Saturday, February 4, 2012

Questions And Clarifications

Reader Questions And

Some great questions have popped up in my email and on Common Space!

A Deeper Look At Affirmations.

I've received some great reader emails, which have coincidentally synched up with some great discussions we've been having on Common Space.  I'm so glad they came up.  They have helped me clarify a lot of the ideas I've been presenting in my attempt to relay the Law of Attraction in a more sensible and realistically applicable fashion.

First, a great question that arrived by way of a private message on Facebook. A good friend, who is also a reader and client, asked me about a book she had found about raising vibration. Did I recommend it?

My answer:  "Get it! Read it! If a book speaks to you and lifts you up ~ Take it in!"   

This would be my answer to any of my readers in regards to another web site, magazine, e book or traditionally bound book.  If it is calling to you and it speaks to your spirit, engage in it and share it with your friends of like mind.

The other thing my friend wanted to know was how to deal with conflicting emotions and thoughts in the midst of trying to create her balanced and stable life.  On the one hand, she was doing what she could to allow financial abundance.  Then she would have these conflicting thoughts, she was afraid were sabotaging her efforts.  She was sure her feelings of guilt and greediness were eliminating any progress she was making. Plus her fear that she was not focusing on her true purpose was making her second guess some of the things she had already manifested, that didn't work out exactly the way she had hoped.
My response:  "It's all part of being human. You're going to have conflicting thoughts and ideas. The ego's going to step in when it sees the status quo changing. What matters most is taking action and thinking the best thoughts you can, when you can.
Just because you take action and it doesn't work out perfectly doesn't mean you've done something wrong. It's just a step on the way to what you truly need in your life. You may have had a lesson you needed to learn in order to clarify what you are manifesting."
A day or so after advising my friend, a member of Common Space was struggling with the concept of affirming her balanced, well life.  She had started saying affirmations and was experiencing very intense emotions.  She was down right pissed and was sure that affirmations were something that just wouldn't work for her.

I advised her that I had affirmed and manifested all sorts of amazing things while feeling frustrated, ticked off and distracted by life.  What matters most and what changes the course of things is even the smallest amount of time spent affirming and allowing.  Then the most wonderful thing happened, another Common Space member brought it all together for us.

His mentor had always advised that the ego will retaliate very strongly in the beginning and many times we say our affirmations and don't feel differently at all.  It can take months of consistently saying an affirmation or affirming a new life before you begin to feel and see its affects in your life.  So don't give up.  This is where faith and belief come in handy.  Or, as I always like to say, "Fake it until you make it."

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