Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dream A New Dream

Don't Give Up!

Sometimes things don't work out.
This is the perfect opportunity to create something better.

Start Dreaming.

We've all been subjected to  the  circumstances of the world we currently live in.  Whether personally or witnessing the affects on our loved ones, many things have happened to many people over the last several years that were not "in the plans" and most certainly out of our control.  From the financial failing of our real estate industry to extreme weather from Mother Nature, many dreams have been shattered or brought to a halt.

When the rug's been ripped out from under your feet, what can be done?

Engage in the creative momentum these uneasy moments produce.  You can take control  right now.  You can take control of  your expectations, control of your goals and control of your choices.  Choose to dream a new dream based on where you have landed in the midst of all the disillusionment and chaos.  This is not the time to throw in the towel.  It is not a failure nor is it shameful to have your goals not turn out as you intended.  Get used to your new normal. Make peace with it.  Adjust your vision and...

The journey isn't over, it's simply changing a bit.  The route you were sure was the way to go is no longer passable.  Taking a new path is always a little scary, that's to be expected, but it's time to keep things going.  There is something more in store, far greater than could ever be imagined and to arrive, your spiritual muscles must be strengthened by navigating the void between the end of your old dream and the beginning of your new dream.

You must weather the emotional storm of letting go of your dream.  Trust that a journey has begun, which will progress your personal and spiritual growth in ways only the Universe can imagine.   You are being given the gift of wisdom and the momentum to soar higher than you could have before.

A foundation was built while you were following your original dream.  Though you may have had to let the dream go, you are still left with the successes and the lessons learned.  This is your platform for pursuing your new dream.  This platform is higher than the ground level you started at before.  The wisdom gained from pursuing your original dream has given you an edge and has quickened your momentum.

You are starting many, many steps ahead of where you began with your first dream.  Knowing how to engage all the nuts and bolts allows for your mental energy to be used in other ways.  You will have the time and energy to be more creative, to be more focused and to be more flexible. This gives you the power needed to move onwards and upwards as you pursue your dreams, your passions and your life's purpose.

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