Thursday, February 23, 2012


Find Balance And Wellness

“Yoga is a vehicle to put us in touch with the place in us that hasn't been
touched by the circumstances of our lives.” ~ Tim Miller 
With A Regular Yoga Practice.

I've been practicing yoga for the past sixteen years. I was first introduced to yoga as a child. My mother went through a phase of trying yoga when it was popular in the 1970s. Twisting and lifting her body into all of these strange poses was the daily task for a month or so. It seemed more like hard work, watching my mother follow the instructions in her yoga book, yet the cover had a woman sitting peacefully in a cross legged pose; a single lit candle in front of an amber toned background.  I look back now and I wish my mother would have had access to the energy and guidance of a master, whether in person or on DVD like I do.

Yoga is the vehicle to mind and body balance.  It is fantastic for your Body Temple and in turn is incomparable at clearing and focusing the mind.  A regular yoga practice is a one-two punch for anyone seeking a more balanced Earth Walk.  It feels great to completely let the day go, to not gnaw on what has happened, and simply let it be. To completely trust that all is well because you trust yourself enough to know you did your best,  because you had the focus to make the best choice possible within the moments of your day.

My ultimate yoga guru is Rodney Yee.  I love his enthusiasm for introducing yoga to the world.  The fact that he freely shares his experiences with yoga, makes the practice more approachable.  My yoga practice has changed my life dramatically.  It is an integral part of my healing, it helps prevent physical injuries and it centers the mind.  There is something about the way Rodney Yee presents the practice that is so different.  You can tell he is a true master who walks his talk.  His DVDs always include nature in some way.  He really has encapsulated yoga's ability to connect the Self to the Earth.

I encourage you to investigate and experiment with a yoga practice of your own.  If going to a class is not for you, check out all of the great yoga DVDs available for establishing a home practice.  Find a yoga master who speaks to you, who brings it all together for you.

Found this on YouTube ~ A complete series ~ Perfect for beginners!
(Be sure to consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.)

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