts; by slowly pushing the needle in another direction while. (Be sure to read my post about Making Affirmations Work For You) 
  •  Limit mindless television and computer usage as this can drain energy. They are like a magnet, keeping you where you are, making it impossible to move. Though, I do understand the ease of syncing up with others of like mind on the Internet, don't spend too much time online.   
  • On the flip side though, visiting uplifting web sites, watching uplifting television (like the Oprah network), and watching movies meant to lift the spirit (The Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, What The Bleep Do We Know?) are a great way to raise your vibration.   Just try not to sit in front of the computer or television for more than an hour at a time.   
  • Listen to uplifting music. I try to avoid music with lyrics of any sort and seek out music with vibrational tones meant to raise energy. (Check out my posts of uplifting music: Music For The Spirit, and Music For Meditation) 
  • This is also a great time to read spiritual literature, like the Celestine Prophecy, books that address the Law of Attraction, even the Bible.

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