Friday, January 13, 2012

My Experience With The Law Of Attraction

Proper Intent Creates

"The Universe will correspond to the
nature of your song (your inner feeling)" ~  Michael Beckwith 
An Amazing Present Moment.

I've been reading a lot about the Law of Attraction lately.  So many of my fellow reporters on the journey of Spiritual and Personal Growth are forced to address it thanks to the book and the movie, The Secret.  An interesting perspective on what I've always called, Universal Law, The Secret doesn't sit well with many, due to its focus on material things.  For those new to this way of thinking, it can make it seem like this concept and its application are only for getting what you want.  I see it leading to an amplification of greed, if not understood and used properly, because for every cause, there is an affect.  If the energy being used to manifest comes from a place of jealousy or anger, the circumstances which bring about what is desired can be "not so pretty".

I first heard about The Law of Attraction when my mother took a spiritual course of some sort back in the early 90s. Part of the course was the preparation of a speech to be given to her classmates.  She chose to speak about a concept I remember as "Thought + Feeling = Creation". It was part of a process called Prosperity Consciousness, which is the same as The Law of Attraction and Universal Law. She was speaking about the missing link for many students of metaphysics who master what they think and how they feel, then they stop and wait instead of going out in the world and making themselves available for what is on the way.

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I unknowingly used this process when I first moved out on my own, just through the blind will we have at that age. I desperately wanted to live in Ann Arbor, MI.  I was going to school a few miles from there and had made many friends in the area.  At this point I desired independence over my education and had even changed my schedule for the next semester to part time, evening classes, in order to accommodate the life in Ann Arbor I was determined to have.  I was starting to get nervous, but I held firm to what I desired.  The last week of school, I got a call from an acquaintance.  His boyfriend was moving to Seattle and he needed a roommate for the summer.   I would need to find a roommate for September and a week before he left I got a call from an old friend who was in town.  She simply hit redial on her friend's phone when she heard it was me who had answered the phone and taken a message, as she had no idea I'd moved to Ann Arbor.  She was looking for a place to live.  How amazing was that?

I was "tricked" into it via a time management instructor at a workshop I attended.  He presented an idea exactly like the Law of Attraction, but under the guise of the wise usage of time.  I was to write down on a note card everything I was looking for in a mate. I was then instructed to read the card everyday, as often as I could, and I would find my partner. This worked and I learned a huge lesson in regards to this Law. Since I had never been in a relationship before, once I got into it I realized that I had left some important things off that list, such as loving, supportive, mentally healthy, positive role model, etc. He seemed like a wonderful guy at first, but when we moved in together it fell apart quickly, and I blindly refused to give up.  This is when I discovered Stuart Wilde's perspective, Universal Law, in his book Affirmations.  It made sense and clicked with me.  I started to do everything I could to make my situation better, including the practice of allowing a better reality than where I stood.

Staying in this very bad relationship, caused a manifestation of illness in my body and mind. I've been in plays before. I've seen back drops fall to the stage floor to create a scene and have seen how quickly a background can be eliminated when no longer needed. The first time I deliberately created my life, that's what happened. When the time came, things happened quickly. So fast it literally did make my head spin.  I didn't know how to leave and by practicing and allowing Universal Law to do its thing, one day I was finally ready.

It was like the backdrops of my life were changing, with very little effort on my part, other than visualizing and showing up.  I literally felt myself connecting with the dimension which held the love that was missing from my life. It was supposed to be. I have never packed so easily for a move in my life, everything fell into the boxes perfectly. One day I was living a life that was not for my highest and greatest good and a week later I had a new backdrop and was no longer living with an abusive partner.

What happened next might surprise you, but it is true. The changes frightened me so much (even though they were good, they happened very quickly) that I stayed away from Universal Law for a long time, and my life certainly did reflect it.  I needed time to catch my breath and adapt to my new surroundings. Looking back, this was a choice that stagnated me for a while: emotionally, spiritually and financially. I had also fallen in love and did not want it yanked away from me again. Yes, I really did think that. I was confident enough in my circumstance that I did not want the Universe's help. Of course, once I realized that the Universe would not take him away, because he was part of the loving, solid reality I had been creating, I started focusing on Universal Law again.  This led to manifesting a much better life for the both of us.

I even managed to manifest another apartment in Ann Arbor, MI. We were living in a rundown Victorian house/boarding house and I started visualizing where I really wanted to be.  That was pretty much it. I knew I wanted to be in Ann Arbor instead of where I was, that I didn't have the money for it and that was the extent of my intention.  I was humbled and amazed when I manifested a free apartment in Ann Arbor, but it was not without its price and lessons, due to my limited visualization.

I refer to the whole experience as, The Apartment of Truth, because it came about during the tech boom in the late 90s when I worked for an Internet startup. As I got to know my colleagues, I realized they weren't following the rules of business and knew that I just needed to concentrate on beefing up my resume, because this whole opportunity started crumbling long before the free apartment in Ann Arbor became involved. So, I enjoyed it like a summer home and thanked it for its lessons when I left.  I was no longer in Ann Arbor, but I was the only person in the startup to find a job right away; three weeks after we closed up shop.

I manifested the apartment we live in now. I used to drive by it everyday. We lived on a one-way street and had to drive down the same street everyday to get out into the world. At the time, Ken and I lived in a very small, third floor, one bedroom apartment. We were grateful to be out of the Victorian boarding house and to finally have our own place, but knew we would need more space eventually.

I would drive past our current place and notice how deep it was, that there was only one neighbor beneath, a garage in the back and a screened in front porch. I love being able to go outside without leaving my home. For three years I drove past this apartment and thought the same thing each time, "If I'm going to be in this neighborhood, I'd rather be in an apartment like that". What I did not know was that my landlord also owned this house and when I told him Ken and I needed a bigger place, he gave me an address and I was astounded when I showed up to view the space.

Since then, I've manifested clothing, cars, furniture, jobs and even money.  But what I have really manifested is the foundation needed to allow this process to work its magic in my life.  First and foremost, I have  developed an attitude of gratitude, which has led to manifesting a loving, stable, peace filled life. A life where everything falls into place for my greatest and highest good.  Even if it's not always easy to see right away, I have developed a faith and knowing that the truth will make itself known, when I am ready

So, say your affirmations, raise your vibration, design your vision boards and allow yourself to desire whatever it is you want.  These are fantastic ways to focus on the life you see yourself living and to learn how to harness intent's power.  The real secret, though, is as you continue to practice allowing, you will do more than just manifest things.  Universal Law, practiced with good intention, will also manifest an amazing present moment, which is all we really have.

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