Friday, October 7, 2011

Relax With Herbal Tea

Start With Relaxing Teas
Take control of your health by adding soothing herbs to your stress management regiment.

To Discover The Healing Power Of Herbs

This is a quick post about a quick way to ease the physicals affects of stress. Drinking a mug of herbal tea at the end of the day is great way to relax and take control of your Self care.  A healthy alternative to alcohol and unnecessary prescriptions, herbal teas provide the physical and emotional relief necessary to relieve the symptoms of chronic stress.  Making this relief a daily priority accelerates healing and is great preventive medicine for any stress related illness or condition.

There are many herbs that are designed to ease your mood, calm your stomach and even relax your muscles. There's no need to beg your doctor for a prescription, or purchase addictive over the counter medications to help with symptoms that are a result of stress. Just steep a mug of hot herbal tea any time of day for relief, or make a pitcher of tea and put it in your refrigerator for a cool relaxing moment during a hectic day.  Following are some of my favorite relaxing, herbal combinations.

Combine chamomile and ginger tea to ease the symptoms of anxiety, a common side affect of stress. The chamomile will relax you without putting you to sleep and the ginger will ease your anxious stomach. Enjoying a cup of ginger and peppermint tea will ease indigestion, another side affect of stress.

To calm your mood make a mug of St. John's Wort tea and add some chamomile for relaxation as well. Valerian root is great for physically relaxing tense muscles and can also be used as a sleep aid. It has a strong odor, so I like to add it to chamomile tea and with plenty of honey. If the smell is too strong, consider finding a high quality capsule. Do not take valerian for long periods of time, especially if you have a history of alcohol abuse. It is only meant for temporary relief on an occasional basis.

When compared to prescriptions your physician might prescribe for symptoms of stress, herbal teas are a more economical and less addictive way to go. In my part of the United States, teas range in price from $4 to $8 a box depending on the quality and amount of tea in the box. All of these teas can be found at your local health food store, the healthy section of your grocery store and standard teas such as chamomile and peppermint can be found in any coffee/tea section of your favorite grocer. I have even had luck finding all of the teas I mentioned at close out stores for half the price listed above.

I was inspired by this post to add a Natural Wellness section to Marla's Market.  I have included teas that I recommend and will be adding other items as time goes on.

Now go put the kettle on and steep yourself a mug of wellness and relaxation : ) 


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