Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letting Go Of The Past

Trust In The Present Moment...

The only way to grow personally and spiritually
is through letting go of the past.
With Wisdom Gained From The Past As Your Anchor

Before I begin this post, I want to share the funny way it finally came into being. Per usual, I have been chewing on it for several months. When I decided to take my break, I chose to become a pseudo Luddite, and disengaged from my computer for several days.  Any ideas I came up with, I wrote down. Then I set my writing aside as well, which led to complete confusion when I decided to tackle this post. I had remembered moving forward with it a great deal, but it was not saved to draft. I was beside myself for two days, trying to recall what I'd written, when I remembered it was in a notebook. What a relief. Enjoy!

First, I want to mention that the human Being, or energy field, that we are outside of the Body Temple needs to be understood, or at least conceptualized, in order to "get" what I'm about to say. The most important concept to understand about the past is that it is an illusion. It's an illusion because it is no longer happening.  It's not occurring in this present moment, therefore it is not real. Choices and experiences from the past may have led to this present moment, but holding on to the memories creates the energies which are of no use in the present moment.

Any ideas, beliefs or mental attitudes you may still be experiencing from the past are not real either. They are simply energy you are choosing to hold on to. These unnecessary energies will weigh down the Body Temple, leading to tiredness, feeling emotionally drained and physical tension and tightness. The Body Temple is supposed to feel relaxed, balanced and free. Carrying around these energies can lead to illness and sometimes disease. When releasing these energies, the emotions may be felt at first, but now they can simply be observed because of the understanding that they are energy, which needs to go!

This doesn't just apply to the things from the past we want to move on from, like leaving a bad relationship. You could have a past that is pleasant and wonderful to remember, but that doesn't mean that you have to hold on to it. Fond memories are fine, and it is OK to reflect on them. What I'm referring to is letting go of who you were then. Choices you made then. Perceptions you held. Mental attitudes, etc. It is important for personal and spiritual growth, as well as creating room for allowing your highest good into your life. What we manifest appears as energy first and these old energies get in the way of the process of Attraction and Allowing.

These energies must be released. Do this by truly comprehending, understanding and integrating the idea that the past does not exist, into your mind. All that exists is your current reality, the present moment and there is no reason to hold on to the feelings, emotions and ideas from the past. It is possible to be "here now" without holding on to what "was then". Release attachment to the past by practicing being in the present moment. Through meditation, prayer, yoga and physical exercise trust in the Self can be learned, finally leading to trusting in the present moment with the wisdom gained from the the lessons of the past as your anchor.

Five Ways To Let Go Of The Past
  • Meditate.  Take twenty minutes or so to meditate on the past you are trying to release.  During this meditation, visualize everything about the situation: what happened, who was there, how it made you feel.  Then step back and view it as a picture.  In your mind, shrink this picture until it disappears.   I also like to visualize it turning to crystal.  I put it in my hand to observe it from a distance, then I visualize throwing it against the wall and shattering into thousands of pieces.  You may need to do this meditation exercise a few times to truly release your past, but believe me, it will eventually become quieter and quieter and no longer hold any meaning in your present life.
  • Burn it.  Seriously, I'm not kidding.  I had a bunch of journals from a time in my life I had moved on from.  This place in life had absolutely nothing to do with where I currently was, except for the wisdom I had gained from its lessons.  I had moved to make a fresh start and had taken these journals with me.  As I was unpacking I wondered to myself why I had gone to all the trouble to make a positive change in my life, yet I had burdened myself with the task of taking all of these journals with me into my new life.  It was very cathartic to watch the words and emotions disintegrate into burning embers.  As I watched the smoke they created rise to the sky, I envisioned my past being released to the Universe to be transformed into a more positive tomorrow.  (If you don't have journals from the past, write down the experience you are moving on from, in great detail ~ and burn that! ;~D ) And, of course, please use caution and common sense when engaging in your burning ritual.
  • Learn the lessons.  Make some time to contemplate the situation you are struggling to let go of.  A lot of times we carry the past with us because we have not learned the lessons the situation was there to teach us.  Gaining wisdom from the situation will facilitate a more productive present moment.  Once you have a new perspective on the past it will be easier to let it go.
  • Sweat.  Release the energies and emotions of the past by making your Body Temple sweat.  This can be done several different ways.  The easiest way to sweat is to start moving.  Walk, run, do some hot yoga or lift weights.  If this isn't possible (though I do suggest finding a way to make it possible) take some time in a steam room or sauna.   Another way to sweat is to participate in a sweat lodge. The ritual of the sweat lodge is designed to release the past and create a more enriching present moment. But I must caution, be sure you are not participating in one of those big lodges only designed to make money.  I have heard some awful stories about sweat lodges that were improperly run and the harm it can do to people.  Do your research and find a small group dedicated to the sacredness of this ceremony.
  • Reiki and massage.  Past emotions and energies reside in the energy field that surrounds us and manifest as tension in our Body Temple.  If you are unable to emotionally or mentally let go of the past, I highly recommend a Reiki treatment which will focus on clearing your energy field of unnecessary energies. This will usually initiate a series of events in your life that will help you to finally "go there" emotionally and start moving on.  On the same note, massage will help to release the physical manifestations of past memories and emotions.  Be sure to take a bottle of good water with you to either treatment in order to help in the physical purging of the toxins your Body Temple will be releasing afterwards.
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