Friday, May 4, 2012

Where Did April Go?

Beginning May With
Nothing seems to be going right then the Universe sends surprises!
Prosperity And Miracles

It's May.  I have no clue where April went.  I have no idea where all my great ideas are going.  But I do know that something new is on the horizon (Isn't it always?  Isn't that life? LOL!) and my creative energy seems to be consumed by other things.  Good news though.  All sorts of prosperity miracles have been happening.  Ken had a five day lay off after my five day lay off.  I got a little bit of unemployment, Ken doesn't qualify.  I started doing an intensive healing for our finances and some really cool things have happened.

The weekend I was biting my nails about unemployment, I received a request for some Spiritual Coaching via an Insight Reading from a Facebook friend.  After letting the readings go, I realized some of the expectations I set up for the readings were stressing me out (mainly the 24 hour turnaround).  So I adjusted things and we both had a wonderful experience.  I've even put the page back up.

Next, into Ken's five day lay off.  Just like before, as we were taking things to the curb for a scheduled large item garbage pick up, Ken received a call to return to work.
Now, just like last year, the big healing is going towards my summer income.  According to the information I received, it doesn't look good for Unemployment.  If you're a member of Common Space, you know that I have applied for several jobs that I hope will turn into something to supplement my teaching income.  In the meantime, I will be reevaluating Sacred Cyber-Space, determining how to best promote my gifts and hopefully finishing my cookbook.

My secret weapon for healing income ;)

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