Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Body Temple

And Its Role...
Our body temple is the conduit between the physical and the spiritual world.

In Spiritual Growth

As promised, this entry is my introduction to the importance of personal wellness on our life's journey.  I will be including the topics of physical exercise, natural wellness, whole foods and sustainable living here at Sacred Cyber Space.  All of these topics lead to the ultimate goal of maintaining a healthy body temple, our most important and most easily accessible tool, when following the path of spiritual growth.

In my years as a student of life, I have run across spiritual teachings where the followers believe that the body is a hindrance to spiritual growth. In their belief system, the body is in the way of our spirit's connection to Divinity. Our final reward is death because we will finally be reunited with our creator.

My belief system tells me a different truth. As long as I can remember, I've been guided, come to understand and believe with all my heart that my creator did not put me hear to be in poor health and to struggle through life. I have had many people who walk the other path accuse me of not being "right with God" because I must fear death to want to live a healthier lifestyle. They believe I should be so grounded in my faith that I shouldn't care that too many cheeseburgers might kill me someday.

Well, here's my logic. My logic, handed down by my higher self. Having a healthy vital body enables Spirit to manifest more easily. Our body is the conduit between the spiritual and the physical. On this path I have learned the importance of and the quantity of energy it takes to raise personal vibration. So, it only makes sense that a balanced and well body will be able to produce the chi, or life source, needed to do this.

There are many reasons why we would want to increase our personal vibration. I've addressed the Law of Attraction and affirmations, here at Sacred Cyber Space many times. The role our personal vibration plays in manifesting our life's work is essential. Which brings me to my biggest argument in the role of a balanced, well body in regards to spiritual growth.

A balanced body creates a balanced mind. We can't properly practice the Law of Attraction or make positive use of affirmations if the brain isn't oxygenated and functioning correctly.  It's physiology accelerating spirituality.   The mind can not work right if the body is not balanced and well.  The body is a huge conduit for energy.  So why wouldn't a student on the path of spiritual growth not take advantage of the most accessible and essential tool available to them, their own body temple?

The body and spirit must work together, in balance, for spiritual growth to occur. Immortality and enlightenment are available through the spirit. Our body transports our spirit through life, taking us to each life lesson. Therefore, our spirit and our bodies become the doorway to our connection with the Divine, not an obstacle.

I'm looking forward to further posts and discussions regarding personal wellness on the path of spiritual growth.  Now I'm off to oxygenate my brain so I can write them ; ) 

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