Thursday, July 14, 2011

Purging For Prosperity

Declutter And Organize...

You must make room so that your greater good has a place to reside.
To Create Prosperity

After I finished my last post, in which I shared my experience with trying to clear some clutter out of my home, I decided to get caught up on my correspondence.  I opened my email and found an email from which directly related to, what appears to be turning into the topic of the week: reducing clutter.

Taking the time everyday to meditate on the prosperity you wish to see in your life is all well and good.  We can practice the Law of Attraction in regards to whatever it is we wish to see present in our life.  But if we do not rise up to allow our request to unfold, it will just hover in a holding pattern and never emerge into reality.

What I found in the email from was a list of articles, filled with guidance and ideas to help in organizing and decluttering our personal space and home.  It is true that the state of our surroundings is a reflection of the state of our mind.  If we are doing the mental work and affirmations to facilitate prosperity in our lives, we must also address the physical in order to achieve the balance needed manifest what we desire.

My favorite example is the one I shared in the post, Mediations For Prosperity.  We needed a futon in our home for overnight guests and as a place to sit.  By literally clearing out a space for the futon, I created a place for it to reside.  If I had kept the corner of that room filled with boxes, or other furniture, it would have made it more difficult to visualize the futon's presence and therefore more difficult to allow it into my life.

I literally felt my spirit rise when I opened the email.  It was several weeks old, but it completely synched up with what I had just written about.  The articles are like a step by step guide.  By following their advice, you literally have a map as to what to do within your home or office to help your greater good, find you.

I had some readers comment that the previous post helped them get focused on their clutter.  Speaking from experience, simply clearing clutter and organizing your space, can do more than just allow room for material items we may need.  It also makes room for experiences, people, joy and opportunities we never saw coming.  

Following are the links to the six articles included in the email: 

More advice from my fave, Julie Morgenstern

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