Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adjusting Your Vision

Just Like Any Plan

The first phase of my Vision for my 2012 Intentions.

Your Intentions May Need To Be Adjusted.

I made a Vision Board for my intentions this year.  This is not my first Vision Board.  I had made one back in 1992 as part of a journal I was keeping.  I cut out pictures of all of the things I thought I really needed and wanted at the time.  Looking back, I see that I managed to produce just about everything I put in the journal. This year, though, I am applying the concept of  Visualization to larger life goals.  Goals intended to create a foundation for the better things to come.

I never shy away from lofty goals.  So, I still stand by my first Board, but some adjustments had to be made once the rhythm of life revealed itself. For instance, my financial goal is realistic, but I was overwhelmed and not really feeling it.  Therefore, I adjusted it to a more attainable amount that doesn't send my mind reeling with anticipation.

Then I realized my beauty and natural wellness goals could be achieved for a lot less money.  The rest though has been unfolding as it should in ways I never could have anticipated.  My physical wellness goal of a more fit Body Temple has been so much easier to move on than I ever could have imagined.  A couple of days after creating my Board, I was given the gift of participating in a fitness Boot Camp and a gift of prosperity as my coworkers paid my fee.  I have had to back off due to an injury, but it has given me the foundation I need to keep going on my own at home.  I have reached a level of fitness I am unwilling to let go of and it feels amazing!

I've also started video blogging and I'm continuing on with a book I've been writing.  I'm really excited. Standing back and revisiting my Vision Board has snapped me out of my winter funk and motivated me to keep on going.  Don't be afraid to go back and rethink your Vision either!

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