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Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Sustainable Ideas For

Some wonderful gift wrapping ideas for your holiday season.
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Don't have any wrapping paper on hand? This is the perfect opportunity for you to tune into your creativity and reuse old newspapers and magazines to make unique and fun gift wrap for your gifts. It's a great activity for kids and teaches them a great way to live more sustainably. Reusing instead of purchasing new wrapping paper conserves resources from the gasoline used to ship the paper to the store, to the trees used to make the paper. And if it's more sustainable then it's more economical which means more money for your family.

There are as many ways to use newspapers and magazines to wrap presents as there are pages in the newspaper or magazine. I've seen presents wrapped in the traditional Sunday comics and I've also seen elaborately wrapped gifts where the newspaper was used to make big bows. The possibilities are as varied as the imagination of the person wrapping the gift. After the fun of opening gifts is finished, recycle the paper just like you would with regular wrapping paper.

My Wrapping Reuse

I was in a hurry and had to wrap my niece's presents for her 15th birthday. I searched all over the house for some fun newspaper, but had just dropped off the recycling and was out of luck. I found a bag that didn't make it to the recycling center and in it was an old Rolling Stone magazine that had seen better days and couldn't be saved as a collector's item. I started flipping through the pages and was thrilled to find some bright and fun advertisements and pictures.

I wrapped the presents with the colorful pages and cut pictures from the articles and advertisements to paste on the first layer of wrapping to add depth and to make the packages a little more fun and festive. My niece got more excited over the picture of the Beatles on the outside of her present than she did over the kitschy note-cards they were concealing.

Some Other Ideas
  • I've had friends layer newspaper and wrapping paper for an interesting affect that stretches out your store bought paper.  
  • My partner, Ken, mentioned how fun it is to wrap a gift in an old comic book that can't be resold.  
  • Old Chinese carryout menus are great because they are usually so big, but any carryout menu is fun.
  • I've seen beautiful gift bags made from material scraps and material found at resale shops.  
  • I've reused bed sheet packaging as a unique gift bag  ~ the kind made from the same material as the sheets.
  • I have seen the new shoe bags that running shoes come in used as a gift bag ~ made from the same material as all the other reusable bags ~ instead of a shoe box.  
  • If you have to purchase gift bags, don't fill in the card that's attached so the person you gave it to can reuse it.

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