Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Been A Year...

Happy Anniversary

Growing and expanding every day in ways I never anticipated or expected!
Sacred Cyber-Space!

Wow!  The time has flown right by.  It's hard to believe that I've been keeping this blog for a whole year now.  I've grown a lot this year; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Looking back at my first post, I can see how much I've grown as a writer.  I followed the guidance of my inner wisdom and started this blog with no idea what I was going to do with it other than to share the information I needed to hear with others.  So, at first, that's what it was about and I just did my best to try to articulate the ideas and philosophies that have enlightened me over the years.

Then something happened over the summer of 2011.  I was given the gift of time.  Time to rejuvenate my Self and be creative.  I went with it and really felt things start to bloom.  I had no idea where I was headed, but I knew I needed to write and the rest would fall into place.
  • Personal Insight Reading ~ Since I had the time, I started a weekly Tarot reading.  They were a lot of fun at first because I really needed to reconnect to the Tarot.  Then, after a few weeks, I started to feel really drained and the weekly readings were almost a burden.  I knew this was because there was no energy exchange going on, even though I knew I had my reader's appreciation. Soon it was time to go back to work, so I let them go and let the whole idea of the Tarot on Sacred Cyber-Space go as well. At the beginning of the year, it came back to me in the form of offering my services again via a spread that I created, my Personal Insight Reading.  So far the response has been quite positive.  This reading really hits the mark and is helping people get "unstuck" and on with life.
  • Sacred Living ~ I also began presenting the idea of what I call, Sacred Living.  Living in a sacred manner is a combination of sustainable living, simple living and creating Sacred Space within your life. It is a process of living consciously, within the present moment, making choices which will benefit your Self and those around you.  When combined, these concepts create a very solid foundation for personal and spiritual growth.  Sacred Living is a continuing and growing idea that I will always be addressing.
  • Common Space ~ Before the summer ended, I set up a Facebook group for Sacred Cyber-Space readers called Common Space.  I envisioned it as an online spot where readers could further discuss ideas and posts from the blog.  It has turned into so much more.  We have members who participate daily, inspiring each other to greater heights and members who simply stop by and read what's going on for inspiration and motivation. We have been part of prayer circles, counseled our members through troubling times and have shared personal experiences with metaphysical ideas that have helped members move on to manifest the lives they want.  Please feel free to join us and add any friends of "like mind" who would enjoy being a part the group. 

The summer ended with the blog being put on hold thanks to some Hay House affiliate advertising I shouldn't have included.  After all the summer's progress, I was a little thrown when this happened.  I decided to go with the flow, as it was nice not to have to think about writing while adjusting to the new school year.  I chose to follow Google's appeal process and strapped myself in for the ride.
  • Stress Management ~ I returned to work and found myself in the midst of some extremely stressful changes.  I thought this would be the perfect time to complete and share a series on Stress Management I had been working on.  I needed to hear the advice again and I was sure I wasn't the only one.
  • Soul Lifts ~ I started sharing my photos, and call these posts Soul Lifts.  Some are inspiring slide shows, others are simple photos that say something important.  I have made gifts for my readers with my photos and my favorite inspirational words.  And some of the Soul Lift posts are music I hope will uplift and inspire.
I even included some guest posts and I'm always looking for contributors, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have a blog or business to promote.

    Life really started to settle down as the Holidays came closer.  Work stress was decreased and I had settled into a new groove.  Having dealt with some health issues in 2011 that were only going to get worse if I didn't start making the good choices on my end, I was inspired to share my process with my readers.
    • Manifesting Intention ~ 2011 ended with my feeling as if anything was possible.  I was inspired to write a series on Manifesting Intention, while contemplating how I was going to accomplish the next challenge in my life.  I collected my ideas and combined them with some of my ideas on the Law of Attraction.  It was while writing this series that I channeled the idea for the Personal Insight Reading, and came up with idea to start interviewing people who were making a living with their passion.
    • Natural Wellness ~  While I was writing the aforementioned series, I began on the next phase of my Natural Wellness foundation.  Acknowledging the sacredness of the Body Temple and its function to maneuver us through life so that we may better live our purpose, goes hand in hand with Sacred Living.  Making the choices that will keep us full of light and physically well will only make our foundation for personal and spiritual growth stronger.  I've addressed things I need to hear and I've been sharing my journey of making physical fitness as much a part of my life as eating well.  I will always continue to address Natural Wellness here on Sacred Cyber-Space.
    That's the first year of Sacred Cyber-Space in a nutshell.  I have all sorts of ideas I'm exploring to expand this blog into more than just a bunch of posts to shuffle through.  So, stay in touch and stay tuned...

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