Monday, May 28, 2012

Life Changing!

What's Been Going On?

Lots of love from me to you!
Growing And Changing!

Life changing!  That's the description for May.  On many occasions, I sat down to blog away as usual, and on each occasion, something got in the way.  I knew I had more to say.  I knew I had more to do.  I knew my work here at was not finished and I was right.  It's simply changing and growing.

Adam Yauch's transition had a profound affect on both Ken and me. We were snapping at each other all weekend. It just made me love Ken even more; knowing he was as upset as I was over the whole thing. We just allowed ourselves to be moody and gave each other plenty of space.

The week after that, I did not have it in me to do any sort of writing or philosophizing. But my work here in my corner of the web was always on my mind. Then these huge waves of inspiration started washing over me. One idea after another. One possibility after another. Each having extreme potential.

The week before my real birthday, May 21st (my Facebook birthday is the day I started the blog since Marla Turner is my pen name), I was moved to create a huge Soul Lift for my readers. I immersed myself in it the entire week and the day before my birthday I had my first draft finished and ready for tweaking.   It is an eBook called Take Charge of Your Stress and I can't remember the last time I was this excited over something I created.

I spent all last week sprucing it up, as well as trudging through all the technical goop necessary to get this great eBook and Soul Lift to my readers.  Saturday was the magic day and I posted the book to the blog.

I've spent the last year pouring my heart out.  Writing articles and addressing issues I've always felt were important for those on the path of Personal and Spiritual Growth.  During this time, I've come up with all sorts of other great ideas to help out my readers, followers and folks I haven't even run into yet.
Little hints that I'm on the right path :)

I will be spending this summer bringing many of these great ideas to life, just like I did with Take Charge of Your Stress.

I'll be cutting back on my blogging. Look for posts one to two times a week.   This summer I have been called to do something more.  It's time to move on to the next step.  I have no idea where it's headed, I just know that this is what I'm supposed to do now.

I've spent the past two years, following my higher guidance.  I started writing little posts filled with words, images and music meant to help me refocus and center myself.  Then I moved on to create this blog so I could reach more people and make things more fun.  During this time, thanks to the arrival of some great teachers, at just the right time, I realized this is the beginning of my journey to self sufficiency.

I now realize that I am meant to help more than just a few people here and there, while I help myself.  The guidance I have to offer is real and life changing.  It is my calling and I'm ready to start changing many lives, including my own.

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