Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Following A More Spiritual Path...

 Why Isn't Everything Perfect Now?

The Reality Of Following Your Divine Purpose...

This post was inspired by an email from my friend, Karmic Willow, of Karmic Willow Creations.  She had tried to post a comment to one of the My Life As Example posts.  I hadn't adjusted the comment settings  yet  (FYI ~ they are all fixed now, anyone can post) and it was lost, so she sent me this email and the creative juices started flowing:

"I had written an additional comment on your blog, but something glitched and deleted everything I typed....and it was long, so I couldn't repeat it, lol. In a nutshell, it said you are an inspiration and people automatically assume if you are spiritual that its easy to follow a spiritual path, which is not always true. It is a process that we just keep revising and working on and all of us on the path need to help each other reach our goals."

Thank You, Karmic Willow.  Well said. : )

So What's Going On? 

Surrender to a life far greater than you can imagine. 
When intention is declared to the Universe, the Universe will comply.  By deciding to follow a spiritual path, a message is being sent to the Universe and it goes to work.  Situations will start coming your way to challenge you and  build your spiritual muscles. At first, most people experience the stripping away of emotions, thoughts and actions which no longer serve them.  This can be very emotional, but they need to be surrendered in order to make room for what is to come.

Your life may change drastically if you are in a situation which is not good for you.  Especially if you have surrounded yourself with people who do not have your personal best in mind.  It can be a difficult, emotional and grief filled time.  It passes though, and you will continue along your path and evolve.  In turn, you will meet more evolved people, learn from them and move on.   I always remind myself that life was meant to be a challenge, not a struggle.  I'm not saying that the spiritual path is fraught with difficulty and grief.  I am saying that difficulty and grief may be part of the spiritual path. But if you're life is dominated by these challenges all the time, then life becomes a struggle and this is not the spiritual path.  If this is the case, closer attention needs to be paid to the choices being made in your life.

This reminds me of an article I read in O Magazine.  I'm pretty sure it was by Martha Beck, a wonderful life coach, but I could be wrong, it was many years ago.

She had been blessed with being able to follow through on a dream and moved out of the city, into the country.  She moved her family to a house in disrepair, in the middle of the country, but part of the dream also included fixing up an old house and making it her own.

In the midst of what she thought would be the most joyful time of her life, living her dream, she was forced to spend hours trying to fax her articles to publishers because the phone line kept going out.  If memory serves, I believe she was doing all of this after not being able to take a shower for days due to plumbing issues.  If it could go wrong, it was.  Somewhere in the midst of this was her dream, the thing she knew her spirit desired more than anything else.  Just shy of mentioning the spiritual path, she acknowledged that she knew there must have been a lesson in all this.  She was able to see a short term lesson of gratitude and knew somewhere down the line, she would have better perspective to see the other lessons.

It may not be easy, but this is the path to walk to become emotionally stronger and mentally wiser. I may not have felt very good physically and emotionally when I was pushing myself to go down a path I was not meant to follow.  In the moment, the wisdom I gained was quite clear, the situation was not for the "greatest good of all concerned" (my mom says that all the time ~ I love it).  For me, letting go and having faith in the midst of uncertainty was very difficult in this particular situation. It was difficult because it involved money energy, which I am still learning to cultivate.

In the end I ended up making in unemployment what I would have made after gas and wear and tear on the car at the phone job.  There was no way I could have known that at the time.  What I did know was that it was making me physically unwell; a red flag I've learned to listen to over the years, thanks to my choice to follow this path.

Free Tools To Help You Walk Your Path...

It is important to use the tools, which the Universe has provided, to help on this journey.  As time progresses, you may find yourself utilizing techniques to help with learning, growth and adjusting to following a spiritual path.  Practices such as meditation, yoga, reading cards, etc. aid in making better choices because they help us to stay in the moment and learn from past moments.  Reading the words of wisdom or watching a video from a teacher who's view speaks to us, will help with growth and thinking in different ways.

In the course of doing the research for my blog posts, I run into all kinds of wonderful online resources, which I share with my readers to help them on their journey.  Just click on the tab above, which says Online Tools and also keep an eye out for my Online Finds posts.   I also have several posts labeled Music and Meditation, under Topics in the side bar to the right.  They contain free meditations and music meant to heal, center and focus.  Be sure to check them out too : )


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