Sunday, August 14, 2011

Biweekly Tarot Reading

Symbology And Guidance

The Chariot, Nine of Swords, Three of Cups

Let's Take A Look  

Hi everyone!  First off, a reminder that the Tarot readings will be biweekly from now on.  Second, keep an eye out for my first giveaway contest starting at the end of the week.  I'm really excited about it.  Finally, since the readings are now biweekly, I've changed the meaning of the center card to Potential, to coincide with the new perspective : )

Now let's get started with the first biweekly reading.

This reading is all about back to school.  I laughed hysterically as my intuition handed down the overall meaning of this spread.  Bear with me while I interpret the individual meanings, and I'll bring it all together at the end ; )

The Past (what has already happened) ~ The Chariot 

The Chariot.  One of my favorite cards.  The thing about chariots is that they take a lot of focus and balance to drive.  That being said, this card it pointing to the fact that even though we needed to spend some time reflecting, relaxing, learning and surrendering last week, the inevitable outcome from time spent like this is a readiness for what is next.  We are rejuvenated and therefore have the energy needed to focus on our goals.  By reflecting and learning from the past, we were prepared to make balanced choices in the moment this week.  Hopefully a foundation has been set for what is to come.

The Chariot, in this position, is asking us to be sure we have reasonable goals and to be sure we have everything we need to carry them out.  There is so much drive and ambition available now, you want to be sure you are all ready to go and heading in the right direction.

Potential (a possibility, a lesson waiting to be learned) ~ Nine of Swords 

This card is all about not wanting to see what is right in front of you.  Denial.  Hiding from reality.  See how the figure literally has her face buried in her hands so she can't see?

With this new position in the reading, we are being guided to see that this is a possibility waiting in the wings.  We need to decide why that possibility is there and what we can do to facilitate it or avoid it.

The Nine of Swords in this position is asking you what you are avoiding and why you are avoiding it?

The Future (a possibility of what is to come taken in context with the rest of the reading - it is not set in stone as our thinking and choices can alter its course at any time) ~ Three of Cups

The card of the summer; the dancing maidens in the Three of Cups.  A reminder that joy is available to us at all times if we choose to embrace it, this card also indicates reunions and celebrations. 

It was when I got to this card that the "back to school" theme started playing out.  Last week, many people took their last bit of summer in before they got focused and ready to get their kids ready for school.  There was a lot of back to school shopping going on as well as enjoying time off.  

The Potential in a situation like this is to be in denial and refuse to acknowledge that the summer is over and it's time to go back to school. Homework and tests are usually not a pleasant thought while basking in the summer sun. But don't get wrapped up in the negative of summer ending and focus on all of the friends you will be seeing again as well as the excitement of football games and parties (especially for the college aged kids ; )

Silliness aside, this reading on a deeper level simply points to making sure we honestly look at all of the lessons we needed to learn (no matter how painful or uncomfortable they make us feel) so we can truly embrace the joy of achieving a goal in a focused and balanced manner. 

Meet you back here on August 28th for another, Biweekly Tarot Reading ! : ) 


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