Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wellness And The Body Temple

Taking A Break

Join me in visualizing my intention.
This is not me, yet, but my cats do
join me for my workouts ;~D

For The Body Temple

With the initial series on Manifesting Intention finally finished, I'm heading into the deep waters of my intentions regarding my Body Temple.  I'm also in the midst of  moving forward with my plan to make the Body Temple a theme for February to help keep me focused.  Readers on Common Space and Facebook friends, have been privy to the fact that I have started a Boot Camp with my coworkers two times a week.  It's marvelous and my physical strength has increased immensely after just three sessions.  This is also due to the fact that these intense workouts have forced me back into my yoga practice to increase flexibility and avoid injury; so I can walk the next day ;)

This intention is not purely for vanity, I have health concerns I've been avoiding, while letting the stress of life takeover.   The necessity for manifesting this intention this year is also so I can dodge the diabetes bullet. These workouts are the medicine I'd rather take.  

Unfortunately, after being mostly sedentary (except for all the running around and occasional volleyball games at work) for almost two years, these first few weeks have been very intense both physically and emotionally, in a good way, of course.   As a result, I haven't had the energy for much more lately than working, working out, eating and sleeping.  

This will pass and in a couple of weeks it will be the foundation to the next step.  In the meantime, I'm using it as a reminder that manifesting intention does require work and effort.  What you desire is on its way, but you have to be sure you are taking the steps to meet up with it.  

So, I'm surrendering this month's theme, knowing it will unfold when it's time because I have been and I am taking the steps to meet up with it.  The next step is taking a break from writing for a few days.

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