Thursday, November 3, 2011

Barry Lipscomb

Words Of Wisdom From 

Healer And Coach,  Barry Lipscomb

I am pleased to share the following guest post from, Barry Lipscomb.  I included Barry in my first Online Finds post and it has always bothered me that he was buried in the beginning phases of Sacred Cyber Space, even though I have him listed under the Online Tools tab.  I was thrilled when he offered to share his online writing here on Sacred Cyber Space, after I first asked for guest writers. From his series of essays,What I Know To Be True , All Are One fits right in with Tuesday's post on personal energy.  Enjoy!

Our physical bodies are surrounded by and contained within an energetic body that is constantly creating and re-creating these physical bodies. This energetic body interfaces with the all knowing, infinite possibility, unlimited love and compassion of consciousness and communicates with the light of un-manifested potential. In this manner, we are connected with and a part of this larger, unlimited potential, yet still possess an individual consciousness.

Just as our physical bodies are made of millions and millions of individual cells, each of our energy bodies is but a cell in the larger body of consciousness. While we can see the individual cells in our body under a microscope, we can also look to see the organs, muscles and bones those individual cells form. And we can then see the human bodies that result from the organized collection of those organs, muscles and bones. As these human beings we are accustomed to looking down at the parts that comprise our bodies but not up to see what larger body these individual bodies are a part of. This larger being is the body of consciousness where we are all one. We abide in and as this field of consciousness.

Like the cells in our physical bodies, these “cells” in the body of consciousness are connected and communicate with one another. It's much like a wireless network that allows us to communicate by mobile phone or enables our computer, printer and other peripherals to share data without the use of cables, lines and cords. While we are unable to see the information exchange or the means by which that exchange occurs we are aware of the exchange just the same. In this way, we are in constant dialogue and co-creation with consciousness and the source of everything that surrounds us through an energetic network that underlies and connects us with all of what we experience in the world. We may at times think and even experience ourselves as separate from that energy field but in actuality we are always a part of that one field.


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