Friday, November 11, 2011

Karmic Willow Creations Interview And Giveaway

OK.  There's no denying it.  The holidays are upon us and to jump start the gift giving season, Kim at Karmic Willow Creations has graciously offered to do the next giveaway here at Sacred Cyber Space.  You simply must check out her Facebook page, where she sells her creations directly to the public.  Kim is a renaissance woman and just oozes creativity.  She is a mama, paints and creates all kinds of art.  She teaches, makes soap, makes incense, is a psychic medium and fellow Tarot reader (head back to Karmic Willow Creations to get info on a private consultation).

Referring to her paintings and mixed media pieces as "psychic art" and "healing art", Kim sets out to do more than simply create pretty pictures.  Her work is meant to heal.  When I asked her how she came about painting from this perspective, she replied "I started to ask the universe questions about my friends, their lives, futures, how to achieve their dreams and then [began] creating paintings based on the visions I received for them and giving them as gifts to remind [my friends] of what they can have."

To clarify, she shared the story and her process behind the piece, Release To Light, with me:
"The image, "Release to Light" was an image about a friend who was always depressed and never knew what true happiness felt like. She felt bound by her past, blind to reality, and unable to see what beauty surrounded her. She willfully stood in front of a train in her colorless life, ready to suffer. But, all she had to realize was that if she could just see that the ties were an illusion, she could unbind herself, take off the blindfold, jump away from the on-coming train and live in a world of bright color and warmth, finding true happiness. The true beauty is that this particular friend did choose to remove her blindfold and find spirituality and happiness. I would like to think I had a hand in that. So that is basically the definition of what I aspire to do through my art, the reason I refer to it as 'healing art'."
(Go to Karmic Willow Creation's Facebook page to see Release to Light and more art.  Just click on the Photos page and choose the album titled Art.)

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the art over at Karmic Willow Creations, it's time to get this giveaway started!

This Giveaway is now Over :)

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