Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Zen Of Housecleaning

Keep A Tidy Home And...

Take a cue from Betty Boop's Grampy and discover the pleasure and joy of housework.

Create A Foundation For Spiritual Growth

House cleaning. Let's face it.  The daily and weekly chores which need to be done to keep the health inspector away are rarely at the top of most people's list of favorite things to do.  The last few posts have shown how important our personal space is in regards to spiritual growth, raising our vibration and making room for our highest good.  This final post will bring it all together by showing how to find peace while doing basic household chores.

So What Does Zen Have To Do With House Cleaning?

Zen is a state of being which allows you to be in the present moment, the here and now.  I am suggesting that the daily chore of housework can be used as a time to connect with ourselves and move beyond our daily lives.  Instead of dreading it, why not embrace it.  Use it as a meditation, like the Buddhist monks do.  Allow the ritual of housework to elevate your spirit.

The key to keeping a clean home is adhering to a basic cleaning plan.  By simply dedicating 15 minutes a day, and one hour every weekend, along with the daily things that need to be done such as dishes and laundry you will be astounded at how simple it is to keep a clean and tidy home.  When doing the basic, simple things, which create a clean and vibrant home, a foundation is being created to lift you up emotionally and spiritually.   By using this time to be in the here and now, you are not only raising your vibration, you are creating a space to be in which will create a balanced mind.  The balanced mind facilitates in attracting and allowing your highest good to manifest in your life.

I suppose, what I'm asking you to do is mutlitask.  No more excuses.  The time is always available to be in the present moment. It's up to you to make the choice.

A Challenge...

What can I say? Great minds think alike.  I've been developing this post for awhile.  The other day I logged into my Facebok account and the first thing I saw was a link to Cheryl Richardson's weekly newsletter. Cheryl Richardson is a well known life coach, dedicated to personal growth through "self care".  I like her because she always has an action plan.  She never gives advice without a suggestion to help you take action towards moving forward or implementing something into your life.  I clicked on the link and was surprised to find the weekly topic was housecleaning.  Not only was it about housecleaning, it was about "finding pleasure" in doing daily chores.

This is all I'm asking as well.  Like Cheryl, I'm suggesting that it is possible to "fall in love" with the daily chores most of us seem to dread.  By "finding pleasure" in housework, a state of peace is achieved, which facilitates being in the present moment.

Take It One Step Further 

While I was researching for this post, I discovered that there is an actual "Zen Cleaning" movement.  It is based on the idea of the Five Elements (earth, fire, water, air and metal), which are the foundation for many Zen type philosophies.  The ideas is that there are five basic ingredient which, when used in various combinations,  will cause a chemical reaction to clean and disinfect the home.  If you look in your pantry, you may already have many of these ingredients:  Borax,
lemon juice, white vinegar, salt and baking soda (and sometimes Ivory or Castille liquid soap).

I love the economics of this idea.  Any shopper knows how cheaply these ingredients can be purchased for.  It is simple, easy and empowering to make your own household cleaners.  Not only are you taking control of your budget, these ingredients are nontoxic, so they are better for you, your family and the Earth.  Don't forget that you are also reusing the cleaning bottle, which is more sustainable and economical as well.  Here's a link to some great recipes to make your own cleaners.  They include a few additional ingredients.  As with any homemade creation, it's up to interpretation.

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