Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Interview With Cynthia Sue Larson

Reality Shifts And Following Your Passion

Harness the power of what Cynthia calls, Reality Shifts, to
accelerate Spiritual and Personal Growth. 
With Life Coach And Author, Cynthia Sue Larson.

I am thrilled to present the next interview here at Sacred Cyber-Space.  As promised, I am exploring the component of passion when it comes to manifesting intention.  This interview with Cynthia Sue Larson, is the first in a series of interviews with people who have turned their passion into their profession.  Cynthia is an accomplished Spiritual Life Coach and author of several books.  Her ideas and guidance about what she calls, Reality Shifts, can change your perception of the past and alter your current reality.  She is an entrepreneur who turned her passion into her career.   Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Join me in welcoming, Cynthia Sue Larson!
Ok. First of all, I have had a feeling I'd "seen you someplace before" when you messaged me on Facebook. While I was researching for the interview I saw that you had been published in Metro Detroit's, Phenomenews, and it all started to click. I loved that publication and miss it very much, which is why I started Sacred Cyber-Space in first place, so I had a place to go to read what I needed to hear. So, hello to you and please forgive me if I get a little mooshy and star struck ;)

~You are such an accomplished author and speaker. Can you share a bit of the beginning of your journey? How did you learn to make a living with your passion?

I started the RealityShifters.com website and RealityShifters ezine in October 1999, shortly after my kundalini experience and spiritual epiphany. I felt tremendously inspired to share insights I'd received about reality being much more malleable and interactive than has been commonly described. I sent the first issues of my ezine via email to people with similar interests, and I wrote a book and taught classes about the way consciousness changes the physical world. Making a living from my passion took many years, starting with my sharing free information about reality shifts, meditation and the way consciousness changes the physical world through my web site. I followed the example of intuitive authors and counselors who write books and offer private consultations and workshops in a very organic fashion as I continued offering free articles and information on a regular monthly basis through my ezine and a variety of social networks.

~What about Reality Shifts? Could you, briefly explain what a Reality Shift is?

Reality shifts is a term encompassing a wide range of otherwise inexplicable occurrences, in which something appears, disappears, transforms, or transports... or in which someone experiences changes in time. The main unifying characteristic in all these otherwise seemingly disparate events is that the simplest explanation for what happened is that reality has just shifted... as if from one world to another parallel world. Reality shifts include synchronicities, spontaneous healings, and spontaneous remissions from disease or injury.

A wonderful video from Cynthia's  YouTube channel 

~Did you utilize Reality Shifts when starting out on your entrepreneurial adventure?

The more aware I became of reality shifts, the more I realized I'm experiencing them on a regular basis... which became especially noticeable when I was writing my book about reality shifts. I desired to experience a wide variety of reality shifts in order to get a better sense of what types of shifts are possible, and that's exactly what happened! Probably thanks to my having that intention, I subsequently witnessed some truly amazing reality shifts, including apparent loops in time and reality shifts involving large-scale objects appearing out of the blue as if they'd been there all the time. One of the strangest synchronicities occurred around the time I was feeling I really should tell people that I'm a spiritual life coach... yet I'd felt nervous and reticent about labeling myself a spiritual life coach at a time when nobody else was using that job title online. While I was still procrastinating and putting off any action, I received three phone calls from three different women who did not know each other one week, with each woman calling to ask me if I could do a reading for them. This happened during a time when my web site didn't mention I did any such thing, and my phone number was private and unlisted. When I asked how they knew to call me, each said, "My angels told me to call you." Since I ask to receive important messages in sets of three, I acknowledged these three women contacting me as a pivotal turning point, and immediately hung out my shingle as a spiritual life coach.

~I discuss our personal energy field on Sacred Cyber-Space quite often. How does Reality Shifting fit in with our personal vibration and energy?

Reality shifting gets a huge boost in terms of better, more enjoyable results when our personal vibration is high and our energy is grounded. I became interested in auras and energy fields as a direct result of noticing these connections between thoughts, feelings, energy and reality shifts... and that's the reason I wrote a book about auras, "Aura Advantage," so people can better appreciate all the things our energy fields do for us, and learn how best to see, feel, and work with personal energy fields.

 ~How can we learn to utilize Reality Shifts to help with our own personal and spiritual growth?

One of the best ways to get started is by learning more about what kinds of reality shifts are happening. I recommend reading first-person accounts of reality shift experiences such as the ones posted at RealityShifters.com, and keeping an open mind to the possibility such things are possible for you. Consider the concept of engaging in dialogue with the universe, in such a way that whatever questions you have are always being answered... in ways that often involve shifts in reality. People interested in spiritual growth often find that reality shifts are a natural part of increasing the strength and balance of one's energy field, as they provide us with a barometer by which we can better recognize and appreciate what we've learned so far and what we're presently working on. I'm constantly amazed and humbled by reality shifts I experience.

~How about your background? It's so impressive, can you share some of your accomplishments?

I have a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, and most recently a Doctor of Divinity. I am fascinated by scientific research in the field of noetic sciences and consciousness, and do my best to keep up with new developments. I'm proud of the books I've written: "Reality Shifts," "Shine with the Aura of Success," "Karen Kimball & the Dream Weaver's Web," "Aura Advantage," "High Energy Money," and my meditation CD, "Aura Healing Meditations," and of regularly practicing meditation and martial arts.

~Who are your most personally influential mentors or role models? What did you learn from them?

My mother's mother inspired me with her great big heart and tremendous faith in God. She taught me to see answers and meaning in dreams, tea leaves, playing cards, and all manner of seemingly ordinary daily events in such a way that I experienced from a very young age a connection between myself and consciousness permeating everything in existence. I'm inspired by Kuk Sool Won grandmaster In Hyuk Suh through his example of sharing a vast body of knowledge in the world. I love the writings and teachings of Lao Tzu, Jesus Christ, Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Rumi, Lynne McTaggart, Fred Alan Wolf, Dr. Larry Dossey, Edgar Mitchell, and Stanley Krippner.

~Interacting with the public as much and as often as you do, what is your daily routine for staying protected, balanced and focused?

I pray and exercise on a daily basis, and practice a variety of meditations and Qi Gong (energy work) regularly. One of my favorite daily meditations is a set of four Qi Gong exercises for Setting Energetic Protection that includes: super-grounding, clearing energetic cords, sealing one's energy field, and receiving divine support and guidance.

~What services are you currently offering to the public?

I work with individuals as a spiritual life coach, which I greatly enjoy because it means different things for different people. I provide intuitive counseling and energy work, much like an urban shaman, with an especially keen interest in working with people who are developing their intuitive abilities and mind-body-spirit connection. I love to help people discover what is most needed in this moment now, so they can fully envision how the best possible reality looks and feels, with a clearer sense of their divine gifts and purpose.

~If my readers are interested in any of your services, how should they contact you?

The best way to learn more about me and what I do is to visit my RealityShifters.com website. The best way to contact me is through my email address at: cynthia@realityshifters.com

~Thank you so much for your time and input, Cynthia. I really appreciate it. It's been an honor :)

Thank you so very much for all the great questions, and for your wonderful work with Sacred Cyber-Space!

Be sure to visit Cynthia's online store to purchase
her wonderful books and meditations!

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