Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11, 2011

I remember I had just gone back to school. I remember, after the initial shock wore off, and I started mourning. I began contemplating all the people that died that day. Had they all gotten up that day, happy and content with going to their jobs? Were they living their bliss? Did they enjoy what they did? Did they die with regrets or were they filled with faith?

Then I asked myself, if I died today, would I be content with where I was at in life? On that day, I most whole heartedly was able to say, YES! Yes, because I had just chosen to go back to school. Yes, because at that point in my life I had come out of a long period of reflection (with it's share of darkness), which lead to the choice to return to school. I regretted nothing in my life, because it had made me who I was, and as many life lessons as I could accommodate, had been learned. No school burnout yet, just an extraordinarily blissful day and time of life turned upside down by the unfathomable.

So, that is what September 11th has turned into for me, and today, I share my ritual with you. This is how I honor the 3,000 souls that transitioned together that day, and I've done it every year since.

Take a moment, relax or meditate for a bit. Center yourself and ask yourself, if you died today, would you leave a song unsung? If so, what can you do now to start singing it? Figure it out and go get started.

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