Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blame It On Mercury!

There's No Excuse...

Mercury retrogrades affect more than communication.
When it comes to your life, if it's not working, it's gone

But The Mercury Retrograde.

The dreaded Mercury retrograde.  Astrologically speaking, Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to be revolving backwards around the sun.  This is simply because it rotates faster than the other planets, so three times a year, from Earth, it looks like it's going backwards, but it really isn't.  The strange reality is, if it's going to malfunction (cars, computers, the math you used to balance your check book, your relationship, etc.) it probably will during a Mercury retrograde.  This is why we have a tendency to fear them; because things will happen to mess up our usual routine.  On the other hand, a Mercury retrograde can be a great time to embrace your inner hermit and experience some serious spiritual and personal growth.

You should see them:  All of the posts I had ready to go for my focus on food and eating for the month of March.  I have video blogs I can't post due to a technical glitch.  I have recipes.  I have advice for honoring the food that goes into your body.  All started. None finished. Not an ounce of creative mojo in sight.

So, I blame the Mercury retrograde.  I have a tendency to get very introspective and productive due to being born during a retrograde.  This time around, I really had something to get introspective about.  Plus, all my creative energy has gone to healing.

Focusing on my physical strength at the beginning of the year, I created a foundation for a future I've been "on the fence" about.  The stronger I got, the less overwhelming my next phase of life appeared.  As always, I have no idea how it's going to unfold.  I'm simply doing my best to live in the Now and make the best choices possible.

Well, the first thing that went was Boot Camp.  It was great for me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I've built muscle in a way I never have before.  I've permanently boosted my metabolism.  I'm shrinking even when I get sick and don't work out for a week.  Unfortunately, the trainer was very dismissive towards me due to some physical limitations.  I told myself I would listen to my body and felt like I needed to back off.  Then, I found out I had an irritated meniscus (cartilage in the knee).  My chiropractor encouraged me to continue Boot Camp, but to limit my participation.  That didn't set well with me either.  Then, while watching some exercise videos, I noticed that just because you're working out on cushioned gym flooring, does not mean you have to take your shoes off.  I need the extra support.  Working out barefoot was not for this body.

I've also known since the beginning of the school year that this was going to be my last year at the behavior school.  It's time for a change and there is officially no future for me there.  It's been a great privilege to work with a team of teachers, who work together for a common goal.  There is no judgment as to why that teacher "can't control their class."  Each teacher is in the same situation and they help each other out all of the time.  I work with high schoolers, but sometimes we might have a third grader sit in our room a bit because they are misbehaving so much their teacher can't teach.  I know it is not like this anywhere else in education.

In a traditional setting, special education is often looked upon with ridicule and misunderstanding.  I finally came to the realization that I can not pursue a career in special education for this very fact.  I excel and thrive in this environment because of the teamwork.  I have been very lucky.  But educational service centers, like where I work, are slowly shrinking and disappearing.  With that goes the teamwork, the one thing that makes my job doable for me.  Which officially leaves me in a dead end job, with a level of stress that I always knew would run its course.

I'll stay in education somehow.  It's the only thing that "fits".  I've also been researching how to do my own circuit training/ "Boot Camp" at home.  Other than that, I have no idea what the future holds.  Right now, all I know is, thanks to my Mercury retrograde retreat,  I am very aware of what isn't working anymore.  I am also aware that my muse seems to be waking up and it just happens to be the next to last day of the first Mercury retrograde of 2012.

Coincidence?  Maybe.  Maybe not ;)

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