Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tarot Reading For The Week

But First...

This picture is a little "tongue in cheek" as I am officially "coming out"
as a Tarot guide with this post ;~D

The Tarot And Me 

I read Tarot cards. I've been reading them for twenty one years. Wow! I find that difficult to fathom as it seems like just yesterday that I received a deck from my mother for Christmas, being told they were simply a tool to be used on my journey.
I took that advice very seriously, and as a result, I have never felt the urgency to provide my services as a means of income. I did try once, and it didn't feel right. I was not marketing myself properly and my heart wasn't in it.

What did come out of that first attempt was my true Tarot intention. My underlying mission while doing readings was to make sure the seeker I was guiding knew I wasn't a psychic, capable of things they were not and therefore more powerful. The reading was traditional and the seeker understood we were working together to uncover the answers he or she already knew. In the end, I was helping others discover their intuition.

That was in the late 1990s. I let the whole idea go and continued to read for myself until last year when I was moved by my intuition to write online about metaphysics. One of my first few blog posts was called The Tarot: Connect With Your Intuition. At one point, I had envisioned making a little pamphlet to give to my clients so they could read for themselves at home. This entry was the outcome of that original idea. Once I finally got all of those thoughts out in written form, a whole new Tarot perspective was presented to me. It was very clear this was not closure on an old idea, but the foundation for something much bigger.

Why am I writing about my relationship with the Tarot today? Well, it's been a topic of discussion online with some of my friends this week; that always gets the thoughts going. I also have been mulling around the idea of providing my services again. This time I'm older, have a different perspective, have a lot more to offer and have a better idea of how to present it. Which brings me to what I hope will be another ongoing series here on Marla's Sacred Cyber Space...

Tarot For The Week

This is a short, "big picture" for the week reading.  I spent about five minutes meditating with some crystals so I could clear my mind and hopefully get a reading which is not just about me.  I asked the Universe for a broad message I could share with my readers.  My hope is, as each week progresses, you, the reader, will begin to see that each Tarot card is simply a symbol for occurrences on the journey of life.  So, release expectation and see what each card reflects in your life.


The Past (what has already happened) ~ The Knight of Wands

Given the recent Summer Solstice, I am not surprised at all to see the Knight of Wands as our first card, which represents the past.  The energy of the Solstice was that of rebirth; taking stock of where we've been in order to better declare our intentions for the future.  The suit of Wands represents plans about the future.  The Knight represents our aggressive urge to utilize the energy of the suit of Wands.  This card is telling us that strong determination and focus are present in regards to moving forward on future plans.

If you participated an any sort of Summer Solstice ritual last week, this was a time to not only declare your intention but to harness the energy of the Solstice in order to give your plans "some gas".  In this regard, the Knight of Wands is a reflection of this place in time which is now passing from importance.

The Present (what is happening now, or advice regarding what we should be doing now) ~ Four of Swords

Many who read the Tarot view the symbol of the Sword as struggle.  In my research and in my experience, this is sometimes true, but the Sword can also represent networking and spreading information.  Regardless of what the suit of Swords represents to you this week, the Four of Swords is asking us to put things on hold for now.

If you look closely at the card, you will see a man sleeping in a church, surrounded by four swords.  His hands are in a prayer position and his body is relaxed.  It is now time to rest, meditate and replenish our spirit after a productive week where many of us expended a great deal of energy declaring our intentions to the Universe and harnessing the magical power of the Summer Solstice.    Also, if you are a gardener or farmer, it is time to rest from a busy week spent weeding and tending to your crops.  Even if you tended to hypothetical crops by continuing to pursue your purpose, now is the time to rest and rejuvenate your mind and body for whatever is coming next.

The Future (a possibility of what is to come taken in context with the rest of the reading - it is not set in stone as our thinking and choices can alter its course at any time) ~ The World

I love this card.  The last card of the Major Arcana, it symbolizes the end of a cycle and the freedom to move ahead with what is next.  I also like the interpretation of the coming together of earthly power and spiritual values.  The maiden at the center of the wreath is holding two magic wands, representing the power of involution and evolution.  Which ever interpretation speaks to you,  it is being acknowledged that we "did good" and it's now time to celebrate this fact.  We then need to take the joy and energy from this celebration and use it to move forward with the next cycle.

Take a cue from our scantily clad maiden and revel in the liberation which accompanies the completion of a task or time in life.   Nature is symbolized in the wreath surrounding the maiden, which calls to mind the natural rhythm of the Earth which we now have as an ally to support us in our upcoming endeavors as well as the upcoming week.


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