Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Physical Wellness

Getting Used To
Honor your Body Temple and bring out your inner athlete.
The New Normal

This is going to be free flowing and random.  I've really been focusing on my Inner Athlete the last month.  For the first time in my life, I'm seeking out ways to make building muscular strength and getting plenty of oxygen a making it a priority.  I spent my thirties learning how to eat well, and I'm going to share that with you, my fantastic readers, soon.  But what I really need to write about, right now, is my new normal and hopefully help inspire others to step outside their comfort zone and grow into a new normal, themselves.

All you, Facebook fans and Common Space members know I threw myself into an intense core training program with my coworkers at the beginning of January.  It's called Boot Camp and it's pretty intense, though nothing like actual military Boot Camp.  I made it Wednesday the first week.  Then I got sick and missed three sessions.  I can not explain the pure fear and anxiety I experienced the Sunday before I went back.  I've never pushed my Self so hard and felt so good about my Self as I did the day I finished my first session.  For various reasons, after that, I only went one day a week, and each time, the day before was filled with  anxiousness and fear. The last time I went, I wasn't so scared and that felt great.  Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with my knee. Once I go to the chiropractor, it should let up. As a result I skipped out on Boot Camp today.

In the old days, resting my knee would have meant sitting and doing nothing.  Since beginning Boot Camp, my yoga practice has returned and grown due to all the muscle I'm building.  I knew I needed to do it to avoid pain and cramping, but I'm also realizing it's great for avoiding and healing workout injuries.  So, the new normal when I "rest" something is to do yoga.  Currently I'm doing the first level of Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown.  I can challenge my muscles, sweat my tuckus off and feel amazing, all without irritating my knee.

I also do Turbo-Jam and Denise Austin's Indoor Walk.  I've always played volleyball with my students at work and I've started playing basketball with them too.  I do all this so I can make it through the next Boot Camp.  It's a continuing circle that builds on itself.  The first few days afterwards, it's all about not losing the muscle I've built. Then the few days before, it's all about being strong enough to make it through another session.

It's the only thing that makes sense, even if it is sometimes exhausting.

It enables me to be in the "center of the storm", centered, strong and focused.  

It just is.

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