Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tarot Reading For The Week

Symbology And Guidance
  The Three of Swords, The Emperor, The Nine of Cups

Let's Take A Look

Good morning! Did you see the influence of last week's Future card (The King of Pentacles) at work in your life this past week?  I found myself being less overwhelmed by budgets and money.  These things will always be a concern, but the way I think and feel about them changed.  I left the powerless, victim attitude behind and realized that I had the "foundation" and everything I needed to move forward on providing my services as a Tarot guide.  Check it out and let me know what you think. Now, let's see what this week's symbols reflect in your life.

The Past (what has already happened)~ Three of Swords

OK.  Those of you familiar with the Tarot might be cringing a bit.  Many people do when they see what appears to be such a violent card.  Even my "go to" metaphysical interpretation relays "separation, delay, and a broken heart". But before we get all upset, let's first remember that this is in the Past.

Secondly, let's break down some of the symbology in the card to put it in perspective, especially in relation to last week's Future card, the King of Pentacles. The heart symbolizes the center of our being, it represents courage and it also represents truth.  The clouds on the card represent an epiphany, an idea that seems to come to you from nowhere (of course, we know that "nowhere" is really our intuition).

Finally, the three swords, though they are piercing the heart, simply represent balance. Since this card is in the past, putting the symbology together and relating it to last week's Future card, our concerns are put to rest.  At the end of last week's reading, the King of Pentacles reminded us that we know all we need to know and that we have the personal strength to move forward.  The Three of Swords shows us that balance was achieved this past week in regards to a matter that has been the heart of our challenges.  Through being in touch with our intuition, ideas and  solutions presented themselves to help resolve matters of concern and move on.  

The Present (what is happening now, or advice regarding what we should be doing now) ~ The Emperor

Look at this!  The Emperor has taken a seat right here in the present moment.  A strong gentleman, it is easy to see he has attained wisdom and knows how to use it.  He is a leader in the truest sense of the word and will accept nothing less than proper action. It is time to exert your will by putting form, and structure to your plan.

Whatever the challenge has been, the energy of the last week has given you everything you need to either move on from a situation or move forward. Now is the time to be a leader, you do not need anyone to hold your hand and what others will think is irrelevant. The Emperor in this position is simply asking you to develop a strategy, if you don't already have one, and put it into action, as nothing less will do.  

The Future (a possibility of what is to come taken in context with the rest of the reading - it is not set in stone as our thinking and choices can alter its course at any time)~ Nine of Cups

Now here's a card everyone likes to see.  No matter what interpretation is looked at, the outcome is that we will get what we "wish" for, or in this case, have been working towards.  At this point, we "know" (I prefer this to "wish") we have done everything required for a successful outcome.  Whatever it is that we've been working towards, the energy for the following week does more than support our endeavors, it guarantees success. Seriously, though ~ Given all of the work and effort that's been put in, you knew this already and didn't need me to tell you ;~D

Meet you back here next week for another, Tarot Reading For The Week ! : ) 
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