Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Life As Example: A Lesson In Disguise

The Lessons Learned...

"If you love something set it free..."
Through Letting Go

(I am feeling much better after taking some time off.  This is a post I started several weeks ago.)

When we begin to get our energy together and start to heal, it is amazing what is presented to us.  I have been in the process of getting truly well for a while now.  What has really overwhelmed me the last year is the need to get rid of things.  I decorated  our apartment nicely, it's been fun.  I manifested everything.  I didn't pay for anything except a couple of bookshelves.  Now it's time to let it go.

I haven't been following his words religiously, but my higher self has been handing down similar guidance to that of Eckhart Tolle. Over the last year, I have been letting go of who I thought I was in order to become what the Universe truly wants me to be. It's been an eye opening and cathartic experience, which has lead to deleting blogs and web sites I've created, allowing friends to leave my life, who were really not lifting me up, and releasing behaviors and ways of thinking as well.

I'm finding that this is also changing my relationships with everyone and everything still in my life. I am relating differently to the people in my life. They may still be around, but our relationships have definitely changed, because I have changed.  I'm even relating differently towards the things in my life. 

The Clutter

Now that the weather is nicer, the thing that has really been the hardest to move forward on is what I need to address the most: clutter and furniture. Even though I've cleared clutter before and let go of things, this time around I am getting to the heart of my stuff; the real reason it's around.

My stuff's been burdening me more than I realized.  I've always been pretty minimalistic and pride myself on carefully choosing what is in my space.  Even the connection I've felt with my posessions has changed.  I literally started throwing things away one day because I'd had all I could take.

Anything that turns into a junk collector is being  removed from our home.  It's been easy to pass on side tables and knick knacks, but the most difficult thing for me to get rid of has been my rockin', stereo, egg chair.

It's not that heavy, but it's awkward and hard to store.  Honestly, the entire time I've been unwell, it's been in my home.  A few months ago, I realized that it represents a time in my life that no longer reflects who I am now.  I am not that person anymore, in any way shape or form. 

I love this piece of furniture.    My mother got it for me as a birthday gift.  I've listened to a lot of music in this chair.  I've grieved the loss of several people, while listening to music in this chair.  It is a piece of art that I have loved looking at .  I have enjoyed just sitting in it.  I have enjoyed watching others sit in it; friends, relatives and cats. Unfortunately, the reality is that it has been sitting in my current home, being used for nothing except a junk collector and over sized cat bed for the last fourteen years.  It seemed to fit in with my great purge.  It appeared to be time for it to go.
This is not my chair.  It's a picture I found on Ebay.
Several years ago, a former work colleague expressed interest in buying the chair.  There seemed like no better time to contact him as the extra money would benefit us in the moment.  I called him and left a voice mail.  The next day he returned the call and we decided that I would send him a picture of the chair so he could decide if it was something he was still interested in.

This is when everything started to change. I had been so "gung ho" about getting rid of something which I felt had become a burden.  Everything about this decision had felt right, until now.  Suddenly, when faced with moving forward with my plan, I became emotionally overwhelmed.  I did not want to let it go and actually broke down in tears.

I meditated on the dilemma and even did a quick Tarot reading.  All signs pointed towards moving forward.  I had gone to a great deal of effort to set this up.  It was time to follow through.   So, two days after our phone conversation, I finally emailed photos of the chair to my friend. 

It seemed as if the Universe was rooting for me.  On my way out of my email account, I saw a news blip about Debbie Reynolds auctioning off her Hollywood collectibles. I was filled with courage and satisfied that I had made the right decision.

The Lesson

Soon, my friend returned my email.  It's not quite the kind of stereo chair he was looking for.  I told him this was fine with me and shared that I had become extremely emotional when faced with really letting it go.  I also realized, once I got rid of some furniture that's waiting to go,  I will have room for it in my new office.

We corresponded a little more and it turns out he had experienced the death of both of his in laws and his wife's grandmother all within three months.  Now he and his wife are helping his sister in law financially as she finishes school.  He's blessed to have the money to cover three funerals and help his sister in law, but in return he's like many of us and cash is very tight.

In the end, he needed a friend to vent to and I needed a good dose of gratitude.  Gratitude for my loved ones who are still here with me on the Earth plane, gratitude for the blessings in my life and gratitude for the lesson learned from a piece of furniture.  

Following through on the Universe's guidance does not always lead us where it first appears. Sometimes we follow a path, simply to discover appreciation for where we are and what we have; right now.


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