Monday, September 19, 2011

My Life As Example: Lessons In Prosperity Consciousness

Life's Little Hurdles.

This is how Google's appeal process made me feel...

It's Good To Be Back...

When I realized that my blog was locked, due to my error, I wouldn't say that my first reaction was to give up, but it was certainly to ponder whether keeping this blog was something I was supposed to be spending my time on.  Being able to see all of the opportunity life has to offer can sometimes be confusing.  Not knowing where to focus your energy is a frustrating feeling.  When this happened, I thought maybe the Universe wanted me to focus on something else.

I asked several readers if they would miss the blog and found out very quickly that my work here speaks to more people than just myself.  When I saw how confusing the Google appeal process was, I got mad and decided to move.  After copying everything I had posted and ready to post, on Blogger, I wandered over to, but was not happy with my layout and design options. 

I surrendered and focused on adjusting to my day job and its changes.  The timing was perfect.  Not having to concern myself with writing the first couple of weeks of the school year made the transition a lot smoother.

Exactly one month to the day of writing my last post, Google informed me that the blog was fine.

Now on to a little lesson in prosperity that occured in my home just over a month ago:

Following my own advice, I have been getting rid of things that are bogging me down and not serving my highest good.  Anything in my home that has become a junk collector has been getting the boot.  I got a huge load of stuff together and called the garbage collector's a week early to tell them they'd need more than just the automated grabage truck.  The operator and I laughed when I told her what I was putting out because we both knew most of the stuff would be gone long before the truck got there.

I felt great, knowing I was lightening my load; simplifying my life right before my partner, Ken, and I had to go back to work.  On the day we had to take our things to the curb, hegot a surprising phone call.  A lifelong friend had been elected to the head of the Board of Elections in our city and he had full time work, with benefits, available if Ken was interested.

As I was taking the tables and household appliances of days gone by to the curb that evening, I pondered the coincidence of my scheduling a large item pickup for refuse on the same day that Ken acquired a new job.
We settled ourselves in for a tight financial month while we waited for the ending our unemployment payments and the starting our paychecks to synch up. I knew things would be slim and that not being able to make money selling some of my posessions was not going to be a problem.  We'd made it through worse.

Two days later Ken got an unexpected scholarship check from school.  A surprise and a blessing, we breathed a sigh of relief knowing we would now be able to pay some bills we were going to put off to make it through until his paychecks started coming in.

When the time came to deposit the check, Ken couldn't find it anywhere.  I did not get mad or frustrated as he frantically went through the house looking for it.  Logic said it had to be in the house somewhere and it reminded me of something Lousie Hay shared in "You Can Heal Your Life".  She had a student she was working with on prosperity.  He had a $250 windfall and was thrilled.  A few days later he broke his arm.  The cost to fix it was $250.  Though I see this as the Universe providing, she pointed out he felt he did not deserve his prosperity and so the money went away.  I knew Ken was learning to feel worthy of his prosperity and that when he made the connection the check would appear.

He found the check and we went to the bank to make the deposit. While talking to the bank representative, she pointed out that we had earned points in a reward program and had enough for a $10 gift card.

I'm organizing another large item pickup.  It will be interesting to see what happens this time ;~D

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