Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The People Surrounding You

Do Those Around You...

Life's journey is more joyous and fluid when we are surrounded by
those that lift us up and support us.
Support Your Greatest Vision Of Yourself?

As you may have observed, my hope the last week or so has been to get my readers think about their personal energy field.  Hopefully you've learned ways you can boost your own energy and the energy of others.  I've been touching on this subject very lightly.  Over time I will delve deeper, but right now I want to discuss another possibility that may have occurred to you as you looked at your energy; the possibility that maybe there are people who are dragging you down.  Maybe you have noticed that there are certain people, or groups of people who seem to take your energy, but do not return any in exchange.

This doesn't mean that they are mean, evil, spiritual vampires that need to be banished or dealt with by casting a spell.  It's quite simple actually.  It's time to move on and let them be.  It's been said, many times, in various ways, but it's the simple concept of spending time with people who lift you up.  In other words, people who give energy.  As long as you are giving in return, then an evolution occurs. But this can't happen while you are still spending time with those that zap your energy.  In fact, I'll call them what they are, Energy Zappers.

If you are not satisfied with the circumstances in which you find yourself, whether it be financial, romantic or career related, a great place to start is by taking a look at who you spend your time with.  The people that surround you are simply a reflection of yourself. If you look in the mirror and don't like the way your hair looks, you fix it, right?  The same goes for when you scan the people who share your space.  They are a reflection of aspects of yourself and if you aren't happy with the way the reflection looks then change it.

Step back.  Take in everything about the person, or persons that really displeases you and learn from them.  They are reflecting something you need to learn and grow from.  Once this is realized the situation can be observed from a place of love.  Acknowledge what this is and really look at yourself, your actions and your choices.  Once you start addressing these simple things, you will be able to disengage from the negative, unsupportive energy and move on.

My Experience With Energy Zappers

I remember when I first began having problems with money in the mid 1990s.  I had a friend who agreed that I needed to make more money, but would put down any ideas I came up with. In fact, most of the "spiritual" people I was associating with were so judgmental about how I wanted to make money.  They seemed to be following these mysterious guidelines that I was not aware of.  I remember bringing up the idea of opening a small metaphysical bookstore with an online presence. I remember several of them telling me it was not spiritual to make money selling stones, crystals, smudges, etc. These things were of the Earth and not for making money.

So here I was, concerned about the lack in my life, seemingly surrounded by spiritual people, but they did not support the idea of making money by following my passion. I was expected to make money, but every avenue I followed, wasn't good enough or was against a spiritual lifestyle of some sort.

Seriously? No wonder I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  The reality is as I said earlier: you should always surround yourself with people who lift you up and support the good in your life.

Moving On

When I mentioned moving on, it doesn't have to be dramatic or painful (unless that's what your evolution is calling for ;).  Leaving a romantic partner who is holding us back can be painful, but moving on from someone who is an Energy Zapper can be as easy as choosing to keep a friendship and simply spend less time with that person.

I chuckled when I heard Rob Lowe tell Oprah Winfrey that he and Charlie Sheen are still friends, but "agree to disagree on sobriety".  It really can be that simple.  They text or talk on the phone briefly from time to time, but they don't spend much face to face time together anymore.

Now that you have "moved on and let be", it's time to fill the time and space you spent with those that pulled you down with those that lift you up.  Seek out individuals who are where you want to be, who support your uplifting endeavors and who share their energy.  Attend alumni functions, sign up with a reputable dating service, attend workshops and festivals where those of like mind will be.  Avoid situations where you feel depleted.  Be discerning and be aware.  Before you know it you will be greeted with a stunning reflection!

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