Monday, November 14, 2011

Taking A Breather

A Mid Season Hiatus

"Take a minute vacation whenever you want. Close your eyes. Place your hands on your abdomen.
Allow your abdomen to soften.  Breathe into your abdomen and breathe out. Do this for a minute or so
whenever you need to counteract a stress pattern." ~ from Lilias Folan's Yoga for Better Health

And Wrap Up...

I've been pushing myself to keep things moving here at Sacred Cyber Space, regardless of what's going on in my personal life. This site is like my rock sometimes. The only place I can go where it all serves a purpose and it all makes sense. But I'm going to honor my intuitive tendency to disengage this time of year and take a break until after Thanksgiving.

If you're new or have missed out, now is the time to catch up...

August and September were quite eventful.  I removed the "blogspot" from the blog and changed the name to its original, intended name: Sacred Cyber Space.  I was forced to step back from this site because of an error I made with affiliate advertising on my blog.  The blog was disabled because I forgot Google listed them as a "no-no" and had to wait several weeks while I figured out their appeal process and waited for them to determine the fate of Sacred Cyber Space.

I've run my first giveaway (we're in the midst of the second right now) and I conducted my first interviews.  I also hosted my first guest writers.  I'm always looking for more, so don't be afraid to submit anything you've written.

I did a series on Stress Management in October. I also decided I needed to step outside my comfort zone and share my art photography with my readers.  These posts are meant to be a Soul Lift.  So, you'll see that  I've started doing little blips with my art and other media meant to "lift the soul". 

What I'll Be Chewing On During My Break

I'm still trying to figure out how to share my gift for reading Tarot cards. The weekly readings were fun, but also very draining for me. I want to continue them, but there needs to be an exchange of energy so I won't be so depleted. I also want to do more than just read cards.  I want to help others develop their own intuition.  I have a couple of ideas and my hope is to have it figured out by the beginning of December.

I have several more interviews in the works.  I'm busting at the seams with joy!  They are going to be great : )

I'm also contemplating spelling Cyber-Space correctly.  The way I have it now is meant to be a play on words.  I've been looking at it lately and not liking the message it sends. That message being "I'm a writer who doesn't know how to spell." lol!  ; )

I have a couple of Soul Lifts all ready to go.  So, you'll see those post while I'm gone.

Remember, the Karmic Willow Creations Giveaway ends on 11/18/11.  
I'll notify the winner, via email, by 10:00 PM.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.
Health, wealth and happiness to all my readers around the world!

Blessings ~ Marla : )

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