Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let It Flow

Whatever You Call It (God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Love...)

"There is no healing, only God revealing" - Iyanla Vanzant 
Allow It To Flow.

Doesn't everyone go through this from time to time?  We get a great job, meet a fantastic person, discover we have a green thumb, become obsessed with our new pet, can't get enough of a new food, completely engage ourselves with decorating our new apartment, commit ourselves to a goal and forget everything else, I could go on and on. On the one hand, getting wrapped up in the joy of our bliss is fine, but, sometimes it can be another way of resisting the flow of the Universe, our Source power.  Even the most enlightened individuals need to be reminded from time to time.  There is a force that is bigger than us, so powerful, it moves the planets around our sun without any provocation. It is present within you and always available.

Personally, I feel that we are not supposed to be perfectly spiritual all the time.  We are living a physical existence and balancing our spirituality with the physical is an ongoing, never ending process.

I remember discovering Marianne Williamson's Return to Love when I was at a very dark and lost point in my life.  She openly admits that she replaced the power of love (power of Spirit, power of God, etc.) with other things like drugs, people and experiences.  She felt like she was being left out of the loop, like everyone knew something she didn't.  Then, she came to understand that she was looking outwardly for something that had been within her all along.

I went through this with my day job this year.  It is extremely rewarding and the extreme stress is addictive.  This job, as much as I love it, was filling a need, a void.  All of the feelings of purpose and acceptance I got from this job were a distraction from my true source.  Instead of getting what I needed from my Higher Power, I was filling the emptiness with my work, even though I know it's also my purpose.  Then I started suffering from panic attacks and went about doing what I needed to do to heal.

I found a great meditation from Iyanla Vanzant. Living from Your Center: Guided Meditations for Creating Balance & Inner Strength, taught me many things.  For instance, I was breathing incorrectly at work.  The breathing techniques she presents brought me back to my center.  But my true "light bulb moment" was when the healing portion of the meditation came around.

Vanzant uses the phrase, "There is no healing, only God revealing", in this part of the meditation.  This woke me up.  I have followed healing mediations where the light of God is used for healing.  I have always viewed healing as its own process, but having it put in perspective, that the imbalance had occurred due to blocking the natural flow of my Source, snapped me out of it.  Then, in that moment, I remembered another healing process I had learned years ago.

Dr. Rebbie Straubing was a regular contributor to Phenomenews, a now defunct spiritual newspaper I read frequently.  I don't remember the month, or even the name of the article.  All I remember is that it was all about healing.  After moments of relaxing and focusing on the physical imbalance, she asked readers to say "God is alive and present, right here in my ( whatever needs healing )".  I used this method quite often and somewhere along the line, I had forgotten about it.  This was another reminder that any sort of emotional or physical pain, any sort of life confusion or challenge can simply be altered by stopping the resistance to God's flow.

I couldn't believe I had done it again.  After all I'd learned, here I was again, replacing my source with outward experiences.  I forgave my Self, I am only human after all, and went about consciously replacing whatever I felt I was lacking with the flow of my Higher Power.  This led to dietary changes and the physical exercise needed to put an end to the panic attacks.

I'm not trying to be all preachy here.  I'm simply asking you to remember that, when you are dealing with a physical or emotional ailment, or when life seems unfulfilling, it's expected that you do something about it on the physical plane, but don't forget, the real culprit is resistance to the love of the Universe.   Whatever it is, replace it with the Love of your Higher Power.  Once you allow it to flow freely, everything else will unfold as it should.

Look how young, cute and idealized everyone is.
I couldn't think of a better video for this post.
Because, really, all you need is love
and the rest will fall into place.

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