Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Thoughts On "The Secret"...

It's Really Not Such A Secret

It's not a magical secret.  It's "when preparation meets opportunity" (Oprah Winfrey).

You've Used It For Years 

I've referred to The Secret, on several occasions in this blog and several times this month while discussing how the Law of Attraction can be used to really make changes in your life, not just get you things.  I've mentioned it quite a bit, simply because it's the latest and most referred to method of teaching this idea.  After commenting way back in the beginning, that I would write my thoughts on The Secret, I figured now was as good a time as any.

The Universal Law of Attraction is simply a means to keep yourself focused on your goals and to keep yourself open to the opportunities that will come your way due to all of the actions you have taken.  It is one part of a balanced life.  It's even in the Bible.  Our Earth Walk requires that we have certain things in order to stay in balance.  Two of these things, love and money, were used as the basis of The Secret. which is where my choice to not tout The Secret as the most wonderful thing in the world, comes into play.

The Secret is fantastic for teaching the idea of attraction and allowing.  It totally shines in regards to creating an uplifting state of mind and an uplifted emotional state.  I am an avid student of business and I understand what it takes to sell a product.  In this case, if the producers of this film wanted to have a prosperous experience, putting the idea of using the Law of Attraction as a means to get love and material things is the best way to get the attention of the masses.  Unfortunately, this is where the problems I have with this film begin because there is so much more to the Universal Law of Attraction than the ability to acquire love and things.

Possessions are not the enemy here.  We need tools to move us along our journey.  I manifested a clock radio once because, well, I needed a clock radio.  I surrendered the idea to the Universe and it manifested itself as a gift for setting up a bank account, that my boss did not want, so he gave it to me.  See, it can come in quite handy.

Love is not the enemy either.  The problem is, if the intention, the energy, the place where the one who is intending comes from is hurtful, jealous or envious, people can get hurt because the Law is being used in a very self centered fashion.  You will get what you give; another Universal Law.  I have seen people learn some pretty tough lessons when only thinking of themselves and using the Law of Attraction in a not-so-good way.

OK.  That's my big beef with The Secret, that it's just the tip of the iceberg.  The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, which can be applied to create a wonderful foundation for your life.  But it is only one part of a balanced Earth Walk, and really is just the beginning.  Now on to other concerns and criticisms...

  • The idea that it's all your fault.  This concept really got a little twisted because The Secret leaves the concept of a higher power out of its teachings.  As I've mentioned, our current reality does boil down to our choices, their consequences and if we choose to learn from them or not.  But there are those things that happen which are totally out of our control.  Situations the Universe throws our way in order to help us learn and grow.  Even my beloved Tarot has a card to symbolize such times; The Wheel of Fortune. This card represents the good fortune we weren't expecting and also represents the challenges and, let's face it, crap we weren't expecting.  Good fortune will enhance our situation and the wisdom and strength gained from challenges will also enhance our situation.  Either way, our foundation is strengthened, which provides great momentum on our path.  Once we recover, we can get back to our goals, desires and dreams with greater focus and energy.
  • The idea the The Law of Attraction is just for getting possessions, money and love.  As I've already stated, this is my biggest concern with The Secret.  The Universal Law of Attraction is designed to be part of a balanced way of living.  Money and love are important aspects to a fulfilling Earth Walk, but the idea that this is the only thing that this practice can produce is flawed and dangerous.  There is more involved to manifesting than simply getting what you want.  The minister at my mother's church used to teach Psycho-Cybernetics with his son, back in the 1970s.  It's simply another way of teaching the power of visualization.  Unfortunately they had to stop because they discovered several of their students were using the process to break up marriages and other not-so-good choices, to manifest what they desired.  So, this is my criticism of this aspect of The Secret; the absence of intention and consequence in regards to Universal Law.
  • The idea that you can heal your body.  What I have to say about The Secret and the two examples of healing is this:  The Miracle Man chose not to listen to his doctors and used the power of his mind, will and thoughts to walk out of the hospital after being told he would pretty much be stuck to a breathing tube, feeding tube and hospital bed the rest of his life.  This man is real.  What he chose to do with his situation is a testament not only to the lessons of the Wheel of Fortune, but to the ability of the mind to overcome any and all obstacles.  One of the teachers at my school shows a video about this man every year, to teach our at risk youth that they can change their world if they want to.  The woman with breast cancer made a personal choice to refuse chemotherapy and instead created an atmosphere of healing.  She is not the first woman I've heard of to refuse traditional cancer treatment successfully.  But you have to do what's right for you and I believe there is more to her healing than the fact that she watched funny movies with her husband.  All I have to say about this situation is to remember that what this woman did is also a great complement to traditional cancer treatment. A relaxed, calm, focused, willing mind and body will always be more responsive to any type of healing method; modern, holistic or otherwise.

The Secret, due to the way it finally came into
being, ended up adding a little mystery to its process.  The mystery is the absence of Abraham-Hicks after the original version of the DVD was released.  The first version of The Secret was presented as a further discussion of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.  So, where did Abraham go?

The answer to this boils down to business.  You can't just do something like channel an alien entity, and not be compensated for the draining affect it has on your mind and body.  Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham) and her husband Jerry, though not completely satisfied with the way Abraham's perspective on the Law of Attraction was presented, felt like I do about the whole thing; it's a good first step and great for uplifting your mind and mood.  They agreed to be compensated via 10% of the profit from sales  and when the original idea of presenting The Secret as a series of TV movies fell through, the producers had to market the series differently in order to make back their money.  This is when they told Esther and Jerry that they would either have to delete their footage or they could stay in the movie by having the Hickses hand over their rights to what they presented.

So, the Hickses followed Abraham's teachings and chose the path of least resistance in order to regain balance.  They bowed out of The Secret.  Now there are two versions.  Both are decent, and as I said way back when, the second version really gives Lisa Nichols a chance to shine.

I've included two You Tube videos.  One is Esther channeling Abraham, explaining why they are missing from The Secret.  The other is some of the missing footage from The Secret intermingled with great affirmations, uplifting music, with final comments from Michael Beckwith.

As far as I'm concerned, the true "secret" is this: 
  • Never stop dreaming.  
  • Work diligently.
  • Stay focused. 
  • Keep yourself open to opportunity. 
  • Gain wisdom from lessons learned. 
  • Use this wisdom to make the best choices in the moment.
These conscious acts will lead to manifesting the life you have always desired as well as the love, money, people, situations and possessions you will need to create it.   And really, now that you look at it again, it's really not such a big secret after all.  Is it?

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