Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Interview With Nataraja Ishaya

The Art Of Ascension 

 A short introduction to the Ishaya Tradition.

The Ishaya Tradition

I am thrilled to present my first interview here on my Sacred Cyber Space.  One of the things I have loved about this blog is the networking I've been doing to promote it.  The Self Growth community is so supportive  and I have met the most wonderful people.  I'm sure it's no surprise that Twitter has opened a huge door in regards to meeting people of like mind and learning about the path they follow.  Nataraja Ishaya became a follower of mine at the beginning of the summer.  I was moved by the message of the beautiful web site included in the profile, and on a whim I sent a message to ask for an interview.

Since the past couple of weeks have been about healing, the timing on this interview is perfect.  The concept of healing the Earth by first healing ourselves is not foreign to me.  The fact that there is an organization and ancient tradition based on this idea intrigued me.  It's important to me that as many possible paths to Spiritual Growth be presented here.  I like sharing my experiences and what has worked for me, but options are important as we are all on our own path.

I really like what I've seen and learned about the Ishaya Tradition.  It fits in perfectly with the message I try to broadcast here.  Check out this wonderful interview and  the beautiful web site to learn more about the Ishaya Foundation.


~ First, I was hoping you could explain who the Ishayas are and where their teachings came from.

The Ishayas are representatives of a timeless Tradition of Enlightenment. Ishayas’ Teaching has taken many forms throughout the history of humanity and in this time it is called the Art of Ascension. The name Ishaya means “for Christ consciousness. It is a name that refers to all the great Teachers of the past, present and future who are dedicated to the healing of humanity through enlightenment. The Teaching is not an invention from the surface level of someone's mind, but rather has its source in the One Unchanging reality of the Ascendant. Because it comes directly through the lineage of enlightened Masters, it has integrity and power to transform human life effortlessly.

~ Is the Art of Ascension based on a religious principle?

If a true religious principle is that we are all united in one consciousness and there is no separation between us and the Source of all that is, then yes, it is based on a religious principle. It is based on the simple truth that is evident in all the different religions and philosophies in the world today and throughout history. The Art of Ascension brings us back to the root that nourishes all those many branches of the tree.

The Art of Ascension is based on the upward rising currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love. These are the driving forces for expansion of consciousness.

~Could you explain how healing the self facilitates healing the world?

Every individual is the creator of their own universe. Our interpretation of reality is ours alone and by dissolving the misconceptions in our minds and by releasing the stress from the nervous system we heal all of the creation. By Ascending the judgments that we have about ourselves and the world we realize it is truly all that needs to be done. The individual then becomes part of the solution rather than adding to the problem, which really is just an illusion of separation or belief that is based on fear.

As we return to experience Life based on the continual experience of the underlying field of consciousness, or what the Ishayas call the Ascendant, then there is no room for fear and there is no room for limitation. What is true for one must be true for all. There is only one consciousness manifesting through many forms.

~ I talk a lot about raising our personal, spiritual vibration on my site. Does the Art of Ascension fit in with this train of thought?

The Art of Ascension is a systematic and mechanical tool to expand consciousness. It is time tested and found to be true universally. The tools are called the Ascension Attitudes and they are structured based on the natural functioning of the mind and the body and that is why the process is extremely simple and effective. The Ishayas are offering us a short cut to connect directly with the pure consciousness and by choosing to turn our minds inward consciousness naturally expands and we rise to higher and higher vibrational states. 

~ Once we start practicing Ascension, what sort of physical changes can we expect?

It is always best to be innocent. Any kinds of expectations usually tend to get in the way and we are not so open to receive the fullness of what is possible. If you would ask people who are doing the practice, what kind of physical changes have occurred, there would be a great many different answers. The process is unique to every individual.

Ascension does give the body a very deep level of rest, twice as deep as the deepest sleep at night for just twenty minutes with eyes closed. This deep rest allows the body to release even very old stresses that it would not have a chance to deal with otherwise. So, from the perspective of the body this practice is a blessing. The body already knows what it needs to do and it has the ability to heal itself. The only thing it needs is rest that is deep enough. Healing is a natural byproduct of Ascension.

~ How will we see Ascension played out in our daily lives?

Ascension is a natural part of life and it happens all the time with all of us to some degree. Through the practice of Ascension this process becomes much faster and life becomes easier, because we can choose to bring the Ascending currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love into each moment of the day and night. We can consciously direct ourselves in a way that not only benefits our own growth and well-being but also that of others around us.

Ascension can be practiced both eyes closed as a meditative practice and eyes open in the busy activity of daily life. This allows for the transformative power of pure consciousness to seep into every part of our life.
Again, each person's experience of how Ascension works is different. Perhaps it could be summed up by saying that we become much more open to experience the Good that is flowing to us all the time, whether we feel deserving of it or not. Our ability to appreciate life increases and that draws more good to come to us.

~ How does Ascension fit into the process of human evolution?

Expansion is built into the fabric of creation. Ascension is the essence of human experience. As we learn to flow with the currents of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion then it will be easier to see how everything fits together perfectly.

~ What is the ultimate goal of the Ishaya Foundation? 

The ultimate goal is the healing of humanity through the healing of the self. The Ishayas are here to assist in this global transformation that is taking place and it is crucial that people get the message that the Teaching of Ascension is available right now; that it is possible for anyone to reclaim our birthright, which is full human consciousness or enlightenment.

~ If my readers are interested in learning more about the Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas, who should they contact and what is involved?
Our website has detailed information about the Teaching including a schedule of Courses; you can also call or email the office and ask for more information and find out about courses in your area. There are teachers available and in service to help you. There are also two books we suggest by MSI; Ascension! and First Thunder. These books are available through our website as eBooks or to purchase from our online store

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