Thursday, December 8, 2011


Life Is Change
Taking a break helped me find my wings.
I've Learned To Thrive On It

Changes, changes, changes. My break was relaxing and eye opening.  After acknowledging I was partially using the blog to avoid leftover emotions from almost losing my father at the beginning of the year, I went on a quest to create balance and to let go of the past by focusing on peace.

Once the giveaway was over, I let go of my computer completely. No Internet, no writing. If I had an idea, I wrote it down.

The next thing I did was to start meditating again. I've always taken moments throughout my day to center and be peaceful, but somewhere along the line I got out of the habit of starting my day with meditation. My old meditations did not "fit" anymore, so I set the intention and found some amazing guided meditations that were exactly what I needed.

The first was
AM Meditation with Rodney Yee. I love doing his AM Yoga, but I had never participated in a full meditation guided by him. It is wonderful. It is also physical and requires sitting in a modified Lotus position for twenty minutes. Beginning with stretching and centering, the video contains all sorts of beautiful images from nature to gaze at during those moments when the eyes naturally open. Afterwards, I do the stretching series designed for those choosing to do the meditation seated in a chair. It's been wonderful.

I also found Iyanla Vanzant's, Living from Your Center: Guided Meditations for Creating Balance and Inner Strength. This meditation is all about the spirit. I can not begin to explain the emotional strides I have made in the last few weeks while taking the time to "clear, balance, heal and consecrate my internal sun and heart center".

Those of you who are on Common Space, know that I was struggling with panic attacks at the end of October. Stress and hormone related, I was not blind to the fact that they were a message from my Body Temple, alerting me to an imbalance in my life. I eliminated the biggest source of my stress (a work issue) and went to work counteracting the physiological symptoms with herbs and dietary changes.

Soon after these changes, I realized I was very off center and even had a day where I attracted all sorts of negative energy to myself. I knew it was time to do some hard core protection because I was wide open.

Vanzant's meditation and healing process has helped me to evolve by leaps and bounds. My personal energy is much more balanced and the Consecration exercise has helped me reclaim my Self as a true vessel of divine power. I feel so protected after I am finished. I also feel emotionally strong, which has 
naturally led to  pursuing physical strength.

I've started doing a military workout one of my students challenged me to. It makes sense on so many levels. It puts me in a "soldiering" state of mind mentally and emotionally, and I feel a sense of honor for our service men and women while I'm pushing through.

Changes to the blog include taking down the tarot reading tab, changing the "Welcome" tab to "Greetings!' and completely updating all of the information on that page. I've even stepped outside my comfort zone and included pictures of myself. I also decided to start spelling Cyber-Space correctly and will be changing the heading over the weekend.  The Facebook "Like" buttons have been added back to the posts, so go back to your favorite posts and click away.  

Life is change.  Somewhere along the lines, I've learned to thrive on it.


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