Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tarot Reading For The Week

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The Three of Cups, Knight of Wands and Ten of Pentacles

Tarot For The Week

Without going into all the details, I had quite a challenging week and was concerned about my journey interfering with a broad reading for everyone.  I centered myself, used my crystals again, and as I was shuffling, I again declared my intention that this reading was not just for me.  As I focused on this thought, two cards popped out of the deck.  Whenever this happens, be sure to look at the cards that fall out as this is definitely something the Universe intends for you to contemplate.  My two cards, King of Swords and Page of Pentacles, made perfect sense for me and I continued on with shuffling and letting go.

See what these cards and symbols reflect in your life and journey:

The Past (what has already happened)~ Three of Cups

At first I struggled with interpreting this card from a broad perspective, until I remembered what last week's future card was: The World.  Again, joyful celebration and freedom are present, but the situation is a little more controlled as these maidens are clothed and working together.  The Three of Cups in this position is reminding us of last week's suggestion to revel in the freedom of a job well done, as well as  providing a deeper meaning and understanding of the lessons of the past week.

Did you allow yourself to feel the joy of creative freedom, which comes from completing a cycle, into your week this week? Did you use this energy to fuel your new endeavor, or new project? It doesn't matter what was completed; a paper for school, an item on your to do list, working out, etc. You completed it and the energy of joy and freedom were present to transit you through your next endeavor, even if it was simply getting some household chores finished that you've been putting off.

If you do not see this reflected in your recent past, then this is simply a reminder that incorporating joy and  freedom into your life is natural and not a waste of time.  Learn the lessons and take them with you, as this point in time is now passing from importance.

The Present (what is happening now, or advice regarding what we should be doing now) ~ Knight of Wands

I found this card to be a  little perplexing in relation to things in the present moment.  I allowed the fact that this was last week's Past card to distract me for a minute.  Once I reflected on the symbols again, it made a lot of sense. Not only does the Knight of Wands represent making plans about the future, it also relates to our careers,  business and aspirations.  As always, the knight represents strong determination while being protected by armor.

Here's where it gets interesting from a broad perspective.  Take the lessons from the Three of Cups and use them now (not later!) to pursue the details of your aspirations.  If you're reading this, then you're already attached to a very powerful technological tool. I sort of chuckled when this came to me, but this card is the present moment and I believe it's speaking to the fact that those of you reading this right now are connected to a powerful research tool (making plans about future) and job finder (career). It  may be time to venture into new territory, but at this stage, the anonymity gained from the Internet (armor) is a sort of protection.

So, no more excuses.  You have everything you need right now to move forward.  Whether you've been thinking of starting a business, or simply need to look up some phone numbers and addresses to make next week's errands run more smoothly, take advantage of this moment and everything available to you and get things moving.

The Future (a possibility of what is to come taken in context with the rest of the reading - it is not set in stone as our thinking and choices can alter its course at any time)~ Ten of Pentacles

This card is chock full of symbols to guide us into the following week.  The suit of Pentacles represents, among other things, business, finance and enjoyment of the senses. Looking closely at the card, the symbol of the flag announces the arrival of big changes.  The arch represents moving in a new direction.  The children remind us of the hope and fresh perspective of youth.  The city symbolizes the assurance that our ideas will be protected and a group effort will be necessary to move forward.  Even the dog is reminding us about the importance of loyalty, in this case, self loyalty.

As you journey through the following week ask yourself the tough questions.  Are you honoring your true purpose?  Are you willing to move forward with joyful exuberance, while also refining your intention?  Will you be willing to meet the next part of your journey by utilizing the help of others, while staying true to yourself?

Have a joyous week and meet you back here next week for another Tarot Reading For The Week :)


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