Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Sacred Kitchen

The Kitchen's Role In...

I keep my cupboards European style. It's easier to maintain
a creative flow when everything is at your fingertips.

Sacred Living.

The hub of the home. The place where most everyone gathers, no matter how much more comfortable it may be elsewhere in the house. The place where we create the foods we need to entertain and to sustain the Body Temple.  Today, I want to share my kitchen with you. It is the place where I spend what I consider to be some of my most sacred moments, because I am doing what I need to do to nourish my Self and the ones I love.

Whether it be preparing meals for the week, that evening's dinner, a cup of tea for relaxing, a jar of salsa to thank a friend or a batch of herbal bath salts for healing, I have always considered my kitchen a spiritual work shop. Spending as much time as I do in the kitchen, over the years I have learned to do what I can to make this space as uplifting, nurturing and transcendent as possible. I have learned to keep my workshop as organized as I can. Plus, I do what I can to keep this space as clean as I can.  I do this out of respect for my Self and everything that resides in my kitchen. It's my way of letting the Universe know I am grateful for and honor all that I have received. In return, my kitchen's offerings are easier to find as I create whatever it is that needs to be manifested.

Everything within the kitchen is designed to keep my mind and spirit lifted as I tend to tasks both necessary and spontaneous.   Long periods of time spent creating meals and cleaning dishes are also made lighter while listening to music, or putting my headset on and calling friends on my phone.  The mundane is suddenly made magical by consciously changing intent, due to a balanced and uplifted space.

Creating meals from whole, live fruits and vegetables is the best way to honor your Self, and a better use of this spiritual workspace than popping a highly processed, frozen dinner in the microwave.  The vibration of my kitchen is also lifted by leaving as many fruits and vegetables out as I can.  (The green leafy vegetables were put into the refrigerator after this photo was taken. I had just unloaded from a shopping trip.  It was too beautiful not to photograph.)  It's amazing how all of these basic ingredients can make so many different meals.  Leaving them out also leads to healthier snacking as the best option for the Body Temple is out and at your fingertips. Of course, in the summer time, it's harder to leave things out, but in return, Mother Nature  is more accessible, so it all balances out.

Take some time this week to see what little things you can do to make your kitchen more sacred.


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