Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Whispers From The Universe,

The first two minutes of this homemade promo for the
Celestine Prophecy movie, are dramatic, engaging and a 
perfect example of allowing coincidence to be your guide.

Which Guide You Along Your Way.

Coincidence is all your effort meeting up with opportunity.  It could be the manifestation of your dream, or a tool or information to help get you there.  It is the Universe saying "Hi", letting you know you are still on the right path.  It is the Universe waving you down, letting you know to go another way. It is the little miracles you start to see daily when your perspective begins to change.  The more coincidence you see in your life, the more you are allowing and attracting.  Coincidence is your confirmation that you have let go and are living in the present moment.

When it comes to manifesting your Intention,  paying attention to the coincidences in your life is another piece in the manifestation puzzle.  Once you have learned to see coincidence, the next step is harnessing these moments for guidance.  Allowing them to happen and utilizing their guidance to propel you onward and upward, will change your life in ways you can not imagine.  It is key to living the life of your dreams; the life you have manifested based on your passions.

 There was a time in my life, many, many years ago, when I chose not to work.  I do not recommend this to anyone, unless you have some money set aside to accommodate such a choice.  I learned many things, but I had no money and I burdened many people as well as myself.  I did it because I was burned out and lost.  I felt stuck, was not in a healthy relationship and felt my life slipping through my fingers.

 Coincidence: your own personal,
GPS system from the Universe.  
During the time I was off work, I concentrated on healing and finding my center.  It was at this time that a book was creating quite a stir in the Spiritual Growth community.  It was called the Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield and I was given a copy to read.  I was told I would either get it or I wouldn't.

As many of us now know, the book, and now movie, is fantastic and boy, oh boy did I get it.  I literally felt myself evolving as I read it all in one day. After I had finished the book, I went out into my kitchen to make some food.  Since I wasn't working, I had pretty much been living on rice and beans and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I was hungry for something more than what I had.

I decided that now was the time to practice what I had just learned.  I had no idea how it would help me now, but I decided to have faith in the process.  I centered myself, let my mind go and paid very close attention to the first thought that popped into my head. I saw my friend John's face and heard his name echo in my mind.

I had not spoken to him in a very long time.  In fact, I hadn't thought about him in ages.  He was certainly not a part of my current life in any way.  I didn't question,  followed through and called him. He was thrilled to hear from me.  We shared how much we missed each other, got caught up on where we were in life and then the coincidence happened.  He was having a pot luck dinner and invited me over.  I told him all I had was a bag of pretzels.  He didn't care what I brought, he just wanted to see me.                 

It was a magical, uplifting evening.  The food was fantastic and nourished me to my core.  His friends were wonderful and made me feel right at home.  Not only was this coincidence an answer to my immediate dilemma, it was the Universe reminding me that there was more to this life than what I was settling for.  It was the Universe letting me know that it was on my side, ready to help me evolve.

  • Journal Daily.  The one thing I did, which helped me be able to see the coincidences in my life was to start keeping a journal.  Most teachers recommend writing down all the little things that happen throughout your day which seem to be coincidental.  This is great, but what works even better is to take twenty minutes at the end of your day and journal your day backwards from that moment. Processing the day from this perspective can shed a whole new light on how the day unfolded.
  • Review Daily.  By looking over your journal and discovering the coincidences, you will be better able to recognize coincidence in the moment, throughout the day.  This is where the momentum of manifestation can really begin to pick up.
  • Allow. Spotting the coincidences in your life will soon become natural to you.  Even the coincidence of a thought popping into your head as you let a situation go, because you have done all you can.  The thought may seem random and unimportant, but follow through and don't dismiss it.  It could be the answer to a dilemma or guidance to get you to your answer.
  • Personalize It.  As with first declaring your intention,  keep coincidences and your journal to yourself.  If you have to waste time explaining yourself to someone unwilling to just let you be, you will take your focus away from the cues, directly from your personal guide, the Universe.

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