Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is a Seeker?

Are We Selling Ourselves Short...

"Well, they call me,  The Seeker.  I've been searchin' low and high.  
I won't get to get what I'm after, till the day I die."
 ~ The Who

By Calling Ourselves Seekers?

It's a word we hear quite often on the Spiritual Path: seeker.  As truth sleuths, we are required to be good philosophers by questioning what is and contemplating the answers.  I don't mind the label that much and the song by the Who, which I've always thought just plain rocks! had a little more to offer when I sat down and started contemplating the lyrics.  Once I gathered my thoughts, I let this post sit for five months and in that time, a new way of looking at this whole idea came to me.

So, What Is A Seeker Anyway?

A seeker is someone who wants to know more.  Someone searching for  a greater meaning to life than work, things, etc.  I chose the Who's, The Seeker, as a map for this entry because it's first, a great song and second,  a cautionary tale for those new to the Spiritual Path.  As important as it is to seek the truth, peace and meaning in our lives, I firmly believe that we are not meant to reach a pinnacle, or nirvana.  The true peace we seek comes when we die, or transition. We can drive ourselves mad with expectation trying to achieve a pinnacle, when it's not meant to be.  The vibrational levels we achieve from our seeking, are meant to raise the vibration of ourselves and therefore, the world around us.  

I was watching a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show a few years ago.  He had been on a plane that split in half and he happened to be in the half where most survived.  He saw the people on the other half of the plane that did not make it, and as they died he saw balls of light leave each person, some more vibrant than others.  In that moment he understood that, when it was time for him to transition, he wanted to be sure his light was as bright as it could be.

This is what my journey as a seeker is for me.  Seeking the truth, so that I can raise my vibration and share this light with the world.  

Another Perspective

I'm so loving an idea from Alan Cohen, that I saw pop up in my Facebook news feed.  I don't remember the exact quote, but the basic idea is that we aren't seekers, we are finders. Myself and many others, may be selling ourselves short by referring to ourselves as "seekers".  His thought is that calling ourselves "seekers" implies we never find what we're looking for.

This may be the case, especially for those just starting out on the Spiritual Path.  There is so much to absorb and discover.  I'm sure there are times when simply flitting from idea to idea, philosophy to philosophy may be exactly what we need to open our mind and start thinking differently about life.  This can give the impression that nothing is being accomplished.  That no strides are being made.

The truth is actually the opposite.  Life on the spiritual path is a wonderful mosaic of seeking and finding. Finding the right teacher at the right time.  Finding clues from our Higher Self at just the right time.  Finding the right book at the right time.  Finding the right destination at the right time.

When all of the pieces fall together, the final product is a way of viewing the world which raises our personal vibration and, thusly, the vibration of everything around us.

Honestly, though... I like Rush's version of the song a lot better ; )


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