Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music For Healing

Listen To Healing Music

A quick interlude for healing.

To Stay Focused On Healing

When I first began blogging about spirituality, I put together a few posts in which my intention was to create actual "sacred cyber space" where my readers could go when they needed an uplifting interlude to their day or a place to refocus and center.  I have a few more left to complete and after last week's post on the healing power of forgiveness, I realized this was the perfect time to finish this post.

 Modern medicine has acknowledged that being in a relaxed state of mind helps the body to heal faster.  When  healing imbalances, which have manifested in our body, taking time to relax and focus on healing the affected area is just as important as taking medication.  Regardless of the type of medication, natural or prescriptive, it will make it easier for your body to heal if you take time to relax and allow the healing to occur.
This can also affect your general mental outlook in regards to getting well.  Playing an active role in your own healing process, besides following your doctor's orders, does wonders for the psyche.  Illness can make life seem out of control.  Harnessing the healing process puts the ball back in our court.

Taking time to relax and heal emotionally is equally as important.  There doesn't have to be something physically wrong.  A broken heart needs healing attention just as much as a broken toe.   If you want to, you can also focus on healing and visualize the healing energy helping someone who needs it.

This music is also intended to be listened to while getting a massage or a Reiki treatment.  That is why I think it is so wonderful to have it playing in the background while working or simply taking five or ten minutes to listen to while consciously meditating on healing.   (If you are looking for actual, guided, healing meditations, check out my entry Meditations For Healing.)

My Guide To Meditating

Meditation is as simple as taking a deep breath and releasing your daily pressures. After years of practicing meditation with various teachers and guides, I have found that this is what works best for me:

•Create a space where you can sit, or lie down, undisturbed for at least five minutes.
•Sit or lie down in this quiet, personal space.
•Close your eyes.
•Place your hands on your abdomen.
•Take a deep breath, inhale all the way down to your abdomen for at least six counts.
•Hold the breath for at least four counts.
•Exhale over six counts at least, preferably eight.
•Repeat this breathing exercise a few times feeling the rise and fall of your abdomen under your hands.
•Feel the softness of your abdomen as it continues to rise and fall.
•Observe the feelings of relaxation which follow.
•Allow your mind to become quiet.
•Visualize all thoughts and concerns drifting away one by one. If a thought pops in your head and doesn't want to leave ~ visualize yourself asking it to leave and showing it the door.
•Let yourself go and allow the Universe to fill you.

Hold on to this feeling as long as possible. The more you meditate the longer you will be able to meditate. As you practice, you will find it easier to sit in this relaxed and open space.

When meditating for healing, visualize a healthy, strong and balanced body.  If you have any pain or illness, visualize bright sunlight settling in that area.  Feel the area relax as the sunlight becomes the dominant force.  


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