Friday, January 6, 2012


Put Form

Kick start manifestation by visualizing your intention.
To Your Intention.

I'm a hands on learner.  I can learn through instruction as well, but  what really sticks an idea or process into my brain is letting me try it out myself.  In fact, give me a chance to do it wrong and figure out how to do it right, and I become an expert who can more easily teach  the idea or process as well.  I know I'm not the only one who can relate to this, which is why I want to go out on a limb and urge you to make a Vision Board for your intention.  Here's why...

I know.  I know.  All these tools from The Secret are getting a bad rap lately from the metaphysical community.  But seriously, the tools and advice presented in the book and film are key to manifesting whatever it is you desire, whether it be material or otherwise.  Whatever you choose to call it, Law of Attraction, Universal Law or Prosperity Consciousness, it won't work if you don't immerse yourself in the possibility. 

Sometimes embracing the possibility of an idea is easy.  For instance, you may have a friend who put a granite counter top in her kitchen and you'd like to do the same for yours.  So, you spend time visiting with your friend, sipping tea in her kitchen while you both look at the counter top and enjoy its beauty.  You can touch it, you can see it and you know all the details about putting one in because your friend has shared it all with you.  Eventually, when the time and money are right, manifesting your granite counter top becomes a reality.

Most of the time though, we want to manifest what we don't have access to.  This can make envisioning the reality you desire difficult and this is where creating a Vision Board comes in.  By creating a visual representation of the blessings you wish to manifest, you add form to thought. Your mind is better able to focus on what your eyes see.  Making the image of what you need and desire a part of your consciousness creates an even more solid foundation to manifesting your intention.

  • Simply get a piece of poster board, a bunch of old magazines, glue and scissors. 
  • Peruse the magazines for images and words that describe or represent what you are intending to manifest.  
  • Cut them out and glue to your poster board.  Lay them out any way you want.  Get creative. Have fun.
  • Voila!  Now you have your very own Vision Board to hang in your office or work space. 

Put it someplace where you can see it on a daily basis. Similar to reciting affirmations, inundating your mind with the images of what you want to achieve will keep you focused and open to the possibilities the Universe will send your way.

If the art project above is more than you have time for, I found a great online Vision Board creator at   Upload your own photos or choose from a nice selection of provided photos.  You can print your Vision Board to hang in your office, save to your computer to refer to, or even select it as your desktop background or screen saver.  This option also makes it easy to create several different Vision Boards, one for each of your goals.  You don't have to limit yourself to one board with all of your desires scattered all over.  Lastly, as your vision evolves and changes, you can go back to your saved board, delete, add and rearrange things.

So, now that your intention is set, it's time to start visualizing with your very own Vision Board.  It's fun, creative and an integral part of manifesting your goals and desires.

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