Sunday, May 6, 2012

Burn Bright

An Emotional

Life Lessons from Adam Yauch (aka MCA):
1. Use personal growth to empower the world and
2.  If you make enough noise, you can change anything.
Seven Days

I shared in my last post that my creative energy has been consumed by other things.  Yes, I was vague and purposefully so.  I didn't want to bring everyone down.  Then, as always, The Universe steps in and lets me know it's time shift the collective consciousness and share.

I mentioned a while back that my niece lost a school friend to a car accident over Spring Break.  For the last  year, she's also had a close friend from childhood battling a rare form of cancer.  He was her first boyfriend (they held hands for a couple of days in sixth grade ;) and the current boyfriend of her best friend.  While all of this has been happening, she has also been at the age where you naturally push your parents away. 

Last Friday, my niece's friend made his transition.

It's been difficult watching her have to deal with all this heavy stuff, at the age of seventeen.  It's difficult watching my sister figure out how to balance giving her space, while also making sure my niece is dealing with it in a healthy manner.   But, they are blessed to live in such a supportive community that between counselors at the school and the general nature of the people in their town, my niece has been well supported.  She came home Sunday after a very intense week which included a funeral, a full week of school, several shifts at work and a Calculus exam (the day after the funeral).  Really?  And she worked a three hour shift the day of the funeral.  I wonder in amazement at my niece and ponder what exactly she is here for because she has been doing nothing but intense emotional growth since she showed up.

One day, when my niece had just started walking, she was toddling around the room, in just her diaper, making all sorts of cute little babbly, bubbly noises.  Suddenly, I realized she was saying "Buddha, Buddha, Buddha" over and over.  I'd heard little ones could remember the other side and I was divinely pushed to ask "Hey. Where's Buddha?"  Her eyes lit up.  She got so excited.  She started running around the room, desperately looking for something.  She ran over to a portrait of herself, that my sister had put down on a coffee table so my niece could see it.  Pointing at the picture, she said "Buddha in dah baby."  I said, "Buddha's in here?" pointing at my heart chakra and my niece nodded her little head.  I have been forever changed.

Here's where my life comes full circle.  After a stressful six days of not being sure exactly how my niece was handling things, she came home and allowed my sister to do some massage and healing.  The seventh day, I am relaxed and relieved. I went to work and soon found out that Adam Yauch, aka "MCA" of the Beastie Boys, had also lost his battle with cancer.

Around the time I had my life changing experience with my niece, Yauch was discovering Buddhism and how to use his own personal power to bring attention to the situation in Tibet.  I'll be honest, I think the Beastie Boys are my most racist moment in life.  In 1986, all my peers loved their first album, but being an original follower of rap and hip hop, I did not take them seriously.  Seven years later, while my niece was in gestation, two friends forced me to listen to Paul's Boutique, and again, I was forever changed.

Yauch unapologetically grew from a misogynistic young MC to a more evolved artist, unafraid to apply his growth to his art in an attempt to help others evolve. When he realized how much power he had, he used it to try and make the world a better place.

So, Kerry has popped in to say "Hi" to my sister and niece.  You know, those crazy moments that happen because the person you are so connected with is transitioning and the veil is thinner.  A great song my sister caught my niece singing has been helping her along. It's "We Are Young" by the band Fun. "Tonight I'll carry you home", reminds her of Kerry (carry/Kerry).  And on the day of his funeral she thought of the pall bearers carrying him home. If he had lived, he would have been the guy carrying his friend home from the bar.  A real good kid.

When my sister was giving my niece a shoulder rub the day after she came home, they looked over at a ladder sitting in the hallway.  It had a sticker on it they hadn't noticed before.  It had the brand name "Kerry" on it.  My sister asked my niece if she put it on their, her reply was "no".

Yauch and the Beastie Boys remind me of when I was young.  When I had this boundless drive and energy.  I think of this and pray my niece remembers to be young and have some fun too.  I think of this and hope everyone remembers to balance the inevitable pains of life with feeling young and free.

Yes, you may have to go to YouTube to watch
this, but it's totally worth it and wraps things up nicely.

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