Friday, September 30, 2011

Create A Morning Moment

Turn Your Morning Shower
Honor the morning hours by making the time to connect with Spirit.

Into An Uplifting Experience
There is no way to eliminate stress. That's why it is so important to overall health and wellness to fight back as much as possible. Stress can wear down the body and the mind. With a little know how and initiative it doesn't need to. All it takes is consciously making the time to do what is necessary so relaxation can become a part of the day as well.
Morning is a precious time.  If you get up before the rest of your family, you will enjoy a peace and stillness that is unavailable the rest of the day.  My most authentic "me time" occurs in the early hours of the morning.   This is the time of day when it is easiest to find the present moment.  I do this by avoiding technology.  No phone, no TV, no Radio and no computer.  Starting the day by becoming centered and connecting with Spirit creates a very solid foundation.  It's like an anchor.  As stress enters your day, it's easier to maintain balance because this focal point was developed at the beginning of the day.

My Morning Moment

I begin my day with a lit candle, and an aromatherapy shower. During the school year, I get going early. If I'm not up by 5:00 AM, I'm running late. It is dark when I get up and I have learned that it's easier to ease into my day if I don't turn the lights on right away.

Once the candle is lit, I do my best to get my alone time. The early hours are very peaceful and quiet, and including an aromatherapy shower adds to this special time. 
  • Turn the shower on high heat to get the bathroom nice and steamy. 
  • Once the water gets going, add a few drops of aromatherapy oil right into the shower stream
  • The hot water will diffuse the oil and disperse the aroma throughout the bathroom
  • I will also put Tiger Balm on any stiff or sore muscles.  Once I hit the shower, the relaxing heat after the cooling Tiger Balm, mixed with the combined smells of the balm and aromatherapy oil really do offer a relaxing diversion to the day to come. 
    Taking the time to do something good for myself in the morning makes the stress of the day easier to handle. Since I have chosen to relax and center myself before my day starts, when the daily stressors hit, I'm not as overwhelmed. I don't feel a lack of control over my life because I started my day by making the choice to have time to myself and relax.

    Other Relaxing Ideas 

    Obviously, as I suggested above, if you're going to take a shower anyway, why not multi-task and use this time to relax and get centered?  Besides lighting a candle and using aromatherapy oils, there are other things which can be done to make morning time more like a spa getaway, than a mad dash to get out the door.

    I did some major rearranging this summer to make our bathroom more inviting.  First thing I did was remove our cats' litter box from the bathroom.  We keep up with it, but with two cats, there is always a present left in the box by morning.  I was tired of starting my day with the smell and the chore.  So, it's in another space now.

    I also stream lined our towel situation.  We had inherited many towels over the years and I got rid of them all except for the white, cream and blue towels.  These two colors are very relaxing and the monochromatic presentation is relaxing as well (not to mention simplifying laundry day).

    We rent and I'm not prepared to pay for a remodel.  But the next two things on the list are painting the bathroom a nice sea blue with white trim and replacing the shower head with a massaging head to help with the morning muscle kinks.  The above video from Moen includes all kinds of great ideas to turn your bathroom into a spa.  Imagine how much more smoothly your day would be if you started it in a calming and centering environment. See which ideas may fit your budget and your lifestyle.


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