Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tarot Reading For The Week

Symbology And Guidance

Page of Cups, Two of Wands, Three of Cups

Let's Take A Look 

With all of that insane heat last week, I don't know if I was aware of anything, let alone the influence indicated in last week's future card, the Ten of Cups. If you checked out the news this past week, you're probably like me and wondered if the Ten of Cups was even at play.  I'm not going to get into the details, but between the economy, unsurprising celebrity deaths and crazy people with guns and bombs, was there any sign that there was a successful outcome to anyone's hard work?

This is where I have to turn to the traditional interpretation of the Ten of Cups, which I tried so hard to avoid.  I commented that I preferred to replace the whole "wishing" symbology with "knowing".  The traditional warning associated with this card is to "be careful what you wish for".  As awful and frustrating as things seemed to appear, it was all based on the hard work of those involved, no matter how misguided.  Energy is energy.  The outcome depends on how we choose to use it.

I hope you used your energy wisely.  Honestly though, record breaking heat aside, I did see the outcome of my efforts this past week in many parts of my life.

Let's see what this week's cards symbolize in your life.

The Past (what has already happened)~ Page of Cups

Given some of the challenging, frustrating and heartbreaking situations last week, it seems fitting that the Page of Cups settles in Past position.  The suit of Cups represents experiencing the emotions. Between experiencing the highs of accomplishment and the lows of what our fellow humans are capable of accomplishing, emotion was certainly the theme of the week for many of us.  As a result, the Page of Cups is here to put this past week into perspective.

He reflects the continued creative flow that was available this week by staying in a state of innocence and listening to our intuition.  He reminds us to stay in touch with our emotions and to be sensitive to the emotions of others around us.  The lessons we learn with our emotions are often much more deep than those learned with our intellect.

Did you embrace your creative individuality this week and were you able to ignore the judgment of others?  If not, the Page of Cups is here to remind you that you are an exquisite gift from the Universe, with much to offer.  Don't let those blinded by your light keep you from moving forward with what you visualize for yourself.

The Present (what is happening now, or advice regarding what we should be doing now) ~ Two of Wands

The Two of Wands in the Present makes perfect sense given the emotionally confusing nature of last week's creative progress.  The guidance here is to stop, reflect on the past for a moment, contemplate the lessons and use this knowledge to create your action plan for the future.

Even though the brick wall, which stands in front of the figure on this card, appears to be an obstacle, look closely at where the second wand is placed.  Our journeyman has made it quite clear that any perceived obstacles will be easily overcome by placing the wand on the wall.

Utilize the wisdom of this present moment to move on with your journey and easily move past any obstacles that "appear" to be in the way.

The Future (a possibility of what is to come taken in context with the rest of the reading - it is not set in stone as our thinking and choices can alter its course at any time)~ Three of Cups

If you've been checking out these weekly readings, you will notice something quite interesting.  At the beginning of July these three joyful maidens showed up in the Past.  The following week they popped up in the Present.  Here we are at the end of July and they have danced their way into the Future.  

There really isn't much to contemplate here regarding the upcoming week and the Three of Cups.  As we've already learned this month, these maidens are here to ask us "How much joy can you take?"

Given the emotional nature of this past week, these maidens want you to remember that joy is supposed to be a natural state of being.  This week, accept the joy, freedom and abundance that are rightfully yours.  Greece the wheels of your goals and creativity by embracing your birthright and watch the miracles unfold.

Meet you back here next week for another, Tarot Reading For The Week ! : ) 


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